Blitz container for dog food review

January 25, 2023
Dog Food Container
Blitz container for dog food review

Italian dry food for dogs Blitz

In today’s article, we will talk about dry Blitz dog feed. We will consider the range of these feed, composition, price and learn the daily consumption rate. So, the Italian dry Blitz dog feeds are represented by three feed lines, each of which, in turn, has in its assortment certain types of feed, which differ in their own purpose for certain dogs (usually by age and size), as well assource of protein. We list these Blitz dry feed lines:

  1. Blitz Classic feed line
  2. Blitz Sensitive feed line
  3. Blitz Holistic feed line

Let us consider each line in more detail, we will start with the Blitz Holistic feed line for dogs.

Blitz Holistic feed line


The Blitz Holistic feed line consists of two types of feed. The first type, where the basis is meat (up to 35%), components of animal origin and the vegetables present fruits that serve as a source of vitamins, and the second type, low-grain, has a smaller fraction of meat (up to 14%), contains rice and fruits with vegetables. In addition to meat, these feeds also include fish. These feed are recommended for dogs suffering from food allergies, though in this case, in this case, you can’t try the entire line, but will stop at one of the feed, for example, combining meat and fish or monobelic food.

In the production of Blitz Holistic feed, GMOs are not used.


Depending on the specific feed, it contains: the meat of lamb and salmon, ducks, trout, beef. Various vegetables and fruits: potatoes, legumes, beets, algae and even pineapples (dehydrated). Be sure to have vitamins in the stern: A, D3 and E. Also present in the stern: copper, iron, zinc, iodine and manganese.

Feed from this line are sold in a dog food storage container of 12 kg, and depending on the type of feed, the packaging price is in the range from 4030 to 4930.

The norm of consumption

We will consider the daily consumption rate using the example of Blitz Holistic, the lamb and salmon of the bezern dry dry food for adult dogs of small breeds

Dog weight, kg Recommended norms per day, grams:
8 120
12 160
16 200
20 240
25 280
30 320
35 360
40 400
45 435

Blitz Classic feed line


This line of feed is based on chicken protein and in the assortment of the ruler there are feed for puppies, for large and giant breeds, for adult dogs and dogs leading hunting and sports lifestyle.


The composition of all feeds from this line has degidified chicken meat. In addition to the chicken, corn, chicken fat and fish oil are present in the stern, vitamins and minerals are necessarily present.

Feed from this line are sold in dog food storage containers of 0. 5, 2, 7 and 15 kg. Depending on the weight of the dog food storage container, the packaging price will be in the range from 120 to 2800.

The consumption rate is calculated depending on the weight of the dog, the summary table of the daily consumption rate is presented below depending on the dog’s feed and weight used.

When using feed from this line, it should be borne in mind that chicken protein can cause food allergies, so the dog owner is recommended to pay attention to hypoallergenic feeds for puppies and adult dogs, based on lamb and turkey meat, as well as adult dog feed of all breeds, a protein sourcein which there are turkey and pork.

The norm of consumption

Consider the daily consumption rate on the example of Blitz food: dry food for adult dogs of large and giant breeds

Blitz container for dog food review

The weight of the dog Norms with low activity, g/day Norms with high activity, g/day
25 kg 260-320 310-360
30 kg 300-350 340-400
40 kg 380-440 430-500
50 kg 430-500 480-570
60 kg 500-570 550-650
70 kg 550-640 630-730
80 kg 610-710 700-800
90 kg 670-770 760-880
100 kg 730-840 830-950

Blitz Sensitive feed line


The presence in the name of the feed of this line of the word Sensitive meaning “sensitive”, of course, immediately makes us understand that the food is intended for dogs with sensitive digestion. But it should be added that food is recommended for those dogs in which food allergies or intolerance to some best storage containers are noticed here.

The BLITZ SENSITIVE feed line has feeds that allow you to choose food in accordance with the age of your dog and there are separate feeds that are designed for small dogs.


The basis of this feed is animal protein, which has a low allergenic effect and also used rice and barley cereals. In addition, fish and chicken fat are present in the feeds, of course, the feed of this line is enriched with various vitamin additives (A, D3, E, B3, B5, B2, B6) to maintain the vigor of your pet and reduce the probability of any undesirable reactions.

Food from this line is dog food storage containerd in dog food storage containers weighing 0. 5, 2, 7 and 15 kg, respectively, the price of food varies from 157 to 3741

The norm of consumption

If we are talking about the consumption rate for puppies, then you need to know the age of the puppy and its weight.

Let’s be frank, there are no ideal foods, it is for this reason that manufacturers do not limit themselves to the production of any one brand of feed, but produce a certain range of feeds in order to satisfy some individual requests of dog owners who, knowing the individual characteristics of their pets, select exactly that food. Which is required. Therefore, there is no need to post separate reviews of individual dog owners, because. Each has its own case. But of course, one can single out the commonality in the reviews of the owners, namely, that every time a caring dog breeder found the best food for his pet, even if sometimes by testing several foods. The only negative factor that is mentioned by dog owners is the price, but here, as they say, everyone decides for himself what he wants for his pet! A long and active life or a minimum of attention to a pet with a minimum of costs, each of these paths will lead to a natural result.


In conclusion of today’s review, we can say the following. Blitz dry food is represented by a significant range of food for different types of dogs and in all this variety of food, there is certainly one that will appeal to even the most demanding dogs.

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