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November 3, 2022

The 10 best dry foods for Bison Frise review

In dry food for Bison Frise, in addition to the fullness and balance of the diet, a list of prohibited and permitted foods is taken into account. Thus, French Bollocks in the period of their rapid maturation need a menu with mineral supplements. This will help to form the skeleton.

Let’s understand what to feed Bison Frise and analyze the best food options.

Top 10 Best Dry Foods for Bison Frise

Place Name Rating Price/
1 1st Choice Breeders for Miniature Breeds with Chicken (20kg) 5.0 / 5 7335
2 ProNature Holistic (miniature breeds) (0.34kg) 5.0 / 5 435
3 Orijen Original (6 kg) 4.9 / 5 3840
4 Go! Natural Holistic (holistic menu) Go & NOW Natural (690 g) 4.9 / 5 424
5 Ontario “Mini Weight Control” for small dogs, turkey and potatoes (2.25 kg) 4.8 / 5 799
6 NOW FRESH Salmon, Duck, Turkey (2.72 kg) (for small breeds) 4.8 / 5 1569
7 Acana Heritage (6 Kg) (Small breed) 4.8 / 5 3404
8 Wolfsblut Grey Peak Small Breed (15 kg) 4.8 / 5 6342
9 Grandorf (3 kg) Lamb with Rice Mini 4.7 / 5 1600
10 Royal Canin for Skin and Coat 2 kg (Small Breed) 4.7 / 5 625



  • Provide access to fresh water.
  • An adult dog should be fed twice a day, while a growing dog should be fed five times a day.
  • Meat food is best given in the evening.
  • It is necessary to monitor the rate of weight, in case of deviation show the veterinarian.
  • The daily diet should include mineral supplements and vitamins.

An important factor is the breed’s tendency to skin allergies. As a consequence, you need to monitor the reaction of the body and well-being at the introduction of each new product.

The Bison should receive high-quality and balanced food.

  1. The food should include natural ingredients as much as possible.
  2. Feed the dog food from a package that retained its integrity.
  3. Compliance with expiration dates is required.

Based on these rules, one should refrain from buying food on a loose weight basis, which has come into contact with air. It is recommended to take the same brand with a familiar composition. And one more tip: a bowl that is not emptied after 15 minutes of eating should be removed. It is important to avoid overeating by maintaining the weight norm.


In the choice of dry food, you should look for meat in the first place. Lamb, turkey, fish will suit this breed, which is prone to allergies. Every 3 months you need to change the protein. Composition with 3 – 4 of its species is not a good choice, 1 or 2 will suffice. Fatty food container, over 15%, is harmful, as well as high protein content, the level of which should be up to 26%. Bison does not have high loads and excessive motor activity, lives in warmth.

Grain content is acceptable if the dog likes it. The main thing is that the component is well digested. Corn, wheat and flour made from them are not good. Foods with preservatives and flavor enhancers should not be chosen. Most dogs do not digest whey. Valuable components are oils, whole eggs, and vegetable additives.

1st Choice Breeders for Miniature Breeds with Chicken (20kg)

1st Choice Breeders for Miniature Breeds with Chicken (20kg)

The best choice among the super-premium pet foods. It consists of high-quality meat and vegetables, and does not contain unnecessary third-rate ingredients and by-products. The composition does not contain flavor enhancers, odorants and other artificial additives.

The price per kilogram (366 /kg) is budget for a product of this quality. The product, there is a huge range of food for small breeds with other flavors, hypoallergenic types, which are suitable for animals prone to allergies.

  • There is no unpleasant odor, the pet’s mouth does not smell after eating;
  • The condition of the coat is improved;
  • Does not cause digestive disorders, suitable for animals with a weak gastrointestinal tract;
  • Each product in the line is balanced according to the age of the animal for which it is intended (this product for adult miniature dogs contains the necessary 22% protein);
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Convenient packaging with a clasp, the product does not vaporize.
  • Has the form of pellets, which are much harder to digest when not chewed;
  • Hard to find in pet stores.

ProNature Holistic (miniature breeds) (0.34kg)

ProNature Holistic (for small breeds)

The best of the holistic options. Contains minerals, animal proteins, trace elements and vitamins. Consists of meat, fish, egg products, berries, fruits and vegetables, contains no corn, wheat, soy or other grains.

Completely free of chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavor. Veterinarians consider this brand to be one of the best products for feeding miniature breeds of dogs all the time.

  • High calorie count, the dog stays full for a long time with small portions;
  • Improves the appearance of the coat with a constant diet holistic;
  • No gastrointestinal problems, well assimilated by the body of the animal;
  • Suitable for dogs with intolerance to some products;
  • After eating, the mouth of the animal does not smell;
  • The small package has a convenient clasp, the food is not exhausted.
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Convenient packaging with a clasp, the product does not vaporize.
  • Not found in all pet stores.

Orijen Original (6 kg)

Orijen Original (6 Kg)

A super-premium product, suitable for all breeds and small ones. It includes high-quality fish and meat, which reaches a record high of 80% for a dry food, and useful herbs (dandelion, mint, and turmeric).

All these ingredients help strengthen the dog’s immune system. Contains no third-rate by-products, chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, vegetable proteins, gluten, or cereals. Orijen is suitable for active miniature dogs.

  • Record high animal protein content;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • The composition contains several species of fish.
  • The lack of fasteners on the package, so that the food is not exhausted, it will have to pour it into a sealed container;
  • Strong odor and, a noticeable but short-lived smell from the mouth of the animal;
  • Occasional gastrointestinal problems may occur.

Go! Natural Holistic (holistic menu) Go & NOW Natural (690 g)

Go! Natural Holistic - Dry food for dogs (holistic menu) Go & NOW Natural

Suitable for all dog breeds, especially for miniature dogs. Contains only natural ingredients, calf meat, turkey, lamb, duck, fruit, berries and vegetables.

The product is perfectly balanced, there are the necessary animal proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, trace elements, acids, no harmful soy, preservatives, flavor enhancers, low-quality by-products. All components retain their properties due to gentle handling.

Bison Jerky for dogs - Jerky Bison Dog Treats review because of

bison jerky for dogs – jerky bison dog treats review

  • Convenient sealed package with snap fastener: the food does not puff up and does not lose its properties;
  • The amount of feces is significantly reduced and the smell is less pronounced;
  • High caloric content, the dog stays full for a long time;
  • The coat becomes shinier and smoother in appearance when fed continuously for a long time;
  • Does not cause allergies, dental problems;
  • Skin and eye condition noticeably improves over time;
  • Can be found in every pet store;
  • Does not have a pronounced smell.
  • Large pellets, which are difficult to digest if the dog will not chew them;
  • May cause an odor from the dog’s mouth;
  • Occasional gastrointestinal problems.

Ontario Mini Weight Control with turkey and potatoes (2.25 kg)

A Czech super-premium product. Recommended by veterinarians due to its perfectly balanced formula. Does not contain cereals or grains. Contains high-quality fish, meat products and vegetables (e.g. tomatoes).

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Free of low-quality ingredients, chemical preservatives, and meat and bone meal. Suitable for dogs with overweight problems.

  • High lycopene content;
  • Suitable for dogs with poor health, joint and immune problems;
  • Does not cause bad smell from pet’s mouth;
  • All the useful trace elements in the form of chelates are absorbed by the dog’s body 100%;
  • Small pellets that are easily digested;
  • Commonly available in pet stores;
  • Airtight snap-fastening packaging.
  • Strong odor.

NOW FRESH Salmon, Duck, Turkey (2.72 kg)

NOW FRESH Salmon, Duck, Turkey

Canadian high-quality holistic products. Products of this brand do not include cereals, by-products, chemical preservatives, flavour enhancers and taste.

High-quality meat, vegetables, and cereals maintain the right level of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the animal’s body.

  • Non-sticky packaging;
  • Large pellets, may not digest well if not chewed.
  • Strong odor.

Acana Heritage (6 Kg) (Small breed)

Acana Heritage (6 Kg)

This Canadian product is a good choice for a miniature breed. It will suit both active animals and quite lazy. The food is holistic, that is, it contains only natural ingredients in the composition.

There are no cheap low-quality components in the products of this brand, there is no forage wheat and bone meal. Contains only meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products of high quality.

  • A high concentration of animal proteins;
  • Fresh ingredients;
  • No carbohydrates (the dog’s body does not need them);
  • A variety of fruits, vegetables, tonic herbs in the composition, which strengthen the heart and improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Lowers insulin levels, strengthens the liver;
  • Quality packaging.
  • May cause allergies;
  • Noticeable fishy smell;
  • High fat content.

Wolfsblut Grey Peak Small Breed (15 kg)

Wolfsblut Grey Peak Small Breed

German high-quality holistic products. The products of this brand include only those ingredients that are easily digested by the dog’s body, not causing any problems with digestion.

No wheat, oats, corn, starch or gluten. Meat makes up more than half of the food – cod, mackerel, haddock, pheasant, rabbit, trout, salmon and lamb.

  • Excellent balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements;
  • Complete absence of chemical ingredients (taste and flavor enhancers and colorings);
  • Pellets of moderate size;
  • Absence of strong odor;
  • Elegant packaging of high quality;
  • The company has an official website with a detailed product description and instructions;
  • Improves the condition of the coat.
  • Rarely available in pet stores;
  • Can cause constipation in isolated cases.

Grandorf (3 kg) Lamb with Rice Mini

Grandorf Lamb & Rice Mini

Suitable for small dog breeds. Veterinarians often mention this brand as the most suitable for dogs prone to allergies. The composition is completely free of chicken and grains.

In addition to meat, it contains components such as vegetables and cereals. It is better to take this kind of food for an active dog. If she is lazy, Grandorf will cause her to be overweight.

  • High meat content — >60 %;
  • High caloric content, the dog will be satiated for a long time;
  • No chemical flavorings or additives;
  • Improves the gastrointestinal tract, restores intestinal microflora (and is even indicated for those dogs who have digestive problems);
  • Improves coat condition.
  • High in fat, a lazy dog will quickly become overweight.

Royal Canin for Skin and Coat 2 kg (Small Breed)

Royal Canin for healthy skin and coat

A well-known French super-premium food. It’s good quality, but lower than its competitors (mentioned in paragraphs 1-9).

Royal Canin Mini includes cereals and vegetable proteins.

  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Nutritious, but does not cause overweight pets (the energy and protein content of the diet is precisely calculated);
  • Available in many pet stores;
  • High-quality packaging;
  • Pellets of moderate size;
  • Restores the condition of the coat;
  • Contains sodium polyphosphate, which prevents the formation of plaque;
  • The composition includes many useful trace elements;
  • Improved digestion.
  • When constantly feeding this food, you can’t do without additional supplements with vitamins and trace elements;
  • Uncomfortable packaging without a clasp;
  • Contains poorly digestible grains and artificial additives (preservatives, colorings.)

Among these foods, the best choices for a miniature pet would be 1st Choice Breeders for Miniature Breeds with Chicken (20kg) and Wolfsblut Grey Peak Small Breed (15kg).

The first is the highest quality, yet inexpensive super-premium food.

The second is a natural holistic, and the company has a detailed official website with all the information on the food and instructions.

Both products have a minimum of disadvantages, which are outweighed by advantages from the balance of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and the absence of harmful preservatives to convenient packaging.

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Recommendations for feeding miniature dogs

To keep your small dog healthy, it’s important to consider recommendations and tips for feeding and managing your pet’s diet:

  1. It is advisable for miniature breeds to eat dry food daily. This is because they are prone to oral health problems such as gum disease, bad breath, loose teeth and tartar buildup. Diseases can develop more quickly than in large animals. Holistic feeds are preferred, as they don’t contain dyes, preservatives or by-products. Dry food reduces the risk of these diseases, but not a panacea.
  2. The diet should include moist types of food. Miniature dogs are prone to diseases of the urinary system, because of their size their kidneys produce small amounts of urine, which has a concentration of harmful inorganic substances. Wet food helps saturate the body with extra fluid and prevents the occurrence of masses in the urinary system. Dry and wet food is undesirable to mix, it is better to offer them to the animal at different times.
  3. Do not self-select food additives for the pet and do not give food from your own table. The advantage of ready-made dry food storage container is its balance. The substances your dog needs are available in the right amounts. Homemade food from the table is full of salt, fat, spices and other substances that are harmful to the animal. A dog whose diet is based on dry food does not need additional supplements. An overabundance of vitamins is more harmful than a lack of them.
  4. Do not overfeed. Small animals have a tendency to become obese. If you do not control the number of servings in the bowl, over time the pet may become overweight. On packages of ready-to-eat dry food, there is a chart of portion sizes and feeding frequencies. Following these guidelines will keep your dog from having weight problems.

What vitamins are needed when feeding small-breed dogs

If your dog’s diet consists of natural foods, pre-made vitamin complexes will provide an additional source of vitamins and minerals. There are many types of multivitamins and bottleneck vitamins available on the pet food market that are designed for small breed dogs.

A vitamin multivitamin complex solves the problem of vitamin deficiencies in the body of an adult animal.

For example, Pharmavit Aktiv, Wolmar Winsome Pro Bio Booster Ca Mini or Galakan Champion. These supplements are designed for small breed dogs, are hypoallergenic, and cause no side effects.

How to properly feed small-breed puppies

When a puppy is just born, his digestive system is on its way to becoming established, a diet of the right foods is the key to health for years to come. Newborn puppies can be supplemented with milk or a specialized formula. At about 1 to 3 months of age, puppies should be fed with natural food: lean meat, eggs, fish, porridge, fermented milk.

Protein should make up at least 70% of the diet. Add healthy fats and boiled vegetables to the rest of the diet. Such a menu may seem boring to humans, but puppies do not need a variety of foods.

Their gastrointestinal tract is just learning to digest food, preference is given to simple and healthy products. The diet should not contain fatty, fried, sweet foods, they are forbidden to large breed puppies , and cause serious health and digestive problems.

If a miniature dog develops digestive problems due to food

A common reason to go to the vet is gastrointestinal problems. No animal is immune from them.

The causes of their appearance are usually similar: either the brand of dry or wet food is not suitable for the pet, or the owner decides to save money and buys cheap brands of food that are not balanced and even harmful composition.

The most common digestive disorders are:

  • Diarrhea, constipation
  • Allergies, provoking a skin reaction
  • Intolerance to the ingredients in the food
  • Uncontrollable vomiting
  • Poisoning

For each of these symptoms, your dog should be seen by a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Self-treatment or self-diagnosis risks further illness. If you don’t reconsider the dog’s diet, over time small problems with the gastrointestinal tract will lead to the development of chronic internal diseases.

The main damage will be done to the stomach and liver, different parts of the intestine.

To solve the problem it is enough to change the brand of food, picking up a diet without harmful and poorly digestible components. A competent veterinarian can advise you on the best food to introduce, based on the health of your particular dog. The food should be changed gradually, as too drastic a change can cause severe digestive upset. Make changes within a week, adding the new food to the old one.

The diet of a pregnant miniature dog

Pregnancy is an important time and you should arrange a proper diet for your pet. Abrupt changes in diet should be avoided, as pregnancy is stressful for the pet, and changing its diet can make it worse. The main part of the menu should consist of animal proteins. Too many fast carbohydrates and fats can cause your dog to be overweight.

It is better to pick up a premium dog food intended for pregnant females, they have a good composition, and they contain a balanced set of vitamins and minerals necessary for a pregnant animal. It is important to watch the portions consumed. Excessive feeding is fraught with the risk of gaining excess weight, feeding the pet for two and for three is not necessary. The extra weight can weaken the dog’s labor activity and add an excessive load on the internal organs.

In the first half of pregnancy, the animal is fed according to the usual schedule, keeping the portion size that was before pregnancy. In order to avoid weight gain, small pets need to remain active, but remember – you should not overexert the animal at term. If it has been decided to transfer the pet to another food, the best time for this is the first half of pregnancy. The transition is made smoothly, on average about 8-10 days. If the new food did not suit a particular pet, the return to the previous one should be gradual.

In the second half of pregnancy, the active growth of puppies in the womb begins, if before that excess food went to the excess weight of the pet, now all the excess will go to feed the fetuses. The pet’s body gives all of its resources to the offspring. It is important to gradually increase the pet’s diet, by the end of pregnancy the bitch should get about 30% more food than usual.

There are periods when the female’s appetite decreases or disappears. Forced feeding is not necessary, when the dog feels better, she will begin to eat properly again. During this period, it is better to offer food often and in small portions. During pregnancy, the uterus puts excessive pressure on internal organs and large portions of food will worsen the condition, while the lack of food will cause the birth of weakened offspring.

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