Best Replenish dog food review

December 22, 2022
Best Replenish dog food review

best replenish dog food review

Dog food ALL DOGS: reviews, composition analysis, price

ALL DOGS dry food for dogs is produced in USA by Aller Petfood LLC. The official website is http://all-petfood. ru, where you can find information about the composition, recommendations for feeding. This feed belongs to the economy class.

The All brand also produces ALL CATS food for cats.

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Composition of ALL DOGS

Let's get acquainted with the composition of the ALL DOGS food using the example of the Adult dogs option (for adult dogs of all breeds with chicken).

Photo of the composition indicated on the food packaging.

In the first place – whole grains, a source of carbohydrates. Neither the percentage nor specifically which cereals are used is specified. There may be wheat, and corn, and other undesirable ingredients that have low nutritional value, as they are poorly absorbed by the digestive system of dogs.

In second place are meat and animal products (including chicken min. 14%), a source of protein. It is not known how much of this 14% is meat, but how many are “animal products” and what kind of products they are. Further in composition, there are also fish and fish by-products, as well as a source of animal protein, minerals, and fatty acids. Wheat bran is mainly a source of carbohydrates, but is also rich in protein and potassium.

Read more about protein in cat and dog food, where we tried to understand the difference between vegetable protein and animal protein.

Vegetables (again, it is not specified which ones) are a source of fiber. Oils (what plants? ) and fats (what animals? ) are a source of fatty acids.

Vitamins and Minerals – food supplement, specifically listed in the "Added per kg of product" section. BHA (E320), BHT (E321), E282, E297, E200 – preservatives / antioxidants.

Pros and cons

The benefits of food include:

  • low price;
  • the presence of vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • widespread.
  • general formulations of ingredients, they usually hide various residues of production, processed products;
  • percentages of most ingredients are not specified;
  • artificial preservatives are used.

All Dogs dog food - reviews

Dog food ALL DOGS reviews

Today, on the Internet, a lot of reviews have been written about All Dogs dry food. Below we've compiled some testimonials from veterinarians and dog owners.

Reviews of veterinarians

Oleg Vladimirovich writes, veterinarian (Tyumen):

All Dogs food, although it belongs to the "economy" category, is very good in composition. The granules contain all the nutrients that an animal needs. Proteins in the composition of 22%. For pets with little activity who live in ordinary city apartments, this amount is enough. But mobile dogs will not have enough protein. You can simply feed your pet with natural meat in parallel. A shiny and beautiful coat is supported by vitamin A, B1 and biotin. Thanks to the phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper added to the product, the dog's skeleton will develop correctly. Iron is also added to the composition of All Dogs, this was done as a prevention of anemia in dogs. Granules perfectly clean teeth, and do not allow plaque and tartar to develop.

Customer Reviews

The dog has been on this food for a year and a half. Alive and healthy, normal coat, eats – in different ways, sometimes with pleasure, sometimes leaves a part. I don't think it has anything to do with the food, but rather with activity.

Addition. We decided to switch to more expensive food (more precisely, much more expensive – 3-4 times). The effect is obvious – the dog eats the new food so that it crackles behind the ears. And AllDogs has been eating with no pleasure lately – after a walk you pour it, he doesn’t even look, then he eats it The wool on the new food seems to have started to crumble less, but maybe it just seems, while little time has passed.

I bought food in a specialized pet market, I liked it for the price and packaging of 2. 2 kg. Should be long enough. I took the chicken flavor because it usually eats better than the other. Large enough, the size of the granules is just what I need, about one and a half centimeters. Started giving a couple of days ago, eating well. We give in the morning and in the evening a full bowl, Mikey eats. I liked that with appetite everything is fine. When opening the package, a strong aroma is felt, similar to the aromas of other foods, but it seemed to me that it was more intense.

Best Replenish dog food review Composition of ALL

If we consider the cheapest dry dog food, then All Dogs is a more or less good option. From the budget category, it is one of the most expensive, but I don’t even consider something like Chappie, the pet’s health is more important. Until 1 year old, she fed the dog dry food for puppies from the same manufacturer. It seems that everything was fine for several months, so now for the third month in a row I give him adult food, since he has already grown up. Before putting your dog on any dry food at all, buy a small pack first, because dogs can be finicky.

Price and where to buy

The cost of food for cats "ALL DOGS":

  • Packing ALL DOGS 2. 2 kg;
  • Packing "Ol Dogs" 13 kg;
  • Packing ALL DOGS.

You can buy All Dogs dog food in online stores:

  1. Amazon

The above prices are current as of August 2022. For the exact price, see the stores at the link above.

Conclusions about ALL DOGS food

About ALL DOGS dog food reviews are mostly positive. The composition is doubtful, there are more questions to it than answers. Therefore, the PetObzor website does not recommend using this food as the main diet for storage container your pets more helpful hints.

If possible, we recommend choosing super premium or holistic foods.


Best Replenish dog food review eats - in different ways, sometimes
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