Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating

November 18, 2022
Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating is vitamin-rich

bland diet canned dog food. moist foods for dogs rating

Wet dog food is designed to bring your pet's diet as close to natural as possible. Of course, economy class products are not capable of competing with real meat products, as they are made from waste and substitutes.

Cheap by-product-based foods are addictive and cause kidney stones due to their high salt content and coloring agents, but this is not true of good wet foods.

Super-premium canned foods contain 60 to 70% meat. This allows them to most closely mimic the natural diet of dogs.

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating food super premium

Advantages and disadvantages of wet food

Canned meat foods have a number of distinct advantages over natural food and dry food.

  1. Convenience. On the road, in the homestead, when there is no opportunity to give the dog fresh meat, it is more practical to use wet food. Packages are often already dosed, so you don't have to worry about how to keep leftovers from spoiling the food. Also, feeding your pet with canned food will eliminate the need to drink it on the road – wet food contains plenty of moisture.
  2. Quick digestibility compared to dry pellets and food from the table, which is not recommended for pets.
  3. Attractive flavor of canned food. Animals rarely refuse new food when the owner tries to diversify their diet.
  4. Time savings. Natural food requires daily cooking to meet all of a dog's needs. Wet food doesn't even need to be heated up, you just open the bag or take the lid off the can.
  5. High water content. Super-premium wet food is used to reduce the risk of urolithiasis in the dog's daily food ration.
  6. The variety of products allows you to choose food for the pet based on different parameters: for a particular breed (large, small), age (puppies, adults) or lifestyle (sedentary, active).
  7. A large number of price categories. Dog owners can choose food with regard to their financial situation.
  8. High content of protein and low carbohydrates in canned food, which is beneficial for the development of the dog.
  9. Portioning. About 50% of wet foods involve a single opening of the package – a bag or jar contains food that is enough for 1 meal. This helps owners regulate the amount of food the pet eats and also helps keep it from overeating.
  10. Practicality in food variety. The portability of wet food allows dog owners to experiment with the diet without breaking the budget – if the pet doesn't like the innovation, you won't have to throw the food away.
  1. Short shelf life after opening the bag or can of food. On the other hand, some manufacturers prefer to produce products in portions, calculating the amount of food in the package for 1 feeding.
  2. The soft texture of canned foods. This makes it easier for puppies with immature teeth to chew, but in adults this diet causes degradation of the gum structure.
  3. Insufficient mineral content in canned delicatessen foods.
  4. High concentration of moisture, which lowers the energy value of the product.
  5. Cost. Wet food is about 20% more expensive than dry food.
  6. Due to the fact that canned food is easy to chew, dogs quickly eat a portion, but do not have time to get full.
  7. The soft consistency of the food provokes the development of tartar. That's why veterinarians advise formulating your dog's diet so that wet food is combined with pelleted dry food. A proper balance of the two types of food naturally cleanses the teeth and provides a moderate workout for the jaw muscles.
  8. Habituation with frequent use. If a pet's daily diet consists mostly of wet food, he may stop eating natural foods or dry pellets.

Many times dog owners substitute wet food with real meat, but they overuse it to the exclusion of other foods. This causes excessive strain on the pet's liver, oversaturation with toxins.

The best wet food for holistic dogs: rating 2022


Holistic products are elite food for dogs of the highest quality, which is reflected in its price.Holistic class canned food contains at least 60% meat, diluted with fruits, cereals, berries, vegetables.

All ingredients are completely natural – no artificial additives, preservatives, flavorings or colorings.

Veterinarians often prescribe these products for the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases in dogs:

  • obesity;
  • urolithiasis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • gastrointestinal dysfunction.

It is not recommended that dogs buy holistic food on a regular basis. The course of treatment is prescribed by the veterinarian.

The best canned foods in the Holistic category include products of the following brands, which invariably appear in the top ratings of wet food:

  • Grandin (Grandin);
  • Barking Heads;
  • Belcando.


This canned food is dominated by meat. It contains no food additives: vegetables, grains, berries, fruits.

The product contains broth, flax oil, natural meat of lamb, turkey, chicken or beef (about 65%).

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating Form production jars

There are no soy, GMOs, preservatives or colorings. The package contains enough food for one meal.

Form of production: jars.

  • The main product in the food is meat;
  • No additives, no by-products;
  • All components are prescribed in percentages.
  • no antioxidants listed;
  • difficulties in acquiring.

Price of canned foods: from 129 to 169

Barking Heads.

The product line offers a wide variety of formulas and packages. The food contains up to 85% natural meat, fish, and naturally occurring food additives: herbs, vegetables, and vegetable oils.

The leading characteristic of canned food is fast satiety.

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating release cans pouches

Form of release: cans and pouches for dogs

  • vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • no synthetic preservatives, dyes;
  • variety;
  • Availability (food sold in many pet stores).

Cost from 143 to 287


Wet food in several versions: with chicken, veal, beef, lamb, duck, turkey. The proportion of meat in the product reaches 80%.

Form of release: cans and pouches.

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating Form release cans
  • Ingredients of canned food are sparingly processed, so the useful properties of ingredients are maximum preserved;
  • Only natural colors and flavors are used in Belcando food;
  • transparency – antioxidants are indicated;
  • no soy protein, GMOs or processed foods are included.

Minus: the food is not widespread in pet stores in USA, so in small towns you will have to order canned food over the Internet.

Price: from 154 to 380

Rating of super premium wet dog foods

The super premium canned food is not much inferior to holistic food, but it's cheaper.

But the benefits of super premium wet food don't stop there.

  • Canned foods contain no chemicals or flavorings;
  • The minimum concentration of natural meat is 40%;
  • This diet is rich in vitamins, fruits and vegetables.
Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating Form release cans

The cost of food in the holistic and super-premium categories is higher than the cost of economy level products.

The list of the best wet food super premium consists of lines:

  • Hills Ideal Balance;
  • Almo Nature.

Hills Ideal Balance

This wet food comes in two flavors: turkey with vegetable supplements and chicken. The formula includes bran, vitamins, micronutrients, and flaxseed.

Form of production: jars.

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating Hills Ideal Balance
  • the balance of fatty acids;
  • natural composition;
  • does not contain corn, soybeans and flavorings.
  • lack of variety;
  • low concentration of proteins and fats;
  • low percentage of protein (8%);
  • The relative high cost of the product.

Cost 159 for 360 g.

Almo Nature

Canned food is made up of 50% natural meat (veal, beef, and chicken) and fish. It also includes rice, broth, and nutritional supplements of natural origin.

Packing: jars, tetra-packs, pouches, lamister.

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating Form release cans
  • natural composition;
  • variety;
  • No GMOs and coloring agents;
  • prevalence in the USA Federation.

Price from 80 to 231


The line is represented by several types of meat: venison, turkey, chicken, salmon, beef, moose. Canned meat is divided into pate and jelly with pieces of meat.

Available in jars and tetra-packs.

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating food super premium
  • Rich vitamin and mineral composition;
  • convenient packaging;
  • The absence of dyes;
  • Does not contain soy;
  • No grain and flour;
  • advantageous price-quality ratio.
  • almost all canned foods contain chicken meat, as well as rice, which serves as the only source of carbohydrates;
  • low concentration of protein.

The price of such a product is 208 for 370 grams.

Types of wet food

Canned foods for dogs are made in different price categories and forms: stuffing, pieces of meat, jelly, pate, stew.

Wet food is classified according to several criteria, but one of the most common divisions is by purpose:

  • delicacy (also dessert);
  • therapeutic;
  • For continuous feeding.


This category of moist canned foods is considered a treat for dogs. The food is made from rare varieties of meat, diluted with pieces of fruit or berries and a small amount of by-products.

The key difference between gourmet food and everyday and therapeutic food is the high percentage of fat and protein.

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating diet canned food

Switching the animal to this food provokes skeletal abnormalities in puppies, increases the risk of urolithiasis and promotes rapid weight gain.

It is not recommended to give deli food to pets every day. Treats should amount to no more than 10% of the daily food intake.


These are foods designed to correct the diet of sick animals. These canned foods are bought after a doctor's recommendation, if the dog is sick or has recently had an operation.

Wet food in this category is most often prescribed to individuals with diseases of the genitourinary system, with gastrointestinal problems.

For regular nutrition

Canned foods for daily consumption are made by mixing animal meat, vegetables and cereals. The balanced food is of high quality and contains an extensive list of vitamins and trace elements.

However, it is not recommended to feed these canned foods to pets without third-party additives (dry pellets), as their composition is not recognized as complete.

Bland diet canned dog food. Moist Foods for Dogs Rating release cans pouches

It is recommended to give pets canned food for regular feeding in the morning.


Anna Tereshkova: "I give my terrier "Royal Kanin", which is considered premium food. Switched to this line from canned food super premium because the latter are very expensive. Royal Kanin premium food is made from medium quality products, but the price is affordable. Meat is mixed with vegetables, but still better than cheap food".

Anastasia Egorova: "I feed my Alabai exclusively with super-premium canned food. It is better to overpay than to spend a long time treating a pet. It is also desirable to consult a veterinarian before buying. I like the Hill's line of canned food, its composition is vitamin-rich, with a lot of meat".

Mikhail Ostapenko: "I liked Eukanuba and Hill's super premium food the most. The dogs had a good taste. I studied the composition, compared with canned food of other brands, these are the best in quality and price. Hills is close to natural food, contains a lot of meat and micronutrients. The dogs are cheerful and active. I combine wet food with dry pelleted food.

Veterinarians have no consensus on the best food, but one thing is clear – canned food saves time for dog owners and helps maintain the health of the dog.

But it is not recommended to exclude natural products from the pet's diet, as well as dry food.

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