Best store bought dog food for small, medium and large dogs

February 5, 2022
Dog Food Expert
Best store bought dog food

Our dog food expert tells you what is the best store bought dog food.

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The best store bought dog food brands for dogs with sensitive stomach

Hill’s Science & Prescription Diet I/D

Hill’s food is created by technologists, nutritionists, and veterinarians. The quality of the ingredients supplied is carefully monitored and each ingredient is pre-tested. Each ingredient is carefully monitored and inspected, and finished products are analyzed daily. Hill’s science nutrition is one of the most popular and best store-bought foods for sensitive stomach. Check out wide range of quality Hill’s Science Diet product offerings:

View all Hill’s Science Diet products and prices on this page.

But Hill’s Prescription Diet view here is a separate line of foods that should be included in the daily diet only for pets with significant health problems and after a veterinarian’s recommendation. The canned food is designed for dogs often suffering from intestinal disorders. The manufacturer promises a visible effect after just 3 days of feeding.

The mixture is based on turkey and pork liver, with rice and corn added to make it nutritious. The formula is enriched with linseed, plantain, vitamins and minerals. Special fiber not only improves digestion but also nourishes intestinal cells. Tinned preserves are tinted with natural caramel. As a result the digestibility of the composition reaches 95%. Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D Canine canned food refers to therapeutic foods, but they cannot replace a pet’s comprehensive examination and therapy.



  • Contains antioxidants

  • Consists of highly digestible ingredients

  • Natural composition

  • Tastes good with most pets

  • No breed or age restrictions

  • High cost

Purina Pro Plan with Probiotics Shredded Blend High Protein

Digestive Health Adult Dry Dog Food Pros and Cons

Purina Pro Plan with Probiotics Shredded Blend High Protein is suitable for dogs with gastrointestinal problems. The manufacturer offers a line for small, medium and large breeds: pellets differ in size for the convenience of animals. Read Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Reviews.

It contains lamb and rice and has 25% protein. The source of probiotics is dried chicory root. The formula also includes antioxidants and vitamin-mineral complex. This diet has been clinically proven to improve intestinal micro flora, and probiotics are effective in improving gastrointestinal health.



  • Available in most pet stores

  • Vitamins and minerals in the composition

  • Convenient packaging

  • Low cost for a super-premium class

  • Contains probiotics to improve digestion

  • Low protein

Best store bought dog food for large breeds Royal Canin

In this Royal Canin line for large breeds, our expert has identified the 3 top dog food brands.  Royal Canin is an all-day dry store bought food recommended for large breeds. The calorie content of the food is reduced to reduce joint stress and increase activity of the dog. Despite the reduced energy content, it is nutritious and does not require larger portions. The fiber percentage of 6.5% helps satisfy hunger and aid in digestion. Royal Canin’s premium line keeps high positions in the ranking of the best Chewy products for dogs you could check here.

The formula is based on poultry meat and easily digestible animal protein hydrolysate. Collagen improves bone health. Velveteen extract is added as a source of lutein and cartilage hydrolysate as a source of chondroitin. The fatty acids are beneficial to joint health and also give the coat a beautiful shine. According to the manufacturer, after one month of daily feeding Royal Canin Large Joint Care Dry Dog Food, 97% of dog owners report an increase in their pet’s activity.

Royal Canin for large breeds is a daily balanced diet for adult dogs weighing more than 25 kg. It helps to maintain or regain activity and keeps your pet’s weight under control.



  • Reduced calories

  • Economical

  • Increases dog activity

  • Can be purchased in almost every pet store

  • It is good for the bones and joints

  • May cause allergies

Acana Heritage Light & Fit is a grain-free store bought dog food lightweight formula for dogs.

Acana Grain Free Adult Dog Food is the best food for overweight dogs.

For dogs with a tendency to be overweight, manufacturers offer lightweight store bought foods that are low in calories and regulate the pet’s appetite. Veterinarians recommend this diet after neutering or spaying a dog, or when the pet’s lifestyle is not too active.

Acana Heritage Light & Fit is a grain-free store bought dry food for overweight dogs. Its formula is unique and consists only of natural products. 65% is a protein component consisting of chicken, turkey, plaice, and chicken eggs. The remaining 35% is made up of fruits and vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, beans, turnips, pears, lentils and apples). Numerous plants and herbs contribute to proper digestion. Absence of rice, potatoes and grains helps to lower the glycemic index. See more information about other Acana feed.

The caloric value of the food is 3070 kcal. Dogs eat it with pleasure, and the small diameter of pellets (about 1 cm) makes the mix universal for different breeds of dogs.



  • Rich composition!

  • High quality meat component

  • Low caloric content

  • Universal size of pellets

  • Does not contain grains or potatoes

  • Suitable for all breeds

  • Chicken in the composition can cause allergies

Leaders of store bought feed: Purina pro plan dog food

Our dog food expert has reviewed the best store-bought dog food for you.

After researching the Best Sellers in dry dog food category, we’ve compiled a ranking and are happy to share it with you. Purina pro plan deserves the title: “Best store bought dog food“.


Ready-to-eat industrial dog food Pro Plan is made by Purina, a subsidiary of Nestlé. The diet belongs to the premium segment, and most owners leave only positive feedback about the food. Home is the United States, but the plants are located not only in America, but also in Europe. From the article you will learn about the composition of Pro Plan food, its differences from other similar diets and how to choose the best type of the line.

Composition of store-bought Pro Plan food


Best store bought dog food Pro Plan for large dogs

The Pro Plan range is quite diverse in its composition depending on the age and health of the dog for which the diet is intended.

Most Pro Plan foods contain:

  1. The main ingredient is animal protein (turkey, chicken meat or salmon). Note that protein is derived not only from meat, but also from by-products (including skin and bones). Often Pro Plan has poultry dried protein in the first position as a source of protein. It is derived from thermally and chemically treated poultry waste;
  2. Carbohydrates: corn, wheat, rice grits, and cornmeal. These are often the second ingredient in the feed, which increases nutrition and leads to rapid satiety, but is not beneficial. It is better to choose store bought foods with rice as a source of carbohydrates. Corn gluten, on the other hand, supplies plant protein;
  3. Pro Plan’s source of fiber is dried beet pulp. Beet pulp is excellent for regulating the gastrointestinal tract and blood sugar levels;
  4. Vitamin and mineral supplements: Vitamins A, C, E and a large amount of B vitamins;
  5. Antioxidants and supplements. There is no clear indication of the name of these ingredients in Pro Plan on the package – the chemical part (flavor enhancer) can cause allergies and gastrointestinal distress.

Important: When analyzing the ingredients, Pro plan can at most be classified as a premium segment, although the manufacturer claims it as super-premium.



  • Availability and prevalence

  • Affordable price

  • The composition is enriched with vitamins and minerals

  • A wide range, including specialized therapeutic species

  • Is represented not only by dry pellets, but also by canned kinds

  • The composition is poorly specified, it is impossible to understand it in detail

  • There is no indication of the specific flavor additive and antioxidants

What makes Pro Plan better than other store bought foods


It is better to compare Pro Plan with a line of premium diets, because its composition appears to be poorer compared to other store bought super premium foods as Kirkland or Orijen. Purina Pro Plan’s advantages over other premium diets:

  • The widest lineup – about thirty dry options. The owner will be able to choose a food option for his pet depending on changes in his age, health, or other physiological needs. By comparison, Purina One is only offered for small breeds, while Chicopee offers only about ten options;
  • Purina has an increased amount of vitamin E, tocopherol, which experts say is optimal (550 IU/kg). Its main purpose: to participate in the formation of red blood cells, help with fat digestion, maintain the health of the skin and coat of the animal, inhibit the formation and development of inflammatory processes. For dogs, the main value of this vitamin is antioxidant, inhibiting aging. By comparison, Dog Chow has a much lower vitamin E content of about 150 IU/kg, and Probalance has less, about 50 IU/kg;

Purina Pro Plan line review for small and large dogs

Best store bought Purina Pro Plan line review for small and large dogs

Purina has many food options depending on the condition and age of the dog:

  • By age criteria, you can choose food: for puppies (up to one year old), adult animals (up to seven years old), aging dogs (more than seven years old);
  • A therapeutic line of store-bought food. Dietary and therapeutic feeds are available for: heart disease, prevention and pre-existing obesity, hepatic encephalopathy, kidney pathology, allergic reactions of different origins, GI problems;

The size range of the store-bought product: for small or large dogs. Pro Plan does not provide food by breed, for example for Chihuahua or Saint Bernard and for bulldogs, but indicates the size and possible problems of the animal.
This allows owners to switch to a more suitable store bought Pro Plan dog food, depending on age or health, without making drastic food changes.

Reviews of veterinarians

– From the practice of prescribing Pro Plan to his patients – significantly reduces the risk of obesity, maintains blood sugar and blood pressure, reduces the strain on the heart in dogs. Therapeutic and dietary foods are a huge plus. Of course, with caution is store bought prescribed food for dogs with a predisposition to allergies to cereals – almost all foods contain wheat or corn. But the manufacturer has also provided for this – gluten-free options.

– William Allford – 25 years’ experience

– In my practice, I give preference to other diets and recommend to patient’s other manufacturers. Although I have not abandoned it completely, offering only therapeutic and dietary types. The main complaints about Pro Plan store bought products: firstly, animal protein is mostly derived from by-products. Secondly, vague wording, often without specific names. Also, in the composition a lot of carbohydrates and chemical additives to enhance flavor. I prefer Kirkland, Orijen and Victor dog food. These foods are more expensive but have ideal and natural formulations.

– Sheila Berrington – 15 years’ experience

Reviews of owners

– My French bulldog just loves store bought Pro Plan dry food. Began to feed when a puppy, was advised by the breeder. Then translated at an age to a new type. There have never been any allergic reactions, the gastrointestinal tract works like clockwork, the coat and skin are in excellent condition. Sometimes I buy different flavors, swap chicken for lamb or turkey. I try to buy on sale or specials – the price is a little high for me.

– Tracy Adderiy

– My bull terrier puppy was allergic from a very young age. Anything wrong – he pitches. Have tried many options in different segments and price categories. We never could find the one that would suit the dog. Some pooch refused to eat at all and did not fit in the bowl. In the end, together with our veterinarian we chose a store-bought diet food without animal protein. Everything came together here – he is happy, his body did not give a negative reaction.

– Angela Attwood

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