Is Royal Canin good for sensitive skin puppies?

February 24, 2023
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Best Royal Canin dog food for puppies

The choice of a diet for a pet is a responsible task for the petrian, because you need to take into account so many nuances: breed, dimensional category of a dog, age, physiological status and physical activity. Agree, it is difficult to imagine that Malinua and Pug will have the same needs for nutrients. It is not surprising that sometimes the search for a suitable product is a long “quest” and the lack of a familiar product on the shelf that arose here and now can confuse.

To minimize the likely risks of errors in the selection of temporary replacement, we will consider Royal Canin products, similar in their functionality or taking into account some common properties of dogs, such as age or dimensional group.

Royal Canin casual food for dogs. They are divided into 5 dimensional categories:x-Small, Mini, Medium, Maxi, Giant. And if between dogs with a weight of 50 kg and 5 kg a huge difference in the needs for energy, protein, fiber and minerals, then a dog of 7 kg and 13 kg needs more similar. So, when searching for a new product, you can look at the closest category:x-Small can be replaced by the Mini product of the same age group, and Giant with the Maxi diet.

Royal Cannes for puppies

Royal Cannes for puppies. They are divided by the stage of formation of the body, from leaving to an adult dog. Despite the fact that the pedigree diets take into account the characteristics of specific breeds, and products for different dimensional categories are the features of the body of dogs of different sizes, there is what unites these products.

The general properties of products for puppies are high calorie content and protein level, adapted-high levels of minerals for the formation of bone structure, prebiotics and excellent digestibility of ingredients for comfortable digestion, maintaining immunity, in particular at the expense of antioxidants, and much more that the growing body needs.

If you purchased a pedigree product for puppies and you need a replacement, then you should pay attention to the diets for puppies of the desired size category. For example, the puppy of the German shepherd and labrador is suitable for the product Maxi Puppy, and the Yorkshire terrier and Chihuahua -x-Small Puppy or Mini Puppy.

Products Starter miniand Starter Medium more similar to each other, as well as products Starter Maxi and Starter Giant, but the differences between the average size category and large are slightly larger, so it is better not to consider such an alternative.

The same logic of the diet exists in Puppy products: it is better to look for a replacement among the rulerx-Small Mini and Mediumfor dogs up to 25 kg and between Maxi and Giant for dogs above 25 kg.

Adult dogs

Depending on the size category

For adult dogs, there is the same concept: the more borderline the weight of the adult dog, the more likely it can be 2 products. For example, a dog weighing 13 kg can be offered as a product Mini Adult, so the product Medium Adult.

Depending on physical activity

For dogs leading an inactive lifestyle and tendency to gain body weight, it is better to give preferences to low-calorie products. These include: mini indoor, Mini Sterilized And Light Weight Care products. If you need a more calorie product – pay attention to Digestive Care.

For animals with sensitive digestion

Best Royal Canin dog food for puppies replacement, then you should

Best royal canin dog food for puppies

In the absence of indications for the use of the veterinary gamut of Royal Canin products with sensitive digestion, the following products can be considered – Digestive and Dermacomfort(if there is a suspicion of poor digestibility of animal protein).

For animals with sensitive skin

In the absence of indications for the use of the veterinary gamut of Royal Canin products with sensitive skin, products may be suitable Dermacomfort, as well as Digestive (albeit to a lesser extent).

Food for elderly pets

In dogs, starting from the age of 5-8 years (depending on the weight category), needs are changed and both visible and invisible signs of aging may appear, which must be prevented using nutrition: limiting the number of phosphorus, adding chondroprotectors to maintain joint health and antioxidantsto combat oxidative stress, control over body mass. It is difficult to replace such diets.

However, if your pet does not show any signs of aging, you regularly visit a veterinarian, and he does not note age-related changes – a temporary decision may be a return to the product for adult dogs. In the case when there is still changes, consult your doctor-perhaps in the case of your pet, a veterinary diet will be more suitable.


The change of diet is always stress, both for the Peter and the pet, but it can be minimized. Choose the product according to the needs of the dog or ask for help from a veterinarian or sales consultant in a pet store. Try to prevent a sharp change in the product to exclude reactions from the gastrointestinal tract, used to digesting a certain diet. To do this, change the old food to the new smoothly, within a week.


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