What protective clothing to use for dog training?

December 5, 2022
Dog Training

Basic clothing for dog training in the playground

Special equipment is the most important attribute of any dog trainer. Without it the dog trainer can not fully carry out his work. Especially if training of working dogs is required. Cynologist takes on the role of a dog handler, which means he needs to protect his body from being bitten by a woolly “student”.

Why do you need a special outfit?

The outfit has a protective function, because the future service dog needs to be able to apprehend criminals. Pets are trained to protect their owners. The trainer has to turn into an attacker for a time, which the dog will have to stop. To do this, the handler wears tight clothing so as not to suffer serious bites.

Protective equipment is required if the following types of work are to be done:

  • special training course (development of guarding qualities of the dog);
  • Watchdog service (round-the-clock work);
  • guard duty.

In these cases, the dog intentionally develops anger, which is used to apprehend criminals or to protect against the attacker.

However, this does not mean that the trainer at other times can walk around in whatever he wants. The work is affected by weather conditions, which means the handler needs a set of clothing suitable for all seasons. The suit should protect the wearer from both frost and heavy moisture.

protective clothing training


Sleeves are used to prepare dogs for service work. They have a protective function for both humans and dogs: poor quality equipment can damage the jaw and even ruin the bite.

The sleeve should be equipped with a special gnaw (chewer) or cover. Gnawer is a special catch that the dog must cling to. They increase the life of the outfit. They are replaced as they wear out. The pouch or gnawer is universal and is equally suitable for right and left handed dogs.

The chew pouch has several types of hardness that are tailored to the individual dog. They can be purchased for $2,000 to $6,000.

The sleeve can be combined with a protective shoulder. Such an attribute will protect the entire arm, not just one part of it. The protective shoulder can be purchased separately. There is a special sleeve for the leg.

The minimum price for a sleeve starts at 2 thousand and can go up to 10 thousand. Pricing depends on the material and configuration. Universal outfit can be purchased for 6-7 thousand.

types of training

Dress suits

Dress suits are used in all types of training. They have both a protective function, and just make the work of the dog handler easier. You can buy the whole set or its individual parts.

The clothes are designed for each season, since some of the training is done in poor work intentionally. This allows you to develop the skills of the dogs in the most realistic conditions.

Dog trainer gives the low down on dog training vests! Hurtta -IQ- Leerburg

How much does a protective dog training kit cost?

The cost of a set or any part of a set depends on the season, the material and its purpose. The cheapest is the trainer’s vest, which can be purchased for 3-6 thousand. It is appreciated in all weathers and solves the problem of lack of pockets for the dog trainer. Sports pants and overalls cost, on average $100. The average price of jackets is $200. Special skater aprons sell for $100.

What is the price of extra durable dog training equipment?

It is not uncommon for dog handlers to use a tight full protective outfit. They work with large and giant breeds. The costume fully protects the trainer. It can be divided into two types: staged and half-staged. Such clothes are quite expensive. Its price starts from $800. Equipment of a thicker material is estimated many times more expensive – from $1000 to $1800.

When choosing clothing, it is best to focus on that which is made of jute. Jute is the strongest and most durable material.

create protective sets of trainers

It is actively used to create protective sets of trainers. Jute is ideal for working with large and strong breeds.

Concealed protection

Concealed protection

Concealed protection is used to evaluate a dog’s performance. It can be used to create conditions that are close to reality.

Over the course of the work, the pet may develop a stereotype that a certain type of person poses a danger. Concealed equipment relieves her of such “thought”.

Concealed protection is very expensive in price. A complete set of the standard type can be purchased for a minimum cost of 40 thousand. However, the price depends on the materials and can go up to 300 thousand. The denser the material, the more expensive the kit itself becomes.

Additional accessories of protective clothing for dog training

Additional accessories

Cynologist can have attributes that are not mandatory, but greatly simplify his work.

These include, for example, a special belt trainer. As a rule, it has several pockets, where it is convenient to store treats for encouragement. Such an accessory is very relevant in hot weather. The average price of the kennel belt is 3-4 thousand dollars.

skirt belts


For trainers and dog owners, there are skirt belts. They are designed specifically for long training sessions with dogs. They are often used during training for sports disciplines.

Skirt-belt for dog training

Skirt-belt is convenient because it has big pockets where you can put not only treats, but also small motivational toys (balls, aporter objects etc.). There are rings attached to the belt, on which you can fix the leash.

The belt-skirt is made of vandal-proof fabric, thanks to which the accessory is not spoiled by dog claws. Such attribute can be used at any time of year. Belt can be purchased for a small price – up to 2 thousand.

protective function during the training


The protective function during the training of a service dog is carried out by the helmet-hood. Basically, it complements the tight suit of a sharpshooter. It can be bought for about 3-4 thousand.

What is the average price of dog training shells?

Another additional element is a shell. The accessory fully protects the groin area of the trainer. The shell is made of very dense leather, which is compensated by a soft layer. Its average price is $40.

We must warn beginner trainers – the shell, which is used for sports, is not suitable for training dogs!

Useful video

Watch a very interesting and dynamic video in which you will be shown the most interesting episodes of training from the dog training area.


Equipment plays an important role in a dog trainer. It not only protects the trainer during training, but also allows him to work in bad weather. Clothing should be comfortable and not constrain the movements of the specialist.

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