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January 31, 2023
Dog Food Container
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The treats for dogs in our country are represented mainly by foreign brands, especially in the segment of quality best storage containers – not only safe for the health of pets, but also useful dog food containers.

Dog treats as a business

This niche of production for domestic entrepreneurs is practically free, and business projects for the manufacture of “craftsmen” for pets are gaining popularity. This is natural, because the demand for goods is many times higher than the supply.

With competent planning, a small business in a couple of years can develop into an enterprise with wide sales channels.

The advantages of dog treats made in industrialized are that they are completely ready for use. At the same time, modern sticks, snacks and other animal “delicacies” contain vitamins, trace elements and useful minerals, which positively affects the health of four-legged friends.

Features and nuances of a business for dog treatments for dogs

Any business idea has strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential risks. Given this factors, a novice entrepreneur can objectively evaluate this area of activity and understand how it suits him, and whether it is worth investing in the project.

Features and nuances of a business for dog treatments for dogs

The main condition for success is the high quality of good storage containers, compliance with the process, constant work on the promotion of the assortment.

Advantages of business in the production of dog delicacies:

  • The demand for the commodity group;
  • High profitability, fast payback period of starting investments;
  • The possibility of additional earnings by expanding directions – for example, goodies for other pets – cats, hamsters, chinchillas, exotic animals;
  • A wide selection of sales channels – from small specialized stores to entering the interregional market;
  • The lack of binding to the season – food for animals is equally in demand both in summer and in winter.

It is possible to work on a franchise- several famous and already promoted brands are represented in the country. They offer partnerships.

The choice of business concept will depend on planned investments.


  • In addition to the standard dog food storage container of documents for registering entrepreneurial activity, a number of specific papers are required, since we are talking about food, albeit for animals;
  • Be prepared for frequent inspections of controlling instances – in order to avoid fines, it is necessary to ensure the declared sanitary and fire standards;
  • For the production of best storage containers, they mainly use the equipment of Western brands – in the conditions of sanctions, this creates additional problems as with their acquisition, the purchase of components;
  • The deterioration of the economic situation entails a decrease in the incomes of the population. As a result, the consumer power of citizens is reduced.

How to open mini-production treats for dogs

How to open mini-production treats for dogs

If you do not have a practical experience in doing such a business, act on the algorithm – it will help to avoid mistakes and extra expenses:

  • Analyze the domestic market in your city – find out, the needs of the target audience and the offer of competitors. This will help choose the correct concept;
  • Choose an assortment series – it can be both ready-made technologies and your own – in the latter case they need to be registered;
  • Find out in the city administration what documents and permits you need to collect – food production, even if we are talking about animals, requires many certificates and approvals;
  • Pass the registration procedure, receive a certificate, become tax accounting, collect all the papers;
  • Make an estimate of expenses, evaluate the planned profitability, profit – this will allow you to evaluate and adequately calculate financial capabilities;
  • Find a suitable room, conclude a lease agreement with its owner;
  • Buy equipment;
  • Find suppliers of raw materials;
  • Think about potential sales channels;
  • Launch an advertising campaign;
  • Hire employees.

Search for sales markets for dog delicacies

This point of the business plan is worked out until the moment when production starts. Labed sales is the basis of the profitability of any project.

Search for sales markets for dog delicacies

In our case, options are possible:

  • Independent sale – your store;
  • Implementation through pet stores;
  • Markets;
  • Dog nurseries and other organizations of pets lovers;
  • Supermarket networks;
  • Wholesale bases – with large volumes of production.

Room for the workshop

For a small workshop, an area of 150 square meters is enough. So much space is enough to place a set of equipment or an automated line.

When considering options, they prefer abandoned production facilities – this saves investments in their arrangement. Yes, and there will be no problems with the sanitary, fire department.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Water supply, sewage;
  • Ventilation, heating system.

In addition to the workshop itself, you need a room under the warehouse of finished best storage containers and storage of raw materials stock.

Suppliers of raw materials

Modern animal feed is released from high-quality raw materials – this is the main criterion when choosing suppliers. Demand them with certificates for each best storage container, check the integrity of the dog food storage containers – so the ingredients retain their properties.

Look for business partners among:

  • Meat processing enterprises;
  • Flour factories – flour – an obligatory component of the best storage container;
  • Producers of additives – taste amplifiers, vitamin complexes – it is better to take directly, bypassing intermediaries. This reduces the cost of the finished best storage container.

What permits are needed

The first step towards the goal is the registration of activities. If your format is a small production, IP is an ideal option to open a workshop. With a large-scale business, it is better to immediately register an LLC.


Since in this article we are considering a mini-chain, we will consider a dog food storage container of documents necessary to launch small production.

To open an individual entrepreneur, it is required:

  • The passport;
  • Tin;
  • Receipt of payment of the fee;
  • Statement.


  • Regulatory acts for the manufacture of goodies;
  • Ip certificate;
  • Calculation for each assortment position;
  • Tu – all conditions are agreed with the Komstat, then registered there. The presence of TU guarantees compliance with all production requirements – technology, recipe, quality of raw materials;
  • If you work under an individual brand, it also needs to be registered;
  • Coordination with the fire inspection for the compliance of the premises with safety requirements;
  • Sanitary control service;
  • Certificate of conformity for each type of best storage container.

Necessary agreements:

  • Premises rent;
  • Disinfection, disinsection;
  • With suppliers;
  • With hired workers.

Of the available taxation formats, the simplified tax system is preferred at a rate of 6% of the income of an entrepreneur or 15% of net income.

Submit a notification of the transition to a simplified system after registration in the Federal Tax Service.

Permitted activity code according to a single classifier: 10-9. You also need to open an individual entrepreneur, register with the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund.

view dog treats

Production of delicious dogs: the necessary equipment

production of delicious dogs: the necessary equipment

To produce dog treats, a set of equipment is required:

  • Preconditioning unit – feedstock is loaded here in the required proportions, after which it undergoes steam treatment. The mass is saturated with steam to a certain consistency, and then boiled;
  • Mixer – needed to mix all the components;
  • Extruder – a machine that brings the composition to a high temperature, after which the raw material acquires porosity and airiness, is brought to the desired structure. At this stage, carbohydrate splitting occurs – this technology improves the digestibility of the best storage container and retains all the useful substances in it as much as possible;
  • Cutting apparatus – brings the semi-finished best storage container to the desired size and shape;
  • Drying chamber – removes excess liquid. Immediately, if necessary, additives are applied to the finished best storage containers – a fat layer, flavor enhancers;
  • Packaging line.

Note! The best option is an automated installation – the purchase of each piece of equipment separately is more expensive. However, not every unit is adapted to work with others.


To work on an automated line, special education is not required – responsible and easily trained employees are needed:

  • Supervisor;
  • Accountant – as an option – an outsourcing company;
  • Security guard;
  • Loader;
  • Operator;
  • Storekeeper;
  • The driver with his car – provided that the delivery of the goods to the client is planned.

How much do you need to start a business

Calculator and money

The financial part of the step by-step plan includes:

  • Start-up investments – their size depends on the chosen concept, scale of production and other related factors;
  • Operating expenses – funds necessary for the smooth operation of the workshop;
  • Reserve fund – cash reserve in case of force majeure. It usually includes at least 10% of the total cost estimate.

When starting the workshop from scratch, investments will be made in the following expense items (approximate calculation, in ):

  • Business registration, obtaining permits, technical specifications – 30, 000;
  • Rent of premises for the workshop – 40, 000;
  • Equipment – 700, 000;
  • Its installation and adjustment – 30, 000;
  • Arrangement of the main and ancillary premises – 150, 000;
  • Purchase of raw materials for the first month of work – 200, 000;
  • Best storage container advertising – 60, 000;
  • Employee salary – 120, 000.

According to this calculation, funds in the amount of 1, 330, 000 are needed to launch the project.

Approximate current investments in the business, in are budgeted every month:

  • Replenishment of raw materials – 180, 000;
  • Payroll – 120, 000;
  • Advertising – 10, 000;
  • Utility bills – 20, 000;
  • Rent – 40, 000;
  • Transportation costs – 10, 000;
  • Taxes – depending on the selected coverage scheme.

For the uninterrupted functioning of the enterprise, 380, 000 plus taxes are allocated per month per month.

The reserve fund for these investments in the project is 130, 000.

Business risks

The production of treats for four-legged pets is associated with minimal risks – but even under such favorable conditions for doing business, they should not be underestimated.

Business risks

The workshops are negatively reflected at work:

  • Equipment breakdowns – used or cheap equipment often fails. As a result, the workshop is idle, profit decreases;
  • Low quality of promotion – if they do not know about you, it will be difficult to sell the goods;
  • Dubious recipe, non-compliance with production technologies, saving on raw materials – all this reduces the quality of the finished best storage container, negatively affects the profitability and profitability of the project as a whole;
  • High prices – if your price segment is higher than competitors, this is a serious risk not to find your buyer.

A business in the manufacture of dogs for dogs is a promising niche for small and medium-sized businesses and a good way to open your own business. It is considered not too risky and has the prospects for further expansion. But keep in mind that this is not a best storage container of primary necessity, and in case of insufficient purchasing power and if there are strong competitors, the project may not go.

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