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March 29, 2023
Dog Training
good training treats types

How to choose treats for dog training?

Store shelves offer a variety of delicious treats. It is recommended to offer them to a pet no earlier than from 5 to 6 months. When buying, the owner should pay special attention to the following characteristics of the treats:

choose treats for dog training
  1. Composition. The treat should not be harmful to the dog’s body. The presence in its composition of artificial antioxidants (BHA, BHT), ethoxyquin and propyl gallate is unacceptablech components can cause the development of various diseases in the animal.
  2. Release form, size of sweets. The dog should chew them easily.
  3. What age, height, weight and breed of dog is the treat intended for? Incorrect dosage can cause obesity.
  4. Price. A good and quality product is rarely cheap.
  5. Shelf life.
  6. Packing volume. Animals love variety, so getting the same type of treat for a long time can bore the pet and negatively affect the results of training.

Another selection criterion is the preferences of the dog. The reward should be motivational, so you need to buy the product that the pet most wants to receive. If the animal has chronic diseases, allergies, digestive problems. Check with your veterinarian first.

Why use dog training treats?

Most often, dog treats are used in the following cases:

  • As a reward for training, training or for good behavior. There are several options for rewarding a pet. Conventionally, they can be divided into three types: food, play and direct contact with the animal. To choose the right type of reward, you need to find out which type is most suitable for your pet. Almost all dogs are food workers. That is, for food, they will gladly do whatever the owner says. Therefore, rewarding with a treat is perhaps the most win-win. The main thing is to choose the right treat for which your barbosik will be ready to do the impossible. And one more important point – the delicacy should correspond to the situation. That is, when training, some sweets are used, and for other cases, completely different. We will talk about this further.
  • Treats can be used not only as a reward for training a dog, but also as a way to give drugs to a tailed dog.
  • Also, sweets are good when you need to occupy or distract your pet from something (for example, during your absence).
  • In addition, various chewing gums perfectly act as a toothbrush when the puppy is changing teeth, and he constantly needs to gnaw something.
  • Well, the last option on the list, but far from the last in terms of its useful qualities, is a treat as a means of preventing the appearance of tartar in dogs.

Types of Dog Training Treats

Pieces of goodies should be small in size, as this is still not food, but a reward. In addition, during training, the dog should quickly swallow the treat, and not fiddle with it.

The delicacy should be moderately dried so as not to stain your hands and clothes too much.

If we take the total daily diet as a percentage, then the amount of goodies should not exceed 5-10% of the total diet.

Why? Yes, here’s why: in order for a dog to work with pleasure for a treat during training, it is advisable to make it from meat, liver or any other natural product. And it is quite satisfying and high-calorie.

Ideal for training will be pieces of dried or oven-dried meat or offal. As a rule, for Jakusik I cook pieces of liver, lung or turkey. How to do this, I will tell further.

Overview of dog treat companies

Pet stores sell a huge range of animal snacks in a variety of shapes and flavors. The ranking of the 10 best brands that produce treats for dogs will help you navigate.


holistic class treats

Alpenhof-the goodies of the holistic class, developed under the license of the German research brand Neoterica.

They are made of natural meat (file part) using low-temperature sluggish technology, which allows you to maintain all the beneficial substances. Do not contain preservatives, flavors and flavor enhancers.

All alpenhof products are dietary, suitable for pets with sensitive digestion and prone to excess weight.

The assortment is distinguished by a variety of tastes: home-made breast, fillet medallions, barbecue, Bavarian sausages, meat rolls, meat on the bone and many other delicacies.

The main lines are three:

  • For puppies and small breeds (by the way, according to the reviews of the owners, cats also eat them with pleasure);
  • For medium and large;
  • For all dogs.

Each line has goodies for all cases – of different forms and consistency:

  • Solid – are able to take a pet for a long time, and are also good for teeth and gums;
  • Soft and large – quickly cause positive emotions, suitable for encouragement and education;
  • Small soft and medium stiffness are ideal for training.

Alpenhof is not just goodies, but also an additional source of calcium and proteins necessary for a petitable for daily use, not more than 10% of the total diet.

Dogs are delighted with them, including the most fastidious representatives. The owners also note a “delicious” slow smell, natural composition and affordable prices. You can buy from 150 for a storage container of 50 gr. Tray 450 gr. It will cost more than $15.

“Village goodies” are inexpensive

popular American brand

A popular American brand whose production capacities are in China. The products are inexpensive, made of selected meat and giblets without food additives by drying at low temperatures.

It is worth noting a large number of positive reviews of dog owners. Pets from these delicacies are delighted.

  • Dried pouls of birds, rabbit fillet, lamb;
  • Toothpicks;
  • Sausages, meatballs;
  • Giblets;
  • Calts bones and much more.

The line of treats is also provided specifically for puppies and mini-rocks.

“Titbit” for affordable prices

attracts affordable prices

The American brand “Titbit” has proven itself in the market, attracts affordable prices. According to the manufacturer, goodies do not contain preservatives, carcinogens and prohibited substances.

Most reviews are positive, but there are also negative ones. The latter are due to the fact that some products contain acute and tubular bones, which can harm the health of the dog.

  • Dried offal;
  • Drops;
  • Chewing slices and snacks;
  • Sausages;
  • Bones;
  • Cookies and moreothers.

Pedigree has a very wide range of treats

Pedigree has a very wide range of treats

The world famous brand of the American brand Mars. All products are made taking into account the individual needs of the breed.

Pedigree has a very wide range of treats, including:

“Delipet” with Calcium bones

Domestic company. Declares that their products exceed GOSTs. All ingredients are purchased from trusted suppliers. As part of the treats, only natural farm meat and vegetable ingredients, without preservatives and dyes.

From delicacies “Delipet” produces:

  • Calcium bones;
  • Snacks from chicken and duck;
  • Sandwiches;
  • “Eskimo”, etc.

Prices for Delipet range from $1,5 to $3.

“Green QZin” with rabbit

The Green Cuisin brand appeared 7 years ago on the basis of a Canadian-Chinese enterprise.

The chip of the brand is the production of rare varieties of meat and seafood: goose, rabbit, lamb, squid, shrimp, salmon.

All snacks are 100% meat ingredients – without the addition of vegetable additives. Products are simply cut into pieces and dried.

The delicacy is expensive: a pack of 750 g will cost $15- $22. But the high quality justifies the price.

“Royal Canin” snacks for training

treats for dogs by Royal Canin

World famous French company. Optimal in terms of price-quality ratio.

Products for the domestic market are produced in the American branch under the control of the head office.

The range of treats for dogs at Royal Canin is represented only by snacks for training and for dogs with increased activity. A 50g pack costs about $1.

Orijen freeze-dried treats

the best pet treats companies

One of the best pet food companies. Located in Canada. Products belong to the holistic class – all plant and animal products are grown in environmentally friendly conditions.

Origen produces only freeze-dried treats. The price for a pack of 50 g starts from $6.

“Mnyams” Meat cuts

Mnans are enriched with vitamins

Products are manufactured in Europe and comply with international IFS and BRC standards.

According to the composition, snacks from Mnans are enriched with vitamins and essential elements, but contain preservatives and antioxidants.

According to the owners, even the most fastidious dogs like treats.

  • Tooth sticks and brushes;
  • Meat cuts;
  • Sausages;
  • Biscuits, etc.

Pro Plan Training treats

well-established brand

Pro Plan is a Purina brand. A well-established brand that has been suppDown products to the domestic market for more than a decade.

From treats you can buy:

  • Snacks to maintain oral health;
  • Training treats;
  • Biscuits.

Bosch Crispy pillows

A German brand that has been producing high quality goods for over half a century.

All products are certified by the EU. Bosch delicacies are enriched with vitamins that are useful for wool, bones and joints of the pet. The composition contains preservatives.

The range of snacks at Bosch is presented:

  • Crispy pillows;
  • Treats for brushing tooths;
  • Snacks for the beauty of wool;
  • Snacks from cereals and others.

In the pet stores, many more treats are sold from a variety of manufacturers. The brands “Best In”, “Molina”, “Brit”, “Organix”, “Biff”, “Chewell”, “Acana”, “Dog Fest” produced by the North Deer produced well. And “triol” – they supply the horns of the northern deer.

One treat will cost at least $7, but it is hypoallergenically, contains a large amount of nutrients, and the dog will be delighted with such treats.

Puppy Training Treats

The delicate organism of a small being requires a careful attitude. Up to a year, puppies need special nutrition with a high content of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Lamb cut, 90 g

real meat of a young lamb

Thin strips from real meat of a young lamb do not have additives and dyes, therefore, are ideal for encouraging puppies. The strips easily break on small pieces that the puppy will wait impatiently. The average price is $4.

  • Natural product;
  • Does not cause allergies even in allergic dogs;
  • The strips are conveniently divided into small pieces, great for training;
  • Does not cause digestion disorders;
  • The taste really likes dogs;
  • According to some buyers, they stick to the teeth and palate of the dog.

Titbit cookies with veal for puppies, 70 g

Small cookies

Small cookies in the shape of a bone are suitable for puppies from 3 months. The product contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which are so necessary for strengthening bones and joints during growth. Used for training and as a conventional treat:

  • Natural composition;
  • Contains a natural mineral complex and vitamins;
  • Can be given puppies from 3 months;
  • Convenient form of cookies;
  • Size is suitable for mini-rock puppies;
  • Not all dogs like.

Pedigree Tasty Bits Puppy Fragrant pieces with chicken, 125 g

appetizing pieces

The composition of appetizing pieces includes calcium necessary to strengthen bones and teeth and special fibers for the proper digestion of the puppy. The product is suitable for any breeds aged 4 months, and thanks to the small size of the pieces, the puppy will be convenient to enjoy them:

  • Balanced composition;
  • Convenient packaging;
  • Great for training;
  • The optimal size of the pieces, they are soft, there are a lot of them in a pack;
  • Dogs eat treats with pleasure;
  • Leave greasy marks and an unpleasant odor on the hands.

Best Small Breed Dog Training Treats

Tatbit Cookies Pallini

average cost package weighing grams

Such a product from the Tatbit brand will be an ideal option for encouraging a small breed dog during training. Cookies contain various minerals and vitamins that will help strengthen the immune system, maintain health and prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

In addition, Tatbit Pallini biscuits have a special structure, which during chewing will strengthen the teeth and prevent the formation of tartar. This product contains no harmful additives or artificial preservatives. The manufacturer used whole grain flour, wheat germ, meat, oil and oregano here.

The weight of Tatbit Pallini cookies is 125 grams. The calorie content of the product is 411 kcal / 100 grams.

  • Optimal cookie size;
  • Cleans teeth;
  • The composition contains minerals and vitamins;
  • No harmful additives;
  • Affordable cost.

Alpenhof veal fillet medallions

reward during training

Since no dog will turn down a meat treat, this type of reward during training is ideal. This product belongs to the holistic class and is made only from natural meat, which has passed a strict selection before production.

Medallions “AlpenHof” have a small size, delicate structure, which will not cause difficulties when chewing. Also, in the manufacture of this product, the manufacturer used new technologies that allow you to save all the useful components and the taste of meat. Thanks to this, AlpenHof does not contain artificial preservatives or flavors. Alpenhof medallions can be given as a reward or to diversify the diet, but are not suitable for use as a staple food.

The average cost of a pack weighing 50 grams is $4.

  • Belongs to the holistic class;
  • Natural composition;
  • Easily chewed;
  • Optimal size;
  • Proven manufacturer.
  • High price.

Triol brushwood from lamb

Such brushwood from the brand “Triol” will be an excellent option for encouragement during training. The product is suitable for puppies and adult small breed dogs. The manufacturer used here only components that are quickly and easily digested, so even pets with a sensitive digestive system can be given such a delicacy. Brushwood is easy to chew, which will not allow the dog to be distracted from training. There are no harmful additives or products that cause an allergic reaction in Triol Lamb Brushwood.

The average cost of a package weighing 50 grams is 150.

  • Convenient strip size;
  • Can be given to puppies;
  • Composition;
  • Convenient packaging;
  • Affordable cost;
  • The composition contains a small amount of salt.

Treat for training dogs of medium breeds

Titbit Meat tubes

The brand “Titbit” has a new line “Tidbit”. This line consists of meat products that contain only natural ingredients. And for their manufacture, the manufacturer used home cooking recipes. Since the products of this line are not only healthy, but also tasty, they are very popular among dogs.

“Titbit Meat Tubes” is suitable for small and medium breed dogs. The tubes are of the optimal size, so they easily fit in the hand. They do not cause difficulties when chewing, which will not allow the dog to be distracted during training. The tubes contain no harmful additives and flavor enhancers. Here only natural duck meat, wheat germ, minerals and coriander.

The average cost of a pack weighing 80 grams is $3.

  • Composition;
  • Convenient size;
  • Small calorie;
  • Positive feedback from buyers.

Animonda meat chunks

dogs weighing up to 13 kg should not be given more than 3 pieces

The products of the German brand “Animonda” are sold in 35 countries around the world. This brand has existed for about 30 years and its main principle is that the product must be of the highest quality and no matter for whom it is produced.

This treat is for medium to large breed dogs. The product consists almost entirely of animal protein. The product contains no sugar, cereals, or soy. Thanks to this, “Animonda Meat chunks” can be given to pets with sensitive digestion. The dosage of the product should be based on the weight of the animal. So dogs weighing up to 13 kg should not be given more than 3 pieces, and large dogs are allowed to give up to 9 pieces of goodies per day.

The average cost of a pack weighing 80 grams is $6.

  • Composition;
  • Convenient piece size;
  • No harmful additives;
  • Proven manufacturer;
  • High price.

Titbit bone is nodular

rolled up in the form of a bone

This product is a dried beef skin, which is rolled up in the form of a bone. The size of each bone varies from 4 to 6 cmch a product can be used both when training as an encouragement, and when changing the teeth, in order to calm itching, as well as “Titbit bone” is suitable for brushing the teeth from plaque and strengthening the jaw apparatus.

“Titbit bone” contains a large amount of collagen and amino acids. With their help, the quality of the wool and skin of the pet improves. In addition, components that are needed for the correct growth and development of the dog will enter the body with this product. “Titbit bone” can be given to dogs of small and medium breeds from two months.

The average cost of packaging weighing 28 grams is $1,5.

  • Cleanses the teeth of plaque and tooth stone;
  • Suitable when changing teeth;
  • Natural composition;
  • Improves the condition of wool and skin;
  • Affordable cost.

Rating of popular treats for training large dog breeds

Mnyams steaks for large breeds, 75 g

small pieces is made of 90% of meat

The treat from the Austrian manufacturer in the form of small pieces is made of 90% of meat, the bulk of which beef (67%). The composition also includes vitamins, useful minerals. The food product for animals does not contain flavorings and dyes.

The treat is intended for adult dogs and puppies from 4 months old. The main purpose is the training of the animal. The recommended amount per day depends on the weight, age and activity of the animal, but the main nutrition should not replace, the treat acts as additional feeding. The shelf life of the product is 18 months.

It is produced in a plastic storage container weighing 75 grams and you can purchase it with a cost of $2.

  • Very pleasant taste;
  • It is convenient to give an animal;
  • Unpleasant odor;
  • Some dogs were allergic.

Green qzin dexterity, hussar teriyaki

Goose meat medallions favorably affect the vestibular apparatus of the animal. The delicacy has dietary features, so you can give dogs even small sizes as a dietary diet. But the main purpose is large sports breeds.

It does not contain preservatives and flavors, the content of meat and offal – 100%. You can give puppies, adults and elderly pets. Food value – 55% proteins and 2% fat.

It is available in a bank, the weight of which is 700 grams and costs from 1400.

  • It has a pleasant smell and taste;
  • The medallion has special divisions, it can be separated portioned;
  • Natural composition, without preservatives;
  • Low cost.

Titbit Kopytz Baranier, 103 g

ingredient is part of the leg of the ram

You can give an animal of any age. The main ingredient is part of the leg of the ram, which acts not only in the role of encouragement for obedience, but also additionally serves as a cleanser of teeth from external plaque and massages the gum.

The weight of the product of two parts is 103 grams, in which the nutritional value consists of 3 g. Fat and 15 gr. Proteins. The energy value is 87 kcal (with a total weight of a product of 100 grams).

It is worth considering that the animals should not be allowed to eat full eating hooves, since it contains a tubular bone. It easily crumbles and is damaged, its entering inside the pet can lead to negative consequences.

You can purchase a hu for your favorite dog from 109 per unit of goods.

  • Contributes to the training of chewing muscles;
  • I like the animals to taste;
  • It is necessary to monitor that the dog does not gnaw the tubular bone.

Beef guts XXL – soft packaging

Designed for large and medium sizes of pets, from the age of more than 12 weeks. The cow’s gut contains a huge number of vitamins, proteins and other useful substances. Acts as a cleanser of teeth and a commendable treat for training.

The energy value is 97 kcal per 100 grams, the weight of the pack is 60 grams. The use of treats per day should not exceed 10% of the dog’s daily diet.

In the pack there is from 12 to 16 pieces of product. The shelf life is up to 18 months subject to storage conditions (temperature from 4 to 25 degrees of heat).

Price – from $4.

  • Useful and natural composition;
  • The taste really likes pets;
  • High cost, in comparison with other goodies;
  • Strong, unpleasant odor.

Alpenhof breast duck for medium and large breeds, 80 g


The product is 85% of duck meat, the rest of the ingredients are starch, plant protein and glycerin, as well as sorbitol. The composition does not include flavorings, preservatives and enhancers of taste sensations.

Wrinkled meat is available in the form of strips in soft packaging, the weight of which is 80 grams. Acts as an encouragement in training at any age of the animal.

The shelf life of the goods is 1 year, the cost is from $4.

  • Soft, pleasant meat;
  • Nice smell;
  • Natural composition, without harmful substances.

Are dog treats healthy?

Today, a dog is a full-fledged member of the family, and for elderly lonely people it is still the only brand and joy, a living being that selflessly loves its owner, will never betray him or leave him. And it often happens that people (again, this most often applies to lonely elderly people) try in every possible way to please their pet, which has replaced his family. They feed the dog with all sorts of sweets and other tasty (from a human point of view) things. That’s just such a diet is not good for the pet: he starts obesity, allergies, digestive problems, and so on.

delicacies designed specifically for dogs

Fortunately, today in any pet store you can buy all sorts of delicacies designed specifically for dogs. And Although they may seem rather creepy to some people (what a dried cow trachea is worth!) Or smelly, for tailed friends such delicacies are the same as sweets or cakes for us humans.

Therefore, if you really want to please your four-legged friend, buy a dog treat for him, after consulting with the store employee and specifying how natural and hypoallergenic this “dessert” is.

Popular questions and answers

We talked about the choice of treats for dogs with a zoo engineer, veterinarian Anastasia.

Is there a gradation of treats for dogs by breed size?

There is a gradation, on the packaging they usually write for which dogs the delicacy is intended. I would not recommend large treats to puppies and small dog breeds, especially those that contain bones. There is a possibility that pets will break their teeth, and a puppy from greed can swallow a bone. Small pieces are convenient for any breed of dog for training.

What treats should not be given to dogs?

I am not very good at experiments, as a dog can clog the stomach if he eats a lot. The bones from the veins also cause a lot of criticism, especially bleached ones. If the dog is very greedy and the leftovers cannot be taken from it, then it is better not to give hooves, legs of lamb or fetlocks.

Can all dogs be given treats?

If the dog has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then do not give it. Large dogs should not be given treats containing bone if they can swallow the treat whole.

How often can you give treats to your dog?

You can give it daily, but keep in mind that there should be few treats – 10% of the dry matter of the daily diet. Otherwise, the animal may begin to picky.

What to do if the dog does not eat treats?

If the dog does not eat some kind of treat, then you can offer it another. Some dogs won’t eat dried tripe, while others just get shakes from it. (The tripe is one of the most useful treats, as it improves the intestinal microflora). A dried lung can cause diarrhea when overeating. You can try the goodies of another brand or make your own. So it can turn out cheaper, healthier and tastier.

How to make dog treats at home?

Sweet treats for a pet can be prepared independently with your own hands, they will not be inferior to store-bought ones either in taste or in cost. But the benefits can bring much more, because it is known what ingredients were added there, in what conditions the product was prepared and stored. And it was prepared with special love and care!

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