What are some travel dog drinker ideas?

March 22, 2023
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good travel dog drinker ideas

Going on a trip, dog owners cannot always find with whom to leave their pet, and sometimes there is no such intention from the very beginning. When taking a dog with you, you inevitably have to think about how to provide it with everything you need on the road, including water. This is where a portable dog bowl comes in handy.

What are portable dog drinkers for?

Dogs need to drink water several times a day. The rate of fluid depends on many factors: the size of the animal, its lifestyle and diet. One thing remains the same: every pet should always have access to clean water.

drink water several times a day

Travel sipper for pet

Note! If the diet consists mainly of dry dog food, such as Perfect Fit, the animal needs to consume more fluids per day.

Outside the home during long trips or exhibitions, it is difficult to ensure that this condition is met. Taking a large homemade bowl with you on the road is impractical. Drinking a dog from a regular bottle is also inconvenient. The advantage of portable drinkers is that their design allows you to drink your pet on the go, without spending a lot of time and without the risk of being doused with water.

Automatic drinker with water

Automatic drinker with water and automatic feeder with food Perfect Fit

Varieties of drinkers for dogs

In addition to the usual plastic, metal and ceramic bowls suitable for the home, the dog drinker can be presented in several more formats:

  • The non-spill bottle looks like a bowl with a lid. It is well suited for long-haired breeds because the design of the drinker prevents wool from entering the water. Another convenience is that no liquid spills when the bowl is tipped over, which is where the name comes from;
  • A thermo bowl is an option for dogs living in outdoor cages. In the cold season, the heating function prevents the liquid poured into the bowl from freezingch drinkers work from the mains, their design provides for reliable protection of the wire from chewing;
  • The automatic drinker for dogs has a special tank that is filled with water. The liquid gradually flows out of the container in the saucer, ensuring the constant availability of water for the pet. The tank can have a simple cone shape or a more complex design with built-in filters, as, for example, in the Catmate drinker (how it looks can be found under the article CM335E);
  • A portable drinking fountain is another type of automatic drinker that is also suitable for outdoor placement. Convenient for situations when you have to leave your pet alone for a long time;
  • And, finally, the last drinker for dogs – road. In this category, you can find several different designs that share common features: a convenient shape for folding, for example, into a travel backpack and leakage protection.

Which travel bowl to choose for a dog?

Portable drinkers are usually made in the form of a bottle. It is convenient to keep it in a bag, backpack or even fasten it with a rope on your arm. Water does not spill, and special nozzles allow you to drink the dog without any difficulties. Different manufacturers offer a large selection of available designs:

  • The Aqua Dog drinker looks like a bottle with a saucer attached to the neck – a kind of portable bowl. When squeezing the container, water pours out into the saucer, and to empty it, it is enough to stop pressing on the walls of the bottle;
  • A bottle in a case used as a drinking cup is used in a similar way. The only difference is that when pressing on the container, it must be turned over. Water flows into the case, fastened to the neck of the bottle, and the dog can drink from it, as from a regular drinking bowl;
Drinker Aqua Dog for travel

Drinker Aqua Dog

  • Thermos format is another affordable optionch a drinker is a container, the material of which is plastic, glass or metal, with a large lid that easily turns into a drinking bowl;
  • Metal bottle with a ball-shaped nozzle. The pet gains access to water when it licks the nozzle ball. This ball sags slightly when pressed, allowing liquid to pass through, otherwise preventing leakage.

In many ways, the choice depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the dog. All considered drinker formats can guarantee that their contents will not spill when carried in a bag. When watering a dog, a bottle with a ball nozzle is the most practical option to avoid splashing water. For a dog, a drinking bowl with a separate container into which water is poured may be more familiar.

Note! The cost of a drinker depends more on its volume and material of manufacture than on design.

How to choose a drinking fountain?

There are two types of “fountains”: mechanical and automatic.

mechanical drinker

The mechanical drinker is designed for use on the street for owners of private houses. The kit comes with a hose that connects to the water supply system. The dog can independently turn on such a drinker: it is enough to step on the panel to make a small fountain appear.

Important! Learning this will not take much time, and will also contribute to the development of the cognitive abilities of the animal.

Automatic versions of “fountains” are very popular because they are well suited to be placed anywhere, both outdoors and in the house. Popular brands include Drinkwell Original by PetSafe, Lotus and Spring by Feed-Ex. Drinkers of this type have tanks of different possible volumes, where water is poured. It is constantly passed through filters and poured out in the form of a small vertical or horizontal fountain.

When choosing between a mechanical and automatic drinking fountain, the first thing to look at is whether it is supposed to be used indoors or outdoors. The undoubted advantage of mechanics is that it is enough to connect it to the water supply system once to provide your pet with a drink for a long time to come. At the same time, automation is more compact and accurate, and its design prevents abundant water splashing.

Autodrinkers are the easiest to use

How to use a dog drinker?

Autodrinkers are the easiest to use because they require minimal human intervention. Due to the fact that they have a special reservoir for liquid, the filled supply lasts for a long time, and there is no risk that the pet will be left without drinking.

Important! The water in the drinker must be renewed daily, even if the dog has not had time to drink it all. Stagnant water can be harmful to the health of the animal.

Drinking fountains in this regard are even more convenient, since the liquid is constantly circulating. Also, they often have built-in filters that preserve the freshness of the water, which makes it possible to change it less often.

prevent the accumulation of contaminants

Automatic drinkers, especially those with filters, need to be cleaned periodically to prevent the accumulation of contaminants.

Road drinkers are also easy to use. When it’s time to give your dog a drink, simply take out the container, pour the contents into the included container of your chosen convenient size, and give it to your pet.

The variety of types of drinkers for dogs can be confusing, but choosing the most suitable among them is really simple. It is enough to decide in what conditions it will be used and which design is more convenient for the owner and the dog. It is the presence of a large selection that makes it possible for everyone to find the ideal option for themselves.

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