Best premium food brands for large breed puppies

February 7, 2023
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Best premium food brands for large breed puppies
Puppy food


The main task of the owner is to provide the puppy with the most balanced nutrition. While the baby is growing, he needs a diet that will provide the growing body with vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. It is at this age that the foundation of health is laid, with which the dog will live his whole life. Nutritional flaws during this period will definitely make themselves felt at a conscious age. From the article you will learn how to choose the right food, what to look for when choosing dry dog food, what are the rules of feeding and much more.

Puppy Nutrition Basics

From the age of two months, the puppy begins to eat on its own, during this period the diet should contain an increased percentage of proteins and fats. When feeding a puppy with food, you must follow the rules:

  • Serving size – do not overfeed the dog to avoid unnecessary stress on the internal organs and prevent early obesity. The portion is calculated based on the weight of the puppy – for each kilogram they take 20 grams of dry dog food. If in doubt, it is worth checking the table that each manufacturer places on the food packaging;
  • An additional measure that helps to avoid obesity is that the food bowl is set out at the same time and removed immediately after the dog loses interest in food. In addition, it helps to develop a regimen;
  • Soaking dry granules. Let's soak them in water. Do not use fermented milk products or milk. This can cause gastrointestinal upset and lead to dehydration of the dog;
  • Mixing with wet dog food is effective during the period when the puppy is changing teeth. Dry dog food becomes softer and does not injure the inflamed gums of the baby;
  • Feed change. If the puppy was fed a specific brand in Bestdogfood the breeder's house, it is necessary to provide him with a similar diet. If you plan to change food, introduce it gradually – mixing part of the new food with a portion of the old one;
  • The number of feedings – up to 5 months, portions of dry dog food are given to the puppy up to 5 times a day, from six months they are transferred to three meals a day. From a year the dog is fed twice a day;
  • Access to water. Clean, fresh water is a must when feeding your dog dry dog food.

Important: do not leave a storage container with dry dog food in a place where the baby, and an adult dog, can reach him and eat on their own. For kids, granules are made very small, when inhaled, it can suffocate.


Up to 2 months, puppies feed mainly on breast milk.

Classification of dry feed

All dry dog foods presented on the market are customary to divide into classes. The classification is based not on the cost of feed, but depends on the quality of the ingredients used in the production of ingredients, production technology.

Important: this division is conditional. There are no legislatively established norms and rules that determine the requirements for a particular category. The division was proposed by specialists in the field of veterinary medicine and breeders who, out of their own experience, know what influence these or those components of the dog’s health have.


From the name it becomes clear that such food is characterized by low cost. It is due to the cheapness of the ingredients that the manufacturer use. When choosing this type of feed, it is necessary to understand that it is categorically not suitable for the power of a young dog.

A feature of economy feed is the presence of allergenic cheap components: corn, soy, offal. There are practically no meat in feeds of this type, taste amplifiers that cause rapid addiction. In addition, the nutritional power supply of feed is very low, which will require a large consumption of granules.


The composition of the food for puppies with the “Premium Quality” mark is not very different from the economy class. But they can already find higher quality ingredients in them. Distinctive features:

  • More detailed composition;
  • Most often, cereals are in the first place, but meat components may also be found;
  • Artificial dyes and preservatives are used;
  • Often found on shelves of large supermarkets.

We can say that premium feed for puppies is only 30 % of meat (most of which is represented by offal, that is, production waste). About 65 % falls on carbohydrates, and less than 10 % – minerals, vitaminsch a class is not suitable for young dogs.

Super premium

Distinctive features of the food class are:

  • The presence on the best dog food storage container of the mark on the age, condition of the animal, the breed;
  • There are explanations on the packaging how this or that ingredient works and what influence the dog’s health has;
  • Detailed formula;
  • Up to 35 % of meat, a small share of offal;
  • Often there is a fish containing the necessary puppy useful ingredients;
  • There are specialized beneficial additives that have a narrowly focused influence – hondoprotectors, increased calcium content, etc. ;
  • Conserviers are only natural;
  • Artificial dyes and flavor enhancers are not used;
  • A variety of vitamin additive.

Super premium food is suitable for feeding a young dog. Most often, they are implemented through a network of specialized pet stores and veterinary pharmacies.

In the diet of even the smallest puppy should be meat


The holistic approach in medicine is aimed at preventing, not treatment of the disease. Dog feed manufacturers accepted this philosophy, believing that a balanced diet with the maximum number of natural components of different groups will help to grow a puppy healthy and strong. This health will remain with him for life.

  • Use of specific formulas;
  • A lot of meat ;
  • Use of phyto-components;
  • Natural preservatives.

Such food for dogs differ in a fairly high cost.

"Biological correspondence"

A class of dog feed, which appeared relatively recently. Marking "Biologicallly Appropriate" means that the manufacturer adheres to the point of view – DNNA DNA is almost 99 % coincide with the wolf DNA. In the diet, even the smallest puppy should have meat, not grain and waste. In such feeds, the manufacturer is trying to repeat the diet that the dog could get in the wild.

What is the best Dry Dog Food for Large Breed Dogs?

Rating of the best dry puppy feed

The ranking contains the best food for young dogs, according to veterinary specialists and owners. Despite the fact that economy class feeds are not suitable for constant feeding of the puppy, we suggest considering ready-made diets for young dogs from this category.

Feed for small breed puppies

Puppies of small decorative breeds grow faster than their relatives that grow in giants. Be sure to choose a food on which there is a mark – for small breed puppies. In addition, some manufacturers offer puppy diets, divided into breeds. For example, there are diets for Yorkshire terriers, French bulldogs, etc.


Bosch Small Breed Puppy Food

The food refers to the super-premium segment. The diet is based on chicken meat (about 26 %). As a source of carbohydrates, rice and millet are the most sparing ingredients for the stomach of the puppy. The granules of the food are adapted to the size of the mouth of the kids, and the special (not too dry) structure does not injure the delicate mucous membrane.

The food formula contains an increased percentage of fatty acids, which positively affect not only the appearance, but also the intellectual development of the dog.

Minus feed – the presence of components that can cause allergies.

Royal CANIN Size Mini Starter

ROYAL CANIN Size Mini Starter Puppy Food

Royal Canin Starter is suitable not only for puppies of small breeds, but also for pregnant (nursing) bitches. A feature of the finished diet is its purpose for the smallest – they can start feeding the puppy from the moment he is weaned from his mother. The formula of the food is supplemented with special nutrients that will not harm the baby's digestive tract. The granules are easily soaked with water and have an attractive taste. They help the baby's digestive tract to painlessly move from milk to porridge, and then granules.

Trainer Fitness (duck, rice)

TRAINER Fitness puppy food (duck, rice)

Italian food for dogs from 3 months to 1 year of age. It is a complete monoprotein diet. The composition is based on sublimated duck meat (20%) and rice (35%)itable for dogs prone to food allergies. Contains a special mix of herbs, roots and the patented Echinacea complex to protect the growing body of the dog and activate the immune processes.

Hill's Science Plan Puppy Small & Mini (chicken)

Hill puppy food

Special small granules contain:

  • Docosahexaenoic acid – for the development of the dog's brain;
  • Quality protein for muscle development;
  • Minerals for bone strength;
  • Blend of natural antioxidants.

Food for puppies of medium breeds

Food for dogs that grow up to a weight of 25-27 kg. These include Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Bull Terrier, English Bulldog, Husky, etc.

Monge (Puppy and Junior)

Puppy food Monge (Puppy and junior)

Monge Italian food is suitable for puppies and young dogsitable for pets from 2 months to 1 year. There are three flavors to choose from in the line: chicken, salmon, lamb. Advantages:

  • First place in meat ingredients – about 30% dehydrated meat and about 12% fresh;
  • Carbohydrates are represented by rice, beets and oats;
  • Rich vitamin supplement.

Cons: contains corn.

Eukanuba medium breed

Eukanuba medium breed puppy food

The food is produced in the USA, USA, Holland. The composition practically does not change depending on whether the puppy belongs to a small, medium or large breed. The flavors to choose from are chicken, rice and lamb. Carbohydrates are represented by corn, rice, wheat. Rich in vitamins. The meat content reaches 35%. Of the minuses of the composition is the presence of corn, which can cause allergies in the baby.

Sirius for puppies and young dogs

SIRIUS food for puppies and young dogs

The product from the American brand is suitable for any puppies and young dogs under 12 months. The stamps of the brand Sirius: Pectin complex, chamomile, echinacea, dried cranberries, Yucca Shidiger. Only natural antioxidants are used. The composition: dehydrated meat is 29 % of poultry and 8 % lamb, rice, wheat, corn, diet fibers, dry yeast, salmon fat, a special complex of Prostor Bio Care.

Brit Care Puppy (Grain-Free)

Puppy food Brit Care Puppy (grain-free)

Grain-Free food for puppies of all breeds with salmon and potatoes. The product does not contain chemical components, GMOs or hormones. The day portion of feed satisfies all the needs of a young dog for vitamins and minerals. A pleasant aroma of salmon oil attracts even the most demanding animals with its natural aroma. The absence of cereals allows the food to be quickly absorbed and does not cause bloating and flatulence. In addition, the product is suitable for puppies prone to allergies.

Large-breed puppies

Feed for puppies of such giants as Kane-Korso, Senbernar, Alabai, etc.


Grandorf puppy food

Holistic from Belgium is presented in the spirit of versions: from 3-week age and from 4 months. At the basis – lamb and rice, turkey. The meat component reaches 60 %, because protein is so important for large dogs during active growth. The carbohydrate component is rice and a complex of dried fruits. There are no synthetic additives and GMOs.

Acana Puppy and Junior

Acana Puppy and Junior puppy food

Acana from Canada dogs is suitable for puppies of any breeds. The composition of 30 % dehydrated meat (it can be a turkey, chicken, lamb) and 10 % bone flour. A feature of Acana in a complex of dried vegetables, fruits and berries. In addition, whole eggs, herring and flounder include.


Go puppy food

Gou is another Holistic from Canada. The product is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. A feature is an interesting composition that includes 4 types of meat, poultry, oatmeal, salmon. In addition, dried vegetables, fruits and berries. The protein component reaches 60 %.


Pedigree puppy food

Economy feed of an American manufacturer. The line for puppies begins at 6 months. It is from six months that the baby will be able to digest the volume of fiber, which is called in the composition – more than 50 %. And only 15 % is protein. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is constantly in sales leaders, since its food is presented in any supermarket.

How much feed is given to the puppy

The table contains approximate sizes of a portion depending on the weight and age of the puppy. A portion of feed is indicated in grams/day.

Important: it is recommended to cheat with the table on the best dog food storage container of feed or consult a veterinarian.

The amount of feed may vary depending on the state of health or activity of the dog (the table data is based on the recommendations of the Proplan feed manufacturer).

Best premium food brands for large breed puppies week age

best premium food brands for large breed puppies

The weight of the puppy 1. 5 – 3 months 4 – 5 months 6 – 8 months 9 – 11 months 12 – 24 months
1 kg 50-55 gr 85-75
5 60-90 gr 125-140 80 100 100-150
10 80-120 gr 160-180 145 150 150-200
15 85-145 gr 170-190 200-220 220 250-270
20 90-155 gr 225-245 220-240 240-250 260-300
25 100-195 gr 260-310 300-355 355-370 380-420
35 110-215 gr 280-355 365-480 490-520 550
45 125-245 gr 400-520 405-680 600-650 600-650
50 145-340 gr 445-615 600-765 670-700 845-900


The amount of food is determined depending on the state of health or activity of the puppy

Reviews of veterinarians

Most of the analyzed reviews of veterinary specialists indicate that doctors recommend feeding their patients that are part of the class from super premium and higher. Most often, dog feed is selected after collecting information about the state of health. In addition, the diet is often made if the puppy has an allergic reaction. In addition to the listed by us, experts recommend brands: Abba, Landor, Go Fresh, Probalance, Now.

Reviews of dog owners

Oleg R. We buy for puppies dachshunds food dog chau. Often in our house there lives an alimony puppy, which is given to us after knitting. If the baby is very small, then we cancel the DOG Chow and for some time give the humid feed of ABBA.

Shelley K. We have long been buying Acana or Brit food. In our stores you can not always find Acana. For the breeder, it is important that the puppy is healthy, his wool shines and there were no problems with the gastrointestinal tract. There were no problems with these feeds.


Briefly about the main thing

  1. To feed the puppy, you need to select a special diet.
  2. The choice is made of super-premium lines and above.
  3. It is necessary to observe the recommended portioned norms.
  4. The dog’s access should always be water.

We recommend choosing the food of any of the manufacturers listed in the article, which your puppy or young dog will like. And what feeds our readers feed or feed their pets when they were small? Share your opinion, please.

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