Boom gun for dog training – Special equipment

February 14, 2023
Dog Training
Boom gun for dog training - Special equipment

For the training, training and use of service dogs, special equipment and items are required:

  • A leather collar or a strong, harsh braid with a metal buckle and a half ring;
  • A short leather leash two meters long with a metal carabiner and a ring, the leash is used for driving a dog and training;
  • A strong metal chain two meters long, at the end of the chain there are special carbines, such a chain is used during service and during classes;
  • Rope leash up to ten meters; at one end of the leash there is a metal carabiner for fastening to the collar, at the other end, for convenience, there is a loop for holding the leash, such a leash is used when working on the trail and for walking with the dog;
  • Harness harness or from a particularly strong severe braid with metal buckles, it is used for dogs of guard or search service during classes and at work;
  • The muzzle is deaf and mesh, it is made of belts or strong, harsh braid, it is used when walking with a dog, during transportation and during divorces for service;
  • An envelope made of leather or other material, worn on the collar of a connected dog for delivering a report;
  • Harness for sled dogs;
  • Packs for carrying small loads;
  • Parfos, or a strict collar, all-metal or leather with metal spikes, it is often used when training a dog;
  • A belt whip, on the handle of which, for convenience, when holding, a loop is made, it is used in training;

Rice. 43. Dressing gown and sleeve

  • Fitting objects – carved wooden sticks 20-25 centimeters long, 30 millimeters in diameter;
  • Dressing gown made of durable cotton material (tarpaulin) with a hood;
  • A training suit used to protect the assistant from dog bites during classes;
  • Training sleeve made of leather or durable and dense tarpaulin;
  • Special pistols (starting) or cork pugs for accustoming the dog to shots.

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Boom gun for dog training - Special equipment during training

Boom gun for dog training – special equipment

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