Blue seal natural 26 dog food review

February 15, 2023
Dog Food
Blue seal natural 26 dog food review

In pet stores today you can find a wide variety of pet food. All of them differ from each other in their composition, volume. Products for cats and dogs from Imperial Natural are in great demand.


The food of this brand is produced on the basis of natural and high-quality products. They contain the following ingredients:

  • Flour based on meat components;
  • Beef fat;
  • Rice groats;
  • Wheat grains (varieties of the highest quality category are used);
  • Mineral elements;
  • Vitamin complexes.

All foods of this brand are as rich as possible in sulfur, iodine, iron, phosphorus, potassium and many other elements that are necessary in order to maintain the health of your pet. They also contain various meat elements.

Meat meal, which is part of the food, contains at least 60% protein. Rice groats in the composition acts as the main source of carbohydrates. Beef fat is used as a source of fat.

In addition, in the manufacture of such food for cats and dogs, sugar beet components can be used, they are needed in order to saturate the diet with fiber. The company's products have a significant price, but it should be noted that the level of its quality is fully consistent with the cost.

You can also notice that the foods are cheaper compared to other premium options.

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Assortment for dogs

Next, we will look at some of the varieties of these dog foods.

  • Miniature. This food is designed for small breed dogs. It contains lamb, turkey fat, white rice, fish oil, chicory, flax seeds, dried beet and apple ingredients, additional mineral supplements, vitamins and essential trace elements. The food is distinguished by a high content of iodine, zinc, selenium and iron, which are necessary for the full development of puppies.

  • Antiallergenic composition with lamb. This food is intended for large and medium-sized individuals. It is created with lambs, animal fat, various probiotic elements, as well as with vitamin complexes and natural rice. This food is characterized by quite high nutrition and energy value, it easily saturates the body of the animal with vitamins A, B, B12, B3, E, B1, B5, copper, iron.
  • Hypoallergenic food with rice and fish. This food will be the best option for pets that suffer from frequent allergic reactions. Food is based on white fish fillets, salmon, herring, also contains vegetables, white rice, fish oil, an additional complex with vitamins. This nutritious full diet can be used every day.
  • "Classic". Feed is suitable for medium and large animals. It is carried out on the basis of high-quality beef minced meat, meat flour, animal fat, natural wheat grains, mineral-vitamin complex. Such food for dogs also includes various probiotics. Due to its balanced content, food will easily satisfy the energy needs of pets, contributes to excellent appetite.
  • "Mix. "The food will be able to approach animals of different breeds. It is carried out on the basis of various meat components (beef, lamb, scar). The composition contains meat flour, beef fat, beetroot pulp, probiotics, vitamins and mineral additives. The diet is rich in proteins, fats and fiber, it is characterized by increased energy value.
  • "Regular. "When creating this feed, a beef scar is taken as a basis. It will be able to approach for individuals of various sizes of different breeds. Nutrition, in addition to the scar, includes meat on a meat basis, rice groats, high-grade wheat grains, minerals, including magnesium and calcium, iron, probiotics and trace elementsch a useful balanced food is perfect for every day. He is rich in proteins, fiber, fats, vitamins E, A, B1, B6, B5, B12.
  • "Universal" with a lamb. The production of this feed is taken on the ramps of minced meat and a scar, meat flour, animal fat, and natural rice groats. Crushed buckwheat, a complex of probiotics are added to the composition. “Universal” is distinguished by a high content of proteins, protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium.

It should be used for dogs of medium or large sizes of any breed.

Cat food

The product range also has a large amount of food for cats.

  • Feed for castrated and sterilized pets. The composition contains chicken fillets, duck meat, chicken liver, white rice groats, peas, duck fat, apples (dried), taurine, lysine. The mixture is rich in vitamins A, E, B, copper, iron, manganese, selenium and biotin. The diet is characterized by a high content of proteins and fats, it has high energy value.
  • Universal food with fish. This daily diet includes white fish, herring, salmon, special fish flour, rice cereal (brown variety), wheat grains, fish oil, chicory, yeast, carrots, flax seeds, taurine, and a complex of minerals. This food is also rich in vitamins A, E, B, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, iron. The protein content in nutrition is 33%, which is considered a rather high indicator, fats are 16%.

Review of reviews

The food of this manufacturer deserved a large number of good reviews. Buyers noted that all feeds are distinguished by a rich natural composition with a large content of various meat components, which are the main source of protein. Food is characterized by increased nutritional value. It is perfectly absorbed by dogs and cats of different breeds.

Many spoke separately that there are no taste and aromatic additives, artificial preservatives, dyes that can adversely affect the health of the animal. Also, all the brand feed is created without the usual corn components that are poorly absorbed by pets.

These products, according to the owners of dogs and cats, include a variety of feeds, so everyone will be able to choose the most suitable option for his pet, taking into account his physiological characteristics, age, and activity. The assortment even has separate hypoallergenic varieties.


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