Which electric collar is good for suppressing dog barking?

April 3, 2023
Dog Training
electronic collars for bark suppression

An electronic collar is a device used for electrical stimulation of the animal at a distance. There are three varieties of electronic collars. Some are designed to search for an animal on the ground, others for training and suppressing barking. Let us consider in more detail each of them, and get acquainted with the rating of the best, according to real buyers, models.

How do I choose the right electronic bark collar for my dog?

When choosing an electronic bark collar, consider your dog’s size, temperament, and training needs. Look for a collar that’s adjustable, comfortable, and has multiple levels of correction. It’s also important to choose a reputable brand and read reviews from other dog owners.

Collars for training

The electronic collar for training dogs use, as a rule, 2-3 types of warnings. This is sound, vibration and electrostatic impulse. For training, it is important to always use the same signals, since this way the dog can get used to them faster. For praise, you should choose another signal, the pet must clearly distinguish them.

Before starting training, it is important to correctly choose the power of the signal and correction. You should start from the smallest level, checking each time how the dog reacts to it. You should choose the level that will clearly attract her attention.

The warning signal should always be used simultaneously with the command. The procedure should be like this: call the nickname of the dog, give a command, and activate the first sound signal. In case of refusal to execute the command, you call the command again, and send vibration or impulse. In case of disobedience of the dog, the correction should act almost instantly, the delay should not exceed 0. 5 seconds. If the pet performs the command, it is important to praise it and give a reward.

1. Petcomer (P-880) up to 3 dogs

This model works from the battery charge. Thanks to the adjustable length of the collar, it is suitable for dogs with a neck of 16 to 67 cm. It has a wide range of action – 800 meters. It provides for 3 modes of operation – sound, vibration and electric discharge, in total, they give 100 options for exposure. A collar for dogs with an electric shock Petcomer (P-880) is equipped with LED backlight and a flashlight that allowed to quickly find a pet in the dark. The body of the device is moisture-proof, so the dog can swim with it. Since the remote control, which is included in the delivery kit can operate in 3 different channels, it can control three devices at the same time. True, this requires additional receivers.

Petcomer (P-880) up to 3 dogs
  • Adjustable length of the collar;
  • Wide range of action;
  • 100 exposure options;
  • Quick switching between modes;
  • The possibility of simultaneous use for 3 dogs.

There are no minuses.

Customer reviews

Brenda tried different models of collars. This of the inexpensive liked the most. The main thing for me is the strong attachment of the belt to the receiver, on three unusual plastic loops. Dogs like to run and mess with each other – a couple of times the receivers lost. And the second advantage is a small weight and size of the receiver without loss of working qualities (range and the size of the dog). He approached the same way, and Dalmatin, and a small jacket. And the third – the convenience of switching from one dog to another, I do not get confused here. As they say, I recommend. Thank you.

Potapchenko S. A. The remote control is like a mobile phone, it is comfortable in the hand, does not slip out, it is convenient to press the buttons. The receiver itself is felt that it is strong, there is a backlight (in the evening you can see where the dog is running). My dog very quickly realized what I want from him, more precisely, I don’t want him to do 🙂 On the receiver all the inputs (for charging, etc.) are rubbed and closed with rubber plugs, I used it for a long time, got into the rain, as I worked like thatand working.

2. Petraineer Pet900b-1, 65 cm

This model is powered by a battery, control is carried out from the remote control. It has a waterproof case that allows training in different weather conditions. The radio collar for dogs provides a wide range of action – 1 km. The collar with current for dogs is equipped with a built-in LCD display, which shows the current operating mode and device settings. It supports 100 different levels of influence on the dog, which provides considerable opportunities for training the dog and correcting its behavior. The remote control has the ability to save several modes of influences. This is especially true when using the same collar with several dogs. All selected modes are stored in the device’s memory, where each pet is assigned a separate folder.

Petraineer Pet900b-1, 65 cm
  • Adjustable length;
  • There is a set of electrodes for short-haired and long-haired breeds;
  • 100 levels of exposure;
  • 3 operating modes – sound, vibration, discharge.
  • The display is not backlit and is not functional in the dark.

Customer reviews

The name is hidden Thanks for the prompt, the collar helped to completely wean us from picking up objects on the street without a command. And most importantly, we rarely wear it now and there is enough vibration, Jack understands everything. I consider it an excellent device in terms of price and quality ratio, it’s a pity I took it when there was no discount.

3. Garmin Delta Sport XC

This model comes with a collar and remote control. It has only 3 buttons and an LCD display, with which you can select and configure training modes for 1, 2 or 3 dogs at once. True, for this you will need to purchase additional collars. The pack includes interchangeable contact points for dogs with different lengths and coat thicknesses. This dog training collar with remote control has 3 modes of operation: sound, vibration and electrostatic pulses. Moreover, the latter have as many as 36 levels of exposure from the shortest to quite long. This set of functions allows you to set up 5 corrective configurations.

Garmin Delta Sport XC with remote control
  • Simple menu;
  • Reliability;
  • Water resistance;
  • Modes for beginners and pros;
  • Illumination and indication of all functions.
  • High price;
  • Three operating modes cannot be used at the same time.

Customer reviews

Workmanship, fits comfortably in the hand, the simplest menu, water resistance, durability, reliability. Before this I bought Chinese collars from Amazon, you can’t compare with harmin, even if it’s an order of magnitude more expensive, but the quality is beyond praise. The behavior of the dog has changed for the better! Recommend!

Natalya Donkova is the first, and most importantly, use this device after the dog is trained in commands, and take several lessons from a dog handler to use the device. This does not cancel training, but corrects undesirable behavior. If the dog barks a lot, it is better to take the Sport model, there is a function to adjust the unwanted bark. Moreover, everything was developed jointly with scientists and dog handlers, so it is not scary for her beloved shepherd. This is the main difference from Chinese analogues.

How does an electronic bark collar work?

Antila is a collar reacting to sounds made by a dog. It is intended to suppress barking, howl and booze of dogs. A processor is installed inside each device. The principle of its work is the effect on the pet. It starts at the first bark and gradually intensifies after each next. As soon as the dog begins to calm down, as evidenced by the reduction of the number of barking, the vibration of the current gradually decreases, and then completely stops. As a rule, dogs quickly draw parallels between their bark and the action of the collar.

Contrary to universal opinion, the collars for dogs with a barking electric shock are the most humane and, moreover, the most effective. They are absolutely safe for animals and do not cause any pain in them. Antila’s collars are easily programmed not only to the barking of an animal, but also to howl or whine.

1. Dogtra IQ No Bark 10-55 cm

The collar adjustable in length is suitable for both very small dogs, with a neck of 10 cm and medium, in which this parameter is 55 cm. This model has 10 levels of exposure to vibration and electrical stimulation. If desired, only vibration can be used. Dogtra IQ No Bark is completely waterproof, so if necessary, it can be washed without afraid to damage the microprocessor. Plastic accessories are completely safe for dogs, it does not cause allergies and does not irritate the skin. The device operates from 2 CR2032 batteries, is produced in two colors – black and pink.

Plastic accessories Dogtra IQ No Bark 10-55 cm
  • Waterproof;
  • Adjustable length;
  • 10 power levels;
  • 3 operating modes – vibration, impulse and vibration + impulse.

Customer reviews

General2703 We got a Cane Corso puppy. We turned to the cynologist to solve some problems in the behavior of the pet. The cynologist advised me to buy an ESHO for a dog, but not the Chinese with Ali, but professional and safe for the animal. This collar was even brought Come / Come here from somewhere by order!)) In general, a good thing in capable hands. The only drawback in this model: you have to charge every day. Otherwise, everyone is happy!

2. Smartdog dc673

This collar model is battery operated and has an adjustable length. It is suitable for dogs with a neck circumference of 15 to 50 cm. Smartdog dc673 has 7 intensity levels, 2 operating modes. On the first two, only the sound mode is activated, and on the subsequent ones, vibration is also connected to it. In the event that the pet stops barking, the device returns to the first intensity mode, and when mode 7 is reached, it starts a sleep mode that lasts exactly one minute.

The collar only activates when the dog barks. He determines this by the vibration emanating from the muscles of her throat. That is, accidental switching on from the barking of another dog is completely excluded. The device is available in blue and pink.

Smartdog-DC673 accidental switching on from the barking
  • Waterproof;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • 2 operating modes and 7 intensity levels;
  • Affordable price;
  • Adjustable length.
  • Turns off when level 7 is reached.

Customer reviews

Semenko1978 Usually when we walk, and I live in the private sector, I let the dog out without a leash, because there is a forest Heel, and he runs around there calmly, we play well and does his own thing. It used to be disobedient in some moments before, but now it has become easier to manage with the collar. After about half a month, it was already clear that the dog was beginning to succumb to training. I don’t regret buying one bit. Of course, you can train a dog without such a collar, but it will take much more time, effort and may not even give such an effect.

Name hidden I would like to share my experience of using SmartDog. I have a husky, 8 months old, for a very long time I could not teach simple commands, I accidentally found the SmartDog electronic collar on the Internet. Literally in 2 weeks, my dog learned Stand and sit on command, now the coaching command is with me) I didn’t think that thanks to the collar you can train a dog, because before that it didn’t succumb to training at all…

3. Training Collar A+ Tainer (P-160) with anti-bark, vibration and electrical stimulation

This collar model has a compact size. Due to the adjustable length of the strap, it is suitable for dogs of medium and large breeds. It runs on battery power, has manual control and automatic anti-bark mode. The range of the device is 600 meters. It provides 4 modes of operation and 7 levels of exposure. This model is designed to control two dogs with one remote control. True, this requires a separate purchase of a collar with a receiver.

The collar is equipped with an LCD display that shows the status of the battery charge, as well as operating modes. This model allows you to program the strength of vibration and electrostatic charges in the Anti-Bark mode for each specific dog. The collar provides the so-called “protection against the fool. “It consists in turning off his receiver after 5 discharges in a row.

Training Collar a+ Tainer (P-160) with antila, vibro and electrical stimulation function
  • Adjustable length;
  • 4 operating modes;
  • 7 levels of exposure;
  • Possibility of expansion up to 2 dogs;
  • Easy control from the remote control;
  • Good range;
  • Waterproof case.
  • For fighting dog breeds may be useless.

Customer reviews

The name is hidden The fact is that the Husky breed is freedom-loving. They are very active dogs. They need to run a lot and expend energy, because if they do not spend it outside, they will waste it at home, which will be detrimental to your furniture, wallpaper, etc. And they need to run not just on a leash or the same noose leash. They need to be released… Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations with (God forbid) fatal outcome, it is better to play it safe and purchase such a collar. Today, Baksik is ten and a half months old and, unlike many dogs of this breed that I often meet on the street, he is well educated and well trained. I also want to refute the words of many people who believe that an electric collar is a mockery of a dog, suppression of its will, etc. Absolutely not. This is a very useful thing and a great way to train, if you know how to use it, of course. If not, it’s still better to consult a specialist so that he can help you figure it out and learn how to use this device.

Is an electronic bark collar safe for dog?

This collar is equipped with a smart microprocessor capable of distinguishing sounds made by a pet, that is, false alarms are completely excluded on it. Aetertek AT-919C suppresses dog barking in several ways:

  • Double turn on the sound;
  • Two-time inclusion of sound and vibration.

In the event that these two methods do not help to calm the dog, and it does not stop barking, the collar increases the sound volume, enhances the vibration and additionally sends a single discharge of current. When the barking is stopped, the collar performs all actions in the reverse order.

electronic collars with GPS an energy conservation

The Aetertek AT-919C vibro-hare works on a built-in battery, controlled from the remote control, equipped with several buttons. Each of them is responsible for performing one function built into the collar – sound, vibration or electric discharge. It has a wide range of action – up to 1 km, is not afraid of moisture and dust. He calmly withstands immersion in water up to 5 meters deep. The collar is turned on by bringing a magnetic key built into the remote control to the receiver.

electric discharge aeterterk AT-919C
  • Ease of use;
  • The ability to adjust the intensity of the discharge force;
  • Fast charging;
  • Suitable for dogs of different breeds, including aggressive;
  • Regulated in length.
  • Holes quickly break through;
  • Closes in contact with metal details;
  • Not for professional training.

Customer reviews

Alexey really helps in control. Relatively inexpensive, convenient to manage, waterproof (checked – the dog bathed with it)

Anastasia Personally, I have experienced an electrician exactly 3 times…. Once simply, so that the dog understands what’s what, and 2 times he rushed at other people’s dogs….. The effect is amazing, the lesson is learned, the dog is silk)) again… We are walking inPlaces where there are many children, I need to be sure that Roy (I have a labrador named Roy) will not attack anyone and will obey me.

What are electric collars with GPS?

Dogs, however, like other animals, love freedom. In the absence of a leash, she can run a considerable distance from her owner. Moreover, it is not always possible to find it yourself. This is where the electric shine for dogs with the GPS tracker will come in handy. It allows you to track the location of your pet in real time. For this, a satellite communication system is involved. As a rule, all GPS trackers are compatible with any mobile device, so you can track all the movements of the pet through the area not only on the device that is included in the device, but also on your smartphone.

The principle of operation of the collar is quite simple. Using the built-in GPS module, it determines the coordinates of the location of the animal, and then sends them to the server through the SIM card. The dog owner only needs to connect to the application and see where his pet is.

Gps-cheesecakes differ in the method of attaching the tracker. In some models it is built-in, and in others it is attached using a clip. When choosing a second, you should give preference Come / Come heretal clips, which will minimize the probability of tracker lossch parameters as the battery operation, as well as the radius of the equipment of the equipment, are also of no small importance.

1. Hadog

A leather collar with a GPS tracker is suitable for both dogs and cats. It can both shorten up to 20 cm and lengthen up to 45 cm. The tracker is quite compact, its dimensions correspond to 5. 3*2. 9*1. 1 cm. It works with the GPS satellite system. Of the features, it is worth highlighting the possibility of both independently turning on and off the receiver and automatic. Moreover, this can be done at any distance from it. A tracker is controlled using an application that can be installed on devices with Android and iOS OS. The receiver is able to maintain data on the location of the pet even in the absence of the Internet. In addition, it is equipped with an energy conservation function and an autonomous mode.

You can connect several of these tracks to one phone, exactly as you track one receiver from several smartphones. This is very convenient if there is a house of more than one animal and finding a pet with several people.

can be installed on devices with Android and iOS OS
  • Remote control of the inclusion/disabling of the tracker;
  • English-speaking application;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Autonomous support support.

No significant minuses were found.

Customer reviews

Kostya577 We always walk without a leash, but once the dog escaped and my wife and I ran around the district for 4 hours. Thank God they found, on the same day in the evening I sat down at the computer and ordered the sensor with delivery to my house. On the collar (by the way, you get a collar as a gift), the dogs look stylish, like decoration, immediately makes it more expensive. Now, leaving the house with a dog, I take a phone with me, turn on the program and see not only the location but the entire route of movement. It stimulates a walk more, and not Stand 🙂 From bonuses – is not at all afraid of moisture, holds 2 weeks without recharging. You will not regret.

Defrogmentator was generally advised by the guys, in the last race, bought it, in the region of 3000r. The nonsense thought, but everything turned out to be much better than expected, really in isolation from the house was about 12 hours, he did not sit down, he worked all the time. The location showed the exact, +- 5-10 meters, in the forest a little not for sure, but more precisely in the city. That it is important, it is very compact, starts at a time, inserted the SIM card of Tele2. By the way, he fell a lot under the snow and was constantly wet, but he worked perfectly, I advise everyone for his faithful life companions…

2. Tractive GPS DOG

This tracker model works by paid subscription throughout USA with the exception of the Republic of Crimea. It has a convenient shape and reliable mount, approaches any collars, since a flexible rubber clamp easily adapts to any size and width. The tracker battery is protected by a special latch, which easily opens when you press two medium buttons located on top of it.

Tractive GPS DOG paid subscription throughout USA

You can track the location of the dog using a free application – Tractive GPS. It displays not only its current location, but also movement for the whole day. It is worth noting that the location is renewed every 2-3 seconds, that is, you will own the most accurate information. In addition, here you can install the so-called virtual fence indicating the safe area of the pet. It can be either the back yard and any other space. If the dog goes beyond this zone, the application will instantly notify you of this.

Customer reviews

Catherine itself is excellent, tested in the forest. Ideally shows the location of the dog, now you do not need to worry where the dog is to be. A charge for one walk-25%, therefore, there is no talk of any 5 days in my case, but this is not the main thing, there is enough for a day and that is good. The maximum width of the collar on which you can put on the tracker about 3 cm, but the collar is very thin, apparently, therefore, this is possible.

Maria is cool) Yes, it turns out, it can be not cheap, but calm for her pet is invaluable))) On the street it is perfectly and accurately shows the location of my dog, you can monitor real time) useful thing)

3. Garmin T5

This model is equipped with a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver, allowing the pet to track in the most severe areas. It is intended exclusively for dogs, weighs 265 grams and has an adjustable length. It can be used both with the tracking system – Garmin Astro, and with the alpha navigator, which are not included in the collar kit. It is worth noting that it is the joint work of these two systems is unacceptable.

The Garmin T5 tracker has a good range – 9 km. Moreover, he is able to send data even when being in a poorly visible area. Of the features of models, the presence of an LED beacon and water resistance can be distinguished. The first is visible at a distance of up to 100 meters, which significantly facilitates the search for a pet at night. And the second feature guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the tracker both when walking during the rain and during duck hunting. Separately, it is worth highlighting the period of uninterrupted operation of the device, which is 48 hoursch a collar is often bought for hunting dogs.

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