Do large breed puppies need wet food?

February 7, 2023
Large Breeds
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Each owner decides for himself the questions of feeding his beloved dog. Today I will tell you why special canned food is good and whether it is worth building a pet’s diet on them.

What types of wet dog food are there?

Even canned dog food manufacturers classify according to a certain principle.

The bottom line is this:

  • Wet dog food for constant nutrition is the most popular option among owners. The fact is that they are universal, contain a balanced set of trace elements, vitamins, meat, cereals. However, you should pamper your pet with solid food, which will avoid the formation of tartar;
  • Gourmet – this is a real delicacy of a super premium class. Unlike the previous variety, this type is characterized by a more appetizing appearance, bright taste. The composition contains a large amount of offal, which affects the fat content. The treat should not be given to the dog too often, 10% of the total diet is enough;
  • Medicinal – these are specialized feeds designed to correct nutrition. They are prescribed to sick, weakened dogs. Each specific product contains its own ratio of vitamins and nutrients.

If you plan to mix dry and wet dog foods, they must be from the same brand.

How to choose canned wet food for a large breed puppy?

When choosing canned food for your pet, you should check the vitamin and mineral balance, the amount of meat components. The more meat, the faster the animal will be satiated. In addition, a high-quality, balanced product has a low fat content.

If we talk about vitamins, the presence of A, D, E, biotin is important for dogs. This normalizes carbohydrate-fat metabolism, improves the condition of the coat. Ideal characteristics are demonstrated by Royal Canin wet dog food for dogs of different breeds.

How to choose the right inexpensive but high-quality canned puppy food?

Canned food is not the most budgetary type of food, so it is important that the money is not wasted.

To choose a useful product for your own pet, you should evaluate all the criteria:

  • Composition and quality – you can not save on this fad. For a dog, food is the only source of nutrients for the body;
  • Assortment – well-known manufacturers offer rich rulers. Here you can choose canned foods that are most suitable for the needs of the dog. The choice should be based on the breed of a pet, since wet dog food for dogs of small breeds differs from varieties for large animals;
  • Reliability – I advise you to turn to trusted manufacturers, they value their reputation and use high-quality raw materials;
  • Price – rush to extremes and purchasing an openly cheap product is not worth it;
  • Shelf life – be sure to track this moment.

What is Super Premium Wet Food?

Wet dog food for premium dogs (Solid Natura) is approved by the most experienced breeders. It contains up to 30% of meat, the entire gamut of vitamins necessary for dogs. Super-premium demonstrates the perfect combination of price and quality. This solution is recommended for weakened and growing animals (Hill’s).

There is a popular class “Holistic”, which is based on extremely high-quality raw materials. The share of meat components can reach 70%. For vitamins, additives from natural fruits and vegetables are responsible.

Only the best manufacturers of dog feed got into our rating:

  • Solid Natura is a relatively young trademark in the field of zotovars. However, the brand offers a quite high-quality product with an excellent composition – what is needed for a healthy and happy life of a pet. Cannets are made at the Yelets meat processing plant;
  • Best Dinner is a very decent brand. It works on the best composition of each product and does not use flavorings, artificial dyes, and offal. Only all the most useful with the addition of vitamins and minerals;
  • Royal Canin is professional feeds that you often find in breeders. Products from this brand are characterized by stably high quality and are made on the basis of scientific research. The food recipe is almost perfect;
  • Trainer – The brand offers high-quality diets of the superpremium class. Nutrition is considered complete, biologically active and supports certain functions of the animal’s body. This is a higher price segment;
  • Hill’s – This manufacturer is also very famous in a professional environment. Products corresponds to the highest quality and security standards. Feed for animals are produced according to the same norms as food for people. The assortment of the brand has special lineups of therapeutic and diet.

What is a good Grain Free Premium Wet Puppy Food?

canned wet dog food for dogs

Here is a high quality canned wet dog food for dogs. This food is grain-free, holistic (best quality), monoprotein. All three characteristics provide a synergistic, in other words, systemic effect. The dog will receive the maximum amount of nutrients, quickly satiate. The food is suitable for animals suffering from food allergies. The product is made in our country from the best varieties of poultry and meat.

Premium nutrition shows a very natural composition. This includes meat, gelling agents and water. That is why the product has a high nutritional value. 100 g contains at least 10 g of crude protein, not more than 16 g of fat, 2. 0 g of ash, 0. 3 g of salt, 0. 3 g of calcium and 0. 4 g of phosphorus. The price for a can of 240 grams starts from 104.


  • Affordable price tag;
  • Natural composition;
  • Like animals;
  • Jar with key, convenient to open.

There are no cons.

What is the composition of natural wet puppy food?

Canned Dog Meat with Chicken

Best Dinner Canned Dog Meat with Chicken can be a complete source of nutrition for your pet. The manufacturer carefully selects all the ingredients and puts only natural ingredients in the jar. There are no flavorings, dyes and preservatives. The composition includes only chicken, salt, water and a gelling agent.

If we talk about nutritional value, it is almost the same as that of the previous comrade. 100 g of the product contains 10 g of protein, 9. 0 g of pork fat, 2. 0 g of raw ash, 0. 3-0. 7 g of salt. Plus, there are mineral supplements, namely calcium and phosphorus. In terms of energy value, all this takes out 120 kcal. The daily norm is 70-90 g / 1 kg of pet weight. Feeding is recommended in two doses. The price of a can of 100 g is from 90 tr.


  • Suitable for gourmet dogs;
  • Natural composition + minerals, vitamins;
  • Balanced diet.

There are no cons, but the food of a large dog will cost a pretty penny.

What is the difference between small breed and large breed wet food?

canned foods are specially formulated for small breed puppies

These canned foods are specially formulated for small breed puppies. Let me remind you that these are dogs that weigh no more than 10 kg in adulthood. This food can be given to a pet up to 10 months of age and it will easily make up his complete diet. The optimal solution for a dog in the growth period.

The trick is that this food is highly palatable, the animal will not refuse a portion. The daily ration depends on the age of the puppy, starting from two months, they are given 2 1/8 cans per day. Everything is perfect in composition: meat, meat by-products, oils, fats, cereals, minerals, vegetable by-products. In total, we get 9% protein, 6% fat, 1. 5% minerals and 1% total fiber. Plus, there are useful supplements of zinc 20 mg, vitamin D3 118 IU, manganese 2 mg, iron 6. 5 mg, iodine 0. 2 mg. Can size – 195 g. Price – from 81.


  • Ideal for puppies;
  • Does not cause adverse reactions;
  • Excellent composition;
  • High palatability.

There are no cons.

How is wet dog food for medium breeds different?

dietary nutrition of dogs with liver diseases

This product is intended for dietary nutrition of dogs with liver diseases. Indications for use are all liver diseases, chronic hepatitis, hepatic encephalopathy, shunting, piroplasmosis, copper metabolism disorders and liver failure. Like any diet food, there are contraindications. The food is not suitable for dogs during pregnancy, lactation, not for puppies. It should not be used in hyperlipidemia and pancreatitis, even if it has been previously transferred.

The duration of therapeutic nutrition depends on the pet’s illness and the ability of the liver to regenerate. If it is a chronic history, the dog should follow the diet for the rest of his life. I advise you to ensure that the animal does not overeat. (The daily ration is calculated according to a tricky table, depending on the weight of the animal ). It is better to break the diet into several servings. Best dog food storage container size 200/420 g. Price – from 105.


  • Low content of copper, high – zinc, low – protein. All this is indicated in hepatic diseases;
  • Contains a complex of antioxidants;
  • The food is balanced in terms of electrolyte balance;
  • A dog with liver failure will receive energy;
  • There is everything that is required to restore liver cells;
  • Reduces symptoms of fibrosis and inflammation.

There are no cons.

Why use wet medicated dog food?

dietary in dogs with digestive disorders

This is also a therapeutic food that is dietary in dogs with digestive disorders. The main distinguishing feature is the limited content of fats. Indication for use are diseases such as diarrhea (acute/chronic), acute pancreatitis, hyperlipidemia, bacterial disorders, pancreatic diseases. Feed is not recommended for pregnancy and lactation.

The duration of such a diet depends on the problem pursuing a pet. In any case, strict observance of the daily diet and an increase in the frequency of feeding per day are required here. The diet is calculated separately, based on the actual weight of the animal. Bank price 200 g – from 105 p.

works for the safety of the digestive system


  • The food is therapeutic and works for the safety of the digestive system. The composition includes prebiotics, antioxidants, high-quality proteins, low fat content is provided;
  • The diet is perfectly observed in the balance of fiber, which reduces excessive fermentation;
  • The food is balanced.

This food does not carry minuses.

What is the composition of wet food for small breed puppies?

This diet is designed for puppies of dogs of small breeds

This diet is designed for puppies of dogs of small breeds (in the age group from 1 to 10 months). The composition of the food is selected so that the puppy during the period of growth and development receives the strengthening of the immune system and increased resistance to negative factors. There is a yeast extract, green mussel extract.

The last component works on the health of the joints, which eliminates the problems of the development of the skeleton, characteristic of dog dogs. The digestion is monitored by prebiotics and chamomile, the puppy will receive an anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effect. Price – from 135 p.


  • A balanced composition with a dehydrated protein of turkey and chicken;
  • Vitamins and minerals;
  • High content of cereals;
  • Natural raw materials;
  • Promotes the normal growth and development of the puppy.

The disadvantages include high cost.

What wet food to choose for dogs with diabetes?

intended for the diet of adult dogs

Wet dog food in conservals from Hill’s is intended for the diet of adult dogs, whose age is 1-6 years. The product is supplied in a best dog food storage container of 370 g at a price of 195.

The manufacturer allows animals to feed small, medium and large rocks suffering from diabetes. Therapeutic nutrition is based on the high content of proteins (chicken, pork), cereals.

The composition includes barley, corn, egg, carnitine, potassium, calcium, vitamins and trace elements.


  • Nutrition successfully maintains weight;
  • Low in fat and calories;
  • High content of proteins and fiber gives saturation;
  • Carnitine supports muscles and burns fats;
  • Contains high quality protein.

Among the minuses, only the high cost can be noted.

What food is good for dogs with kidney stones?

canned food and is intended for adult dogs

This food is also available in canned food and is intended for adult dogs of different breeds. The product belongs to dietary and serves for a balanced diet of animals suffering from urolithiasis. I note that the effectiveness of the food is confirmed by clinical trials – it really promotes the dissolution of salts.

The composition of the product is balanced, it contains pork, animal fat, corn starch, ground rice, fiber, taurine, vitamins, microelements. In 100 g, 454 kcal will be typed. The diet and frequency of feeding are calculated individually, depending on the weight of the dog. The cost of the bank 370 g – from 210.


  • Effective for dogs with urolithiasis;
  • Clinically tested, removes salts and crystals;
  • Natural balanced composition;
  • Quickly saturates;
  • Contains natural protein, vitamins and minerals;
  • For any breed.

There are no cons.

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