Big life dog food reviews

February 21, 2023
Dog Food
Big life dog food reviews

It is best to feed your pet with natural food, but if you opt for ready-made food, then holistic dog food is the best you can find in pet storesch feeds are made from products of the highest quality, they contain a large percentage of meat (from 50 to 80%), there is no offal, and fresh vegetables, fruits and berries act as a source of vitamins and other useful substances.

And although all dog holistics are very good (they are more useful than many semi-finished human products), each manufacturer has its own formula and its own approach. Some combine several types of meat, others produce only grain free feed, the third, in addition to a large percentage of meat, can also boast an incredible abundance of various vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs. In general, whichever Holistic dog food you choose, it will definitely provide your dog with everything he needs.

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Note that in fact the “holistic” class does not exist, in fact it is a kind of subcategory of the super-premium class, which includes its best representatives.

List of holistic dog foods

Very often, online stores, sellers in pet stores and even ordinary buyers mislead others by classifying many foods as completely different from the class to which they belong. Below we have compiled a list of the most common Holistic dog foods in our country. If you did not find any brand in it and are not sure whether it is holistic or not, write in the comments below and we will be happy to help you determine the class of food.

  • (NOW Natural holistic);
  • Golden Eagle.

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Compare ingredients, learn about the pros and cons of each food and choose the one that suits your pet best.

Holistic for dogs Rating

The best dog food is holistic.

Holistic dog food rating

Below is a ranking of holistic class dog food based on popularity among buyers. If the brand you noted earlier is not in the rating, this is not a reason not to buy it, because all holistics are of high quality.

Reviews about the food of the holistic class

Review of Grandorf food for dogs, writes Maria from Kharkov. Hello. I want to share my experience with Grandorf with her experience of feeding the dog, tried to transfer her pet to him. But in order: a new pet store opened near us and there were many discounts in honor of the discovery, including this food. My friend and I bought for a sample on a small package, I really liked the composition.

Big life dog food reviews 72 kg-about

Big life dog food reviews

Hypoallergenic, more than half of the composition-meat, everything else is also natural and the dog was at a bang, but there was a problem with the gases… I hoped that it was temporary due to the transition to new food, but not. A girlfriend still has a dog on this stern and everything is in order, but it has not come up to mine �� Apparently here everyone is.

How can you feed the puppy? Click on the picture and find out!

Review of Go Natural food for dogs, writes Valentine from Dallas. Hi everybody. You won’t call my dog and dog – in size smaller than a cat, these are these Chihuahua. This baby is very picky for food, drying is somehow not willing to eat, and the natural is not absorbed. We tried a lot of dry feed, at first I ate everything, but over time I began to turn my nose from each. Then, at the forum about Chihuahua, I was advised to try the food by GOU natural holistic 4 types of meat. It has no cereals (Grain freeya), only meat, different vegetables and herbs.

I really liked the smell of food, resembles stewed vegetables, the dog also appreciated. True, the granules seem to me a little large for dwarf dogs, but my baby copes with them. At one of the forums, I also found a rating of food with one independent rating, as a result of the tests, the food scored a maximum rating of 6 stars. In general, I am satisfied with the food of the GO brand, so I recommend it to you and your dogs!

Review of Orijen stern for puppies, writes Polina from Boston. As soon as our puppy grew up, we decided to transfer it to dry dog food for convenience. I read a little on the Internet, everywhere they praised the food of the royal of Kanin, bought for a sample. Everything in a kind was not bad, but Kala could see that it was poorly absorbed. She began to study the topic of feed in more detail, it seemed that this food was not so good. The second time I bought Origen and the result was immediately visible: the normal feces and the dog became more active.

Holistic feed price for dogs

All prices are lower – approximate, since the price of one feed can depend not only on the size of the package, but also on the store, option (with chicken, salmon, etc.), even on the dollar (almost all the food of the holistics are imported).

  • Dry dog food Acana 2 kg-about 1210-1450 ;
  • Dry dog food Applaws 2 kg-about 815-950 ;
  • Dry dog food go! Natural Holistic 2. 72 kg-about 1, 500-1600 ;
  • Dry dog food Orijen 2. 27 kg-about 1650-2000 ;
  • Dry dog food Grandorf 3 kg-about 1250-1350 ;
  • Dry dog food Savarra 3 kg-about 1550-1650

*In stores, the link above has most of the above brands, and the prices are one of the lowest in the market.

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