Best dog life jacket for swimming – Savior for dogs

December 21, 2022
Best dog life jacket for swimming - Savior for dogs

best dog life jacket for swimming – savior for dogs

Savior for dogs for swimming

Going with a dog on vacation to the water, you can expect anything from the animal. Some, being in the water, begin to quickly swim to the shore, and some beat with their paws on the water and go to the bottom. To avoid such unpleasant situations, it is recommended to purchase a rescue vest for a dog.

Why a dog lifting vest

Some people, having seen dogs in rescue vests, involuntarily wonder why they wear them on animals, if they, as you know, are naturally excellent swimmers? But still there are several points that oblige this subject to use:

  • The first attempts of the puppy to learn to swim. The animal is still small and makes its first attempts to get acquainted with the outside world. The vest is used so that it is not afraid of large waves, depths and other things. In addition, the puppy's paws are weak enough to skillfully resist the flow of water.

Landing vest for dog

  • Exit to the open sea on a yacht or boat. In this case, the use of a rescue vest guarantees that if the animal is provided overboard, he will not drown and the owner will be able to quickly get it out of the water.
  • Standing water is dangerous for the animal. If the animal is in the middle of a swamp or lake and its paws are confused in algae or hooks for any snag, then the vest will be able to keep it afloat and it will not drown until the owner can get it.

The advantages of a life vest

A vest for swimming will provide a dog with safety during bathing, training, skating on a boat or boat. Its acquisition will help the dog make the first acquaintance with the reservoir pleasant and relieve fear of infinite water expanses.

Among the main advantages, they highlight:

  • light and fast fixation on the animal;
  • complete safety during swimming;
  • fixed using special straps;
  • supports the neck of the dog during swimming;
  • The presence of a handle allows the animal to pull the animal out of the water if necessary;
  • Reflective elements allow you to see the animal even at night.

Important! It is worth remembering that even dogs can get carried away and swim far from the shore, so the life vest will help to save the life of the pet, holding it until the owner is salvation over the water.

Dog sailing

So that the dog’s swimming vest sits well and does not hang out, the correct calculation and choice of size plays an important role. There is a large assortment of such ammunition made by various manufacturers. If when sewing a vest, the manufacturer focuses on the mass of the animal, then the dimensional grid will be as follows:

  • for small breeds – from 0 to 5 kg;
  • for medium breeds – from 5 to 10 kg;
  • For large breeds – from 25 kg or more.

Rescue vest design

Some manufacturers are sewing up the rescue ammunition for dogs, based on their parameters such as the chest coverage, the length of the back and the neck of the neck.

The size Length on the back, cm Breast girth, cm Climbing the neck, cm
S 25 33-48 25-38
M 30 50-59 30-43
L 35 55-70 38-48
XL 45 72-90 48-58

Each letter of the dimensional table indicates for which specifically the breed is a life vest intended:

  • S – for small best dog food storage container breeds, such as a dachshund, York, that, Spitz, etc. ;
  • M-for medium breeds: brinter-clalls, amstaff, French bulldog, etc. ;
  • L-for large breeds: Husky, Labrador, Golden-Retriever;
  • XL – for the largest breeds: Alabay, Newfoundland, Senbernard and others.

Material for sewing a vest is neoprene. This is a waterproof and strong fabric, which is easy and easy to care for, it is enough to wash it in a washing machine after pollution.

The dog vests for dogs are equipped with reflective inserts, with which the animal will not be lost in the dark. Some manufacturers equip the products with search fires that automatically turn on if the animal enters the water. The presence of a ring on the product also plays an important role for which, if necessary, you can hook the cable and pull the animal to the shore or easily get out of the water. The belts help adjust the girth of the animal and adapt to specific parameters.

Best dog life jacket for swimming - Savior for dogs You can also attract your

It is worth knowing! It is forbidden to tighten the adjusting belts too tight, so that the animal can breathe well and so that it does not squeeze it during swimming.

Some of the manufacturers, when sewing vests, equip them with special shortcuts, which indicate the name of the dog, the owner of the owner and other no less useful information. This will come in handy if the animal for some reason takes away the current and it will be pulled out by strangers far from their home.

The life vest holds the animal over the surface of the water

Rules for the choice

When choosing a vest for swimming for dogs, it is necessary to focus not only on the specific parameters of the animal, but also to choose based on the following rules:

  • Material. It should be neoprene, polyester or cordura. The product should be filled with such component material that will not allow the pet to go to the bottom and this is polyethylene.
  • Color solution. The main condition is the brightness of the product and this is not a whim, but the necessity, because the bright orange or poisonous green spot is much easier to notice in water than, for example, gray. It is important to pay attention to the presence of a reflector or automatic backlight, which turns on as soon as the animal begins to enter the water.
  • The presence of safety straps. When buying dog vests, it is necessary to check their availability and the ability to regulate in length. Also in the back of the back on the product there should be a pen that will help to pull the animal out of the water.
  • The presence of a rush ring for a carbine is welcomed, to which you can attach a leash, for example, if you go to the alloy along the mountain river.

Important! Be sure to have a shortcut with the name of the animal and the host number of the owner in case the pet loss.

How to use it correctly

Wearing a life jacket on a pet is very easy. First you need to unfasten all the locks and weaken the cervical belt a little, place the product on the back and fasten the lock on the neck. Attach the product on the back with straps and adjust so that the animal does not crush and rubbed anywhere, but too free the situation is prohibited.

The next stage is the control of the belt on the neck and here it is also worth the ensuing that the pet does not crush, because his task is to keep the vest in motionless condition.

The use of rescue vests

Having bought a pet’s vest, you should not immediately start pulling it so as not to frighten the animal. This must be done gradually, because the dog first should get used to the new robe. In the early days, put on a vest for only a few minutes, gradually increasing the duration of socks. At this time, it is recommended to walk the dog somewhere near the reservoir, rivers or lake, so that the dog is gradually getting used to the water.

After he ceases to show increased interest in vest and will treat him indifferently, you can start swimming lessons.

It is worth remembering! No need to forcefully stuff the dog into the water, let him do it on his own and slowly.

By luring the dog in the water, you can use various goodies, praise it. You can also attract your favorite toys or take a company, that is, any familiar dog with which you can frolic and swim.

During classes, it is necessary to monitor the duration of the animal in the water and try so that it does not exceed the first time. Sometimes a puppy may need a hand of helping the owner. He should show how to swim correctly, because sometimes the puppies take the column pose in the water, holding the front paws above the rear.

Independent sewing the vest

Anyone who knows how to hold a thread and a needle in his hands can independently sew a rescue vest to the specific parameters of his pet.

Pattern of a vest for self-sewing

Be sure to stock up on the following materials:

  • waterproof fabric – polyester, neoprene or codura;
  • thin lining fabric – silver or taphot;
  • non-flowing filler – polyethylene foam;
  • nylon braid;
  • reflective tape;
  • Furniture (a ring for a leash, belts, latches).

Before making a pattern, all the measurements are removed from the pet: the length of the dog on the back, the neck, chest and the distance between the front paws are removed. After that, you need to make the product pattern only so that it wrapping around the neck. Then cut out all the details, sew them on three sides, attach nylon braid and sew the lining fabric.

After that, you can proceed to sewing all the accessories. In the last turn, the vest is filled with non-flowing material with polyethylene and sewn up.

It is worth knowing! During the independent manufacture of the vest, it is regularly tried on the animal.

When the vest is completely ready, it is put on, fasten all the belts, adjust them so that the animal does not crush and constrain movements.

Thus, when acquiring a life vest for a dog, you can be sure that nothing will happen to the animal during walks along the river, lake or sea. In case of hitting the water, the vest will keep the animal afloat and will not let him go under water. Many people prefer to make this accessory independently, because its cost goes an order of magnitude lower. But in the absence of skills in sewing skills, it is still recommended to purchase a ready-made reliable product for the sake of animal safety.


Best dog life jacket for swimming - Savior for dogs The main condition is the
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