Best food for the puppy of Senbernar

December 29, 2022
Best food for the puppy of Senbernar

best food for the puppy of senbernar

Feeding the puppy of Senbernar

Senbernar is a breed with an interesting and rich history. In order for a clumsy lump to grow into a healthy and proud dog, special attention should be paid to its diet.

Regardless of the type of feeding, the Senbernar puppy should always have access to drinking water. Water is changed at least once a day or more often, if it is quickly polluted.

Senbernarov is fed from special stands. With age, the level at which the bowl is located is increased. The main rule is that during the meal the dog’s head remains at the level of the back. With non-compliance with this rule, the posture of the animal is violated, health problems may occur in the future.

Buying a Senbernara puppy, it is better to take a large bowl right away. As it grows, a more voluminous bowl is required, which matters not so much due to the amount of food, but due to the size of the dog’s head. From a small bowl, it will simply be inconvenient for her.

Dogs cannot be given cold or hot food. Food should be room or slightly more warm temperature.

The owner himself chooses the type of feeding of the Senbernar puppy – ready-made food or natural food. But before making a menu, it is necessary to clarify what the former owner fed him, and gradually, within 1-2 weeks, transfer to the diet that was chosen personally. A sharp change in food leads to digestive problems, especially at an early age.

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How much food is you need to give a puppy Senbernar

The number of feedings of the Senbernar puppy decreases as it grows up, and the size of one portion increases.

Age Number of feedings per day
Two months 5-6 times
Four-month 4 times
Six months 3 times
Eigh t-month (and older) 2 times

A puppy for one portion is given approximately 1-1. 5 cups of food, for comparison-an adult Senbernar eats up to 2-3 kg per day. The size of the portions and the amount of food is selected for each animal individually. In no case should you allow malnutrition or overeating in the puppies!

It is important to feed Senbernar's puppy before bedtime, for example, after the morning after waking up, plays enough and wants to sleep and so during the day.

Problems associated with the power of the puppy of Senbernar

With a lack of nutrients, the processes of growth and formation of the body are disturbed, the container dog will grow a patient and with poor immunity.

Determine that the little Senbernar could not eat on several signs:

  • He licks a bowl;
  • Very quickly and eagerly absorbs food;
  • Constantly asks for additives.

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If the baby does not gain weight, he has a strong molting, you need to urgently increase the amount of food or consult a veterinarian. If the puppy leaves food in a bowl, lethargy is observed after feeding, the tummy is noticeable, then you need to give less food. For senbernars, excess weight is dangerous, becauseIt gives an additional load on the skeleton, at an early age leads to deformation of the bones, an increase in their fragility, and joint problems.

If the puppy refuses some product, it is not necessary to force it, it is better to choose a similar product in the composition that the animal will like. Enter new food into the diet gradually, in small portions, mixing to your favorite and familiar food.

Best food for the puppy of Senbernar the drug

If the puppy often refuses to eat, he should immediately show the veterinarian.

How to feed Senbernara with natural products

Senbernar's puppy is feeding in natural products in many, especially beginner dog breeders, difficulties, becauseIt can be difficult to make a correct balanced diet.

Approximate list of products for the daily feeding of the Senbernar puppy

The meat (but not paired), about 150 grams, is increased to 600 grams by the year. Pieces of chicken or lamb are finely cut, you can alternate with high-quality meat offal. You can not give pork.

Sea fish, about 200 grams. The fish is necessarily boiled, along with the bones, then passed through a meat grinder. Sea fish is given up to 2 times a week.

Cottage cheese or other sour-milk products, such as kefir, yogurt, about 70 grams. Sour-milk products are given in one feeding or mixed with cereals before the main meal. Sour cream and cream cannot be given.

Porridge – rice, millet, buckwheat. You can give a steamed oatmeal. One portion is 80 grams. Do not give barley.

Vegetables and fruits, from about 50 grams. You can give carrots, zucchini, cabbage, herbs, apple, banana. Vegetables can be boiled or given raw, grated or chopped into pieces convenient for a puppy. You can not give grapes and potatoes.

Boiled eggs.

In no case should there be a tubular sharp bones, products that cause allergies (red fruits, exotic products), sweet, flour, fat, spices.

By consistency, food should resemble thick soup. For brushing tooths, they allow to gnaw the tendons, special treats from pet stores.

When feeding the Senbernar puppy, it is advisable to give different products in each portion, ten-month and adult dogs eat everything at a time, but the diet should be diversified for a week.

The value of vitamins during natural feeding of the Senbernar puppy

It is important to remember that Senbernars are very large dogs, various mineral top dressing and drugs are necessarily added to their food. With a lack of calcium, there are problems with bones. In addition to mineral fertilizers containing calcium, the diet should have sour-milk products, eggs, fish. If the puppy is constantly and persistently gnawing the plaster, licks the wallpaper, then this can be a sign of a lack of calcium, it is better not to let everything on the very owner and consult a doctor.

Be sure to mix vitamins into porridge. The daily norms of biologically active substances are spelled out on packages, as well as the necessary dosages. A veterinarian will help to choose the drug.

It is necessary to ensure that the pet with a completely eats portions with the addition of vitamins. If you systematically refuses them, you can try to change the drug or mix vitamins into your favorite food with a strong smell.

Mixed feeding and dry feed

Senbernar's puppy feeding with dry food greatly simplifies the task, because there are already ready-made feeds designed for specific types of dogs of a certain age.

When choosing the finished feed, there are no special problems. The market presents a large range of premium feed and super-premium class. The main thing is that the pet does not like the food and does not cause food allergies, does not have a negative impact on his health.

All the necessary vitamins and minerals have already been added to the feed, developed for large dogs. The portion volume is selected individually, but should not significantly differ from the norms indicated on the packaging.

Mixed feeding is not recommended by many veterinarians. Disputes on this issue are constantly underway, but there is no unequivocal answer. With a mixed diet, biologically active substances are added to the calculation about a third of the norm. When switching to a new diet and when introducing new products, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the puppy's body.

Remember, what the pet eats largely determines his condition and health. In case of violation of the nutrition, many diseases appear, immunity and general endurance decrease, so to each

Best food for the puppy of Senbernar new diet and when introducing
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