Best dog toys review

December 26, 2022
Best dog toys review

best dog toys review

Food and shelter are not all that your pet needs. If you have a dog in your home, stock up on a variety of accessories for him to play, have fun, and train. Manufacturers of such goods offer a huge variety – in form, materials, purpose and purpose. The Expert's Choice team has compiled a fresh top rating, which includes the best toys for dogs in 2022 and evaluation criteria.


When compiling the top rating, the experts were several cynologists, veterinarians, breeders with over 10 years of experience. They defined the main indicators of reliability, functionality and safety. Based on their recommendations, we evaluated the popular products for a number of characteristics:

  • Type, design features;
  • Materials, their environmental friendliness, strength;
  • Indications by age, breed;
  • Size, texture;
  • Safety, no health risks;
  • Design;
  • Price, durability, reputation of the manufacturer.

The result of the comparative analysis was the top list of 15 nominees. For convenience, we have divided them into 6 categories – developing, chewing, for active games, with treats, the most durable, as well as soft toys. Customer reviews, their application experience determined the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

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The best educational toys for dogs

The first category of the top contains educational toys for dogs, which not only help to release accumulated energy, have fun, but also develop basic instincts regarding nutrition, grip, attention, etc. After analyzing about a hundred reviews, Expert's Choice selected 2 nominees.

Trixie Push Away

The dog toy from the German brand "Trixie" is suitable for medium or small breeds. Designed to play with the owner. It is not recommended to leave the dog alone with entertainment.

The design is made of high-quality plastic, which is not subject to mechanical damage. The material is safe, non-toxic. From below the case is covered with a rubber rim against slipping. It consists of a disc with 2 cones and plates with recesses where a treat is placed.

Trixie Push Away

The puppy must open the lids, remove the cones used as restraints in order to get to the food. Size 25×17 cm, dishwasher safe. The kit includes a brochure with recommendations, training tips.


  • Quality material;
  • Develops intelligence;
  • Does not slip on the floor;
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher;
  • Comes with a book of instructions;
  • Safety.


  • Price;
  • Not suitable for solo play.

It is very important to start developing games as a puppy, starting with the easiest level of difficulty. And then, as you get older, the process gradually needs to be complicated.

Zogoflex Air Wox

The developing toy from the American brand "Zogoflex" has 3 vibrating legs that create the illusion of live prey. This encourages the dog to be active and playful.

The model is made of high-quality non-toxic rubber, where phthalates and latex are excluded. The material is soft, but durable, in the process of entertainment does not injure the gums. The design is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled. Presented in a catalog of several color options.

A feature ”is an exciting, unpredictable trajectory of rebound, which develops intelligence, reaction rate, attention and many other useful skills. The dimensions are small – 10x15x17 cm, weight 230 g, therefore suitable for small, medium breeds.

Zogoflex Air Wox


  • Vibrating legs;
  • Interesting trajectory of rebound;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Development of useful skills;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Simple care.


  • Price;
  • When tugging at the risks of the gap.

If the accessory has become unusable due to the gap, further use is unacceptable. There may be risks of swallowing some parts, which subsequently will not favorably affect health.

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The best chewing toys for dogs

For those dogs who love to bite something during the game, the second category of top is presented. These are durable, reliable accessories from proven materials, with which teeth, chewing muscles, and strength of the grip are trained, and the puppies form the correct bite. Vyborexperta. ru approves of 2 nominees.


  • Imitation of a wooden stick;
  • Aromatization;
  • Suitable for entertainment in water;
  • Good exercise machine for the jaw;
  • Simplicity of care;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Large breeds are not suitable;
  • Over time, grows up.

Providing such a toy, you can prevent the damage to personal things, as well as interior items. For a long time, the dog will maintain interest in defeating, occupying himself when there is no owner nearby.

Rurri bones 4. 5 cm on a rope

The accessory from the Chinese manufacturer, capable of distracting a pet from unwanted games with personal things of the owner and family members, interior items for a long time. The bone on the rope can be smashed, rub, wear in the mouth.

The material is thermoplastic rubber, which is able to withstand low temperatures and not crack in the cold, and container in the heat do not melt. Bright design attracts attention, great for training a pet, has a long service life. The material is safe and not toxic.

Rurri bones 4. 5 cm on a rope

Rubber does not exude an unpleasant chemical smell. Suitable for tugs due to a length of 23 cm with a width and a height of 4. 5 cm. It will not be difficult for a pet to wear it, since the weight is only 100 g.


  • Material safety;
  • Withstands both frost and heat;
  • A light weight;
  • Design;
  • Long operation;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Does not make sounds;
  • There are traces of teeth.

This model with a bonus helps to strengthen the teeth, chewing muscles, with its help the gums are well massaged. When training with tugging, a good grip of jaw is formed.

The best toys for dogs for active games

The third category represents a review of functional accessories for active fun at home, on the street. Each nominee selected by the selection of an expert is tested on the strength of the structure, resistance to pollution, moisture, shock, as well as the ability to motivate the animal to mobile entertainment.

PetStages Orka (231rex)

The next model of Frisby type from the American brand "PetStages" is suitable for the dogs of large breeds. The owner does not have to teach the pet to jump for a “flying saucer”, everything is based on his natural instincts.

The design in the form of a blue disk is made of strong synthetic rubber. The material does not glance in the sun, does not blind vision. Also, it does not harm the delicate gums of young puppies, cares for the teeth, even removes a soft plaque from the enamel, which subsequently provokes tartar.

The diameter of the disk is 22 cm, the weight is 134 g, it is easily placed in the mouth, after several training the dog can catch it on the fly. A large individual in the city limits is not enough activity, so the accessory will delight and amuse it for a long time.

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PetStages Orka (231rex)


  • Famous brand;
  • Desna massage;
  • Denture removal;
  • Optimal weight, size;
  • Does not glance in the sun;
  • Durability.


  • Without a squeak;
  • It does not fly away.

Special bulges located on the surface of the disk are provided for a strong grip with jaws. He does not slip out, holds in his teeth tightly. It does not require special care, as it is easily cleaned and washed.

Puller training shell mini 2 pcs (6491)

A unique training shell of American production can give the most necessary loads on all the muscles of the pet. The difference between the accessory and other models is that the kit necessarily includes 2 identical items.

The set consists of a pair of purple rings made of soft elastic material. During the game, the pet’s teeth pass through the rim, without violating its shape and properties. The uniqueness of the training shell in the fact that it is able to give the necessary load within 15-20 minutes, equivalent to 5. 5 km of running.

With regular games, the behavior of the dog will change for the better, it will become more obedient. Rings-lords, the thickness of which is 2 cm, diameter 18 cm and weight 58 g do not have a specific aroma.

Puller training shell mini 2 pcs (6491)


  • A pair of rings in the set;
  • Elasticity of the material;
  • Holds on the surface of the water;
  • Effective loads;
  • Lack of smell;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not suitable for large individuals;
  • Does not squeak.

Training rings are suitable for small, medium, decorative breeds. You can use for its intended purpose on soil, in a pond. Swimming strengthens the muscles, improves the functioning of lungs, heart, develops endurance.

Doglike Shinka for the Gig wheel (DH-7517)

The toy from the American brand "Doglike" is designed by specially large and medium breeds. Training with a tire develops stubbornness and endurance in the pet, eliminates the problem of disobedience,

The material is a foamed polymer of orange, durable, not toxic, safe for the teeth and gums of the animal. Elasticity remains, both at low temperatures up t o-50 degrees, and with high up to +50 degrees. The enhanced formula contributes to the long service life.

A pleasant tire design, the diameter of which is 41 cm, is suitable for the Aport command, Springpol. It is difficult to lose, since a bright color is clearly visible to both the owner and his dog. Regular hanging on Shink strengthens the grip.

Doglike Shinka for the Gig wheel (DH-7517)


  • Suitable for large dogs;
  • Strength, durability;
  • Preservation of elasticity at different temperatures;
  • Bright noticeable design;
  • Does not drown;
  • He fights with disobedience, excessive aggressiveness.


  • Price;
  • The risk of defeating the fighting breed.

It can be games in the water, since the accessory does not sink or joint entertainment. After a walk, it is better to hide it so that the animal skillfully recognizes the object, rejoices each time, anticipating the adventure.

The best toys for dogs with a treat

The fourth category includes 2 in 1 accessories – this is not just fun, this is an interesting way of treating treats. The main task is to develop the desire and instincts for the production of feed in the pet. Interesting and thoughtful designs presented 3 nominees from Vyborexperta. ru.

Zogoflex Tizzi L.

The toy from the American brand "Zogoflex" distinguishes from other models that for additional attracting attention it can be filled with a treat. Suitable for any breeds, independent games.

The material of the product is innovative rubber with not only high strength, but also elasticity. The injuries of the oral cavity are completely excluded, so even puppies can have fun. The ant i-vandal structure is a pleasant touch, has no specific smell.

The manufacturer takes care of the environment, so in its production uses processed raw materials. A bright orange accessory has a length of 16. 5 cm. When gnawing, it massages the gum, removes a soft plaque.

Zogoflex Tizzi L.


  • Can be filled with food;
  • Suitable for an independent game;
  • Without a specific smell;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Cares for the oral cavity;
  • Bright coloring.


  • Price;
  • Over time, it breaks.

The material does not contain phthalates, harmful chemical components. Not toxic, it is food if, nevertheless, the dog manages to bite and swallow the part, this is not critical. With prolonged operation, it does not deform, holds the form well.

Nerf feeder series of tire (10 cm)

A feeder with a tread from the American brand "Nerf", designed for exciting interactive fun of large breeds. It, like the previous model, can be used as a treat.

The accessory is made of super-strength rubber in bright design to prevent loss. The drawing resembles protectors, the manufacturer provided different colors. Food is placed inside the tire to get the food, the dog will have to work hard, make efforts.

Compact dimensions 10×6. 5×6. 5 cm are well placed in the mouth. The device for regular use takes care of the oral cavity, a soft coating is removed, thereby preventing tartar.

Nerf feeder series of tire (10 cm)


  • Material strength;
  • For intellectual games;
  • Convenient dimensions;
  • There is a choice of colors;
  • Oral cavity;
  • Inexpensive.


  • It is difficult to clean the dried dirt;
  • Over time, it breaks.

Small bulges on the surface are provided for soft gum massage, but it is not easy to clean them. In water does not sink, which means that entertainment is possible not only on land, but also in reservoirs.

Tiltz, big

Interactive feed dispenser, stimulating mental and physical skills. It is used as a bowl of puppies, adults who eat food very quickly. The manufacturer is China.

The model is made of durable plastic with an attractive design. After filling with food, the animal begins to rotate and tilt the structure, the pieces are randomly falling out. Suitable for independent games, especially when it is necessary to survive a long separation with the owner, the dog will be provided for a long time.

The dispenser is shifting, carrying the dog into a constant game. It is easy to take care of the bowl, since the upper part is removed, it is enough to wash it under water with a soft detergent. Dimensions 0. 13 × 0. 24 × 0. 29 cm, weight 800 g.


  • Feed dispenser;
  • Mental, physical training;
  • Used as a bowl and as a toy;
  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Material strength;
  • Easy care.


  • Price;
  • Traces of teeth may remain.

The manufacturer guarantees the strength of the structure. The main task is to develop food production skills, extension of the feeding process. The case is easily divided into 2 parts in a circular motion.

The best very durable dog toys

The fifth category includes toys for large dogs of increased strength. We reviewed more than two dozen manufacturers, their range, studied reviews and customer experience. Based on these data, 2 nominees with the longest service life were selected.

Tuffy Ring, lattice pattern, strength 10/10

For pets who love soft toys, Turkish brand Tuffy presents a super durable ring. It has 7 rows of stitching with cross stitching that runs in two directions holding multiple layers of fabric.

In production, up to 4 layers of durable textiles are used, from which travel bags and suitcases are made. Even large individuals will not be easy to gnaw it. Additional strength is provided by coating several layers of plastic to hold the fibers of the fabric together.

The edges are securely sewn with strong braid. There is a squeaker in a special pocket, it can be removed if necessary. The dimensions of the toy are 22. 86×22. 86×3. 81, the weight is 204 g. The rating on the strength scale is 10 out of 10 points.



  • Textile base;
  • High score on the strength scale;
  • The presence of a tweeter;
  • Multiple firmware, braid;
  • Protective pocket;
  • Convenient size.


  • Price;
  • Play under the supervision of the owner.

In case of wear, torn shreds can be removed with scissors. This will significantly extend the service life. To prevent swallowing, do not leave the animal unattended.

Kong Classic S (T3E)

A jumper that you can put food in to get it during the game. It has no age restrictions, only in the weight category – up to 9 kg. The country of origin is the USA.

The bright red construction is shaped like a snowman made of durable rubber. The material is soft and pleasant to chew. The model is distinguished by a special jumping ability, which causes wild delight. It fully satisfies the natural need for chewing, so the personal belongings of the owners, the interior will be preserved.

Convenient size, length 7 cm, width 4 cm, fit well in the mouth. You can even freeze the snowman with food, this will only prolong the game time. It is easy to clean under the tap, which greatly simplifies maintenance.

Kong Classic S (T3E)


  • You can put food inside;
  • High jumping ability;
  • Freezing allowed;
  • Easy care;
  • natural rubber;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Very little;
  • Weight restrictions.

Users approve of the density, safety of the material. Chaotic jumps cause delight, make you show mobility. Before buying, consider the dimensions, they are not for large individuals.

The best soft toys for dogs

Another favorite category of accessories is soft toys. Usually they are preferred by puppies or small individuals, enjoying rustling, sound signals when pressed, tactile contact with soft textiles. According to buyers, 3 options show themselves best.

Best dog toys review slip out, holds

GiGwi Plush Friendz Fox (75385)

Cute fox-shaped dog squeaker toy with rustling effect inside. The manufacturer is the American brand "GiGwi". Suitable for small toy dogs. A large pet can swallow it.

The design is made of durable textile (combination of different fabrics). The seams are securely stitched, the stuffing is a synthetic winterizer. The fluffy fur tail is completely hollow, and the body itself is knitted. A squeaker is sewn inside, during the game it makes sounds, which is very amusing. The spout is safe if swallowed. Suitable for independent fun.

Accessory 9 cm long will decorate the leisure time of the animal during the absence of family members. Long sessions with him will divert attention from damage to property and furniture. Textiles retain the smell of the dog, which guarantees his interest.



  • Fox shape;
  • Small size;
  • The presence of a tweeter;
  • Independent fun is allowed;
  • Long service life;
  • Inexpensive.


  • The risk of chewing off the nose of a toy animal;
  • Bad smell at first.

The weakest point here is the nose. When holes appear, they can be sewn up independently, extending the service life. The squeaker is not loud, which means that it does not scare away every time you press it.

Triol Disney Stitch with Rope WD1016/12141073

A funny soft accessory with a rope, a squeaker in the shape of the famous Disney cartoon character Stitch. Recommended for both traction and independent games. Well develops jaws, caring for the oral cavity. Production – China.

The model is made of soft textiles and cotton ropes. The fabric is non-toxic, completely safe. A feature is the presence of spikes, a sewn-in tweeter. The sound when pressed amuses, distracts with an active game for a long time, so you won’t be bored in the absence of the owner.

Since the base is soft, the operation is hygienic only in the house, on the street it will quickly get dirty, requiring regular washing. Length 15 cm. The rest of the time, the accessory can serve as a decoration.

Triol Disney Stitch with Kanat WD1016


  • Disney cartoon design;
  • Safety, non-toxicity;
  • There is a squeaker;
  • The presence of spikes;
  • decor function;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Operation only at home;
  • After some time, the squeaker may fail.

Spikes guarantee massage, cleansing of the oral cavity. The strength of the design allows you to have fun pulling. In case of violation of integrity, self-repair is possible.

Japan Premium Pet Bunny

A soft toy from a Japanese manufacturer is suitable for interactive play by two dogs at once. The bright design of the rabbit attracts attention for a long time, activates the instinct of rivalry, fight when pulling.

The product is made of polyester, pet stores offer 2 types of colors: green, pink. A squeaking mechanism is sewn inside, making a loud sound during a strong clamping of the teeth. The product has 2 pigtail ropes, which help to effectively maintain oral health.

The fibers work like dental floss, which cleans the interdental space, thereby preventing dental diseases. The total weight is only 40 g. The possibility of hanging allows a person not to take part in the process.

Japan Premium Pet in the form of a rabbit


  • Bright design;
  • Use by two dogs at once;
  • Choice of colors;
  • There is a squeaking mechanism;
  • Cleaning the interdental space;
  • Purpose versatility.


  • Easily soiled;
  • Pigtails fray over time.

The presence of two ropes is the best parameters for pulling. The dimensions are quite compact – 6×24 cm. But even a large animal will be interested in such a cute rabbit.

How to choose a dog toy

Many buyers, when choosing such accessories, experience great difficulties, not knowing what to look for in the first place. We recommend looking at the view, comparing it with the breed, age of the dog. It is important to know what material the products are made of, how safe they are.

Types of toys

In fact, there are many more varieties of such products. The most popular today are the following:

  • chewing gums – made of flexible but durable rubber, latex, vinyl, help protect furniture from chewing;
  • Soft supplies are mainly toys for small dogs, made of textiles, environmentally friendly materials, suggest a squeak and/or rustling stuffing, protecting from damage to clothing, shoes;
  • ropes, graphs – indestructible toys for dogs and active, paired fun by tugging, an excellent option for fans of competitions, but subject to the strength of teeth;
  • Developing toys are usually balls, frisbee, training speed, dexterity, dexterity;
  • goodies – accessories, inside which there is food or other tasty products to find a way how to get them;
  • Bones for dogs for teeth are simple, always relevant options not only for fun, but also training, cleaning of the oral cavity, stone prevention;
  • Rings are a great way of dressing without the use of hard measures, and through fun.

What to choose from this depends on the goals, age, breed, weight category of the pet, and even on its behavior.

Age and breed of a dog

Be sure to compare with the design, its features the age of the dog, breed, condition of the gums, teeth. For example, an adult German shepherd is a latex ring made of whole material, an elderly dog will be enough for a rope-pipe from a cotton, and if there are no teeth or they are already weak, it is worth considering soft toys from textiles.


The goods presented on sale are made from different materials – latex, rubber, nylon, vinyl, plush, textiles, etc. It is important to select according to the strength, environmental friendliness, naturalness of the chosen raw materials. The most enthusiastic reviews received rubber and rubber toys for dogs.


Safety in the selection of such goods above all. Evaluate the risks of injuries, harm to health. If you do not want to harm the dog during fun and training, check strength, environmental friendliness, lack of toxic colors, low-quality rubber with a caustic odor, sticking threads, etc.

Which toy for dogs is better

So, you just got acquainted with 15 top products according to Vyborexperta. ru and numerous reviews. We do not give recommendations, which option from this is all, since everything is individual. But comparing the pros, cons of nominees, we once again note several of them:

  • Zogofoflex Air Wox – the development of useful skills, vibrating legs with an interesting rebound trajectory;
  • PetStages Dogwood stick (217YEX) – chewing flavored wand, good simulator to the jaws;
  • PetStages Orka (231rex) – Frisby for dogs of bright blue color, massages the gums, does not glance in the sun;
  • Doglike Shinka for the Gig wheel (DH-7517)-a dog tire that solves the problem of aggressiveness, disobedience;
  • Nerf feeder of the bus series (10 cm)-a feed tire made of super-strength rubber in bright design, providing nutrition, care for the oral cavity;
  • Tiltz, large – an interactive dispenser for food, training mental, physical activity;
  • TUFFY Ring, pattern of the grill, strength of 10/10 – durable unbearable ring, soft textiles with multiple firmware;
  • Japan Premium Pet in the form of a rabbit is a rabbit with a hanging loop designed for paired fun, tugs.

When choosing goods in the store, start primarily from the interests of the pet. Before you buy something, analyze the reviews, watch the video reviews. Well, if you can get the recommendations of an expert – a veterinarian, a breeder or a dog handler.


Best dog toys review pet to wear it, since
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