How to choose the right harness for large breed dogs?

March 24, 2023
Good Dog harness for large breeds

When an animal appears in the apartment, there are many worries in arranging a comfortable existence of a pet. This is the purchase of a bed, bowls for water and food, toys, as well as an integral attribute – a leash or its varieties – dogs for dogs. It is selected on the basis of not only from the size and age of the pet, but also the role assigned to him. For example, a harness for a guide dog will radically differ from a similar accessory for a guard.

dog with harness

General requirements for slopes

The first slopes appeared due to the need to transport goods using dogs. In the classical sense, these are 2 belts that have connections along the spine along the back and ahead between the paws of the dog. Thanks to this design, the optimal distribution of weight between the chest and the front limbs of the pet occurs. Due to the complete lack of pressure in the neck, the maximum comfort and a feeling of freedom for the dog is ensured. The belts are fixed in such a way that the owner’s palm passes between the back and the harness, but it should not hang out too much.

With a weak attachment, the pet will be inconvenient to walk, and he will also be able to get out of it.

  • Walking;
  • Driving;
  • Medical;
  • Guard;
  • Sports;
  • Search.

Experienced breeders and dog handlers recommend purchasing several varieties that will be used with different purposes. For example, on a trip, a walk and when training, differing variations of an accessory will be required. Before purchasing, it is worth trying on it for a pet.

It is important to know that puppies are strictly contraindicated to walk on a harness.

For dwarf breeds, the recommended start of wearing an accessory is after reaching six months, for the rest-from 10-11 months of age. The danger lies in the fact that when walking in dog ammunition, deformation of the front limbs with the explosion of the elbows may occur. This occurs when the harness belt in the armpits of the puppy. Changes in the joints of the paws are formed very quickly – in about 3 weeks of constant wear.

  • The length of the back is the distance from the collar to the beginning of the pile of the pet.
  • The circumference of the chest – measure in the widest place along the ribs. 2 cm is added to the results obtained, and 1 cm for sofa dogs.
  • The rivet of the neck is at the place of socks of the collar.

In modern pet stores, a wide selection of worms sewn from all kinds of materials is provided: nylon, leather, tarpaulin, velor, various fabrics, etc.

How to choose a harness

  • Materials used in the manufacture of sluts. This issue should be approaching seriously, since not all manufacturers are responsible for it, and this can lead to the fact that the accessory will break at the most inopportune moment. It is preferable to buy from durable, soft and resistant materials. For example, nylon, neoprene or skin. It is important that the harness is easily washed from all kinds of contaminants that will appear on it during walks. Before purchasing, it is worth studying the information available on this issue in order to come to the store prepared. It is important to consider the size of the pet, choosing an ammunition from a particular material. So for dwarf breeds it is better to dwell on light tissue, and for large ones – on a leather one.
  • Fasteners. They should be strong, but it is easy to fasten and unbutton. The most convenient options with several mounts are. This will not only keep the dog from jumping out of ammunition, but will also be as comfortable for the pet, since you can adjust the dimensions in several places.
  • The adjacent to the body of the animal. The harness should sit on the pet so that when movements it does not move to the sides, but it is not necessary to tighten the straps very much. This will lead to discomfort, and can also damage the joints, and wool will begin to fall out in the friction sites and scuffs, corns will form.

It is worth remembering that the slide is used only for walking and training of the pet. She is rented at home.

In no case should the animal unattended with an accessory worn. This can lead to tragic consequences: the dog can try to remove it on its own and injure or even strangle it.

Small dogs for dogs

Miniature dogs are mostly extremely mobile and have sharp small teeth. This should be taken into account when choosing a slope. It should be made of light, but at the same time durable material. For example, from modern or artificial materials. Concension accessories are practically weightless, are washed without much effort, but also easily torn by the dog’s teeth. The clasp (carbine) should also be strong, but not heavy.

  • Walking. It is a few connected belts of light and durable fabric with several fasteners that regulate volumes. There is an option for such a harness with a pen. It is convenient in situations where it is urgent to take the pet in his hands, transfer through a puddle or another obstacle that is irresistible for him.
  • Soft. It is made of velor or any similar soft materialitable for toasters, Beijes, Spitz, etc.
  • Leather. Lighted from thin strips, in stores is represented in various versions and bright colors, decorated with decorative elements and even rhinestones.
  • Vest. It is not only convenient for kids when wearing, but will also warm it. It consists of fabric paintings covering the back and chest of a pet, and some have a layer of fur and other insulation materialsch a model is suitable for breeds: Chinese crested, Chihuahua, English bulldog, pug, Yorkshire terrier, etc.

For dwarf pets, many manufacturers produce harnesses of various colors with all kinds of jewelry.

Medium dog dogs

For small breeds of small sizes, there is also a wide range of slopesch animals include the following breeds: American bulldog, Australian Shepherd, American Pitbulterier, Basset Hound and others.

  • Walking. In their structure, they are similar to sluts for small breeds. Only the width and length of the belts will be greater, and the materials will be stronger. The option with a hand on the back is suitable for elderly and injured dogs of medium-sized breeds.
  • For transportation in the car.

Lars for dogs of large breeds

For large pets, harnesses are made of more durable materials, in several layers and well-stitched. They are produced from high-quality leather with reliable carbines and brass clamps. Due to the fact that dogs of such sizes are quite strong to prevent unpleasant sensations from jerks, a special tissue that reduces pressure is inserted into the harnesses on the chest. For example, a layer of felt. There are many varieties of sluts for large pets.

For large breeds

Harness with cargo

They are also called pouring. They are intended for pets-segments for training before preparing for competitions, in which dogs are dragged by a load exceeding the weight of the animal, at small distances. Thanks to such harnesses, the muscle mass develops, the chest is strengthened and the good physical condition of the dog is supported, and the correct standing, necessary to participate in exhibitions, is formed.

With loads

The structure of such models is special: special spacers distribute the load between the muscles of the back, chest and shoulders. The mounting point creating traction is below the tail. On the belts there are special pockets in which weapons of various sizes can be placed. Start with minimal weight and, as training, is gradually increased to the necessary.

Drill slope

This harness was invented by the indigenous population of North America about 400 years ago. It is also called alcohol or Alyk. It is used to transport small weight, but over long distances of goods, is widely used by the peoples of the North. It made it from rawhide leather, for example, seals.


In the modern world, modified harnesses are used in racing and sidelines. They are produced from modern fabrics that do not stretch and do not lose their properties after numerous wetting and drying, unlike the skin.

In places of maximum pressure, softening tissues are sewn to the dog’s body to reduce discomfort when used.

According to the studies, the weight of the cargo by 60 % falls on the chest, and the remaining 40 % are evenly distributed to the animal body. This is due to the special structure of the harness, when the mounting point of the leash is located on the body of the dog. Using it, you can adjust the figure of a pet, developing high-erace, which is valued in some breeds. With proper and accurate use for puppies from 2 months of age, it helps in the formation of the correct setting of paws with optimal angles between them and the development of a durable skeleton. It is used for animals such as Alaskan Husky, Like, Malamut, etc.

Cargo harness

This type is intended for large loads. It is used only in large breeds.


Outwardly, it looks like a sled hollow, but longer. The width of the sling varies between 25-30 mm, depending on the dimensions of the pet. Thanks to the special system of buckles and mounts, it is possible to regulate its size on the body of the dog and the cross, as well as the length from the hind limbs to the crossbar. On the straps walking on the chest and stomach of the pet, softening tissue in several additions is sewn, this reduces unpleasant sensations for the animal.

Cargo harnesses are made in specialized workshops to order, taking into account the anatomical characteristics of a particular individual.

Pinch slop

straps walking on the chest and stomach of the pet

It is used to tow various goods and people. Its design has special adjusting buckles that allow you to evenly distribute the transported weight.


Most often, when sewing this type of ammunition, a strong tarpaulin tape is used, folded in several layers and many times stitched. Carabins are installed on the side belts, for which straps coming from the cargo are attached. The traction sling is passed between the buckles of the harness, if necessary, it can be removed and you will get a walking version of the ammunition. If a person is towed, a special belt is put on him or a huck, to which a traction belt coming from the harness is already attached.

Harness with a handle on the back of the dogs

  • Walking large animals. Putting on the harness in parallel with the muzzle, an additional opportunity appears to hold the dog tightly if necessary.
  • Patients and old pets also need to be walked, but due to their state of health it is problematic to move under their own weight. The owner, holding the handle, takes part of the weight of the pet, thereby facilitating the movement of the animal.
With a handle

Harness for transporting dogs in the car

All pets on trips behave differently: some are sleeping, while others are tearing the seats and trying to escape. It will be optimal for restless dogs, as it has a special mount that helps to fasten your pet and limit its movement along the carch ammunition is attached to special belts (included in the kit) that pass through the upper handles in the car.

For transportation in a car

Thanks to a wide range, you can choose for any pet. Currently, 10 options for such accessories have been developed, so you can choose it for a dog of any complexion.

Correcting dogs for dogs

Some pets during walking sharply pulls the leash and tries to run away from the owner. To minimize injuries, a corrective harness is used. Due to the special design, it does not squeeze the chest and neck, which allows animals to breathe normally. The leash passes in front under the chest of the dog, thanks to this, even the minimum tension makes pets stop and they go calmly.


Other types of sluts

  • Harness for a guide dog. It looks like ordinary for a walk, but differs in that a hard arc is attached on a tape walking on the back of the animal, for which a person holds and controls her pet. When sewing such a variety, the skin folded in several layers is used. Her straps are wider.
Guide dogs
  • To carry the guard. It is used for leashing dogs at a checkpoint in the border zone. In terms of strength, the highest requirements are applied to them. They are sewn from several layers of leather lined with tarpaulin. The guard will not be able to get out of it, due to the fact that all the available fasteners are all-welded, because it must withstand very strong loads. They are made only to order for a particular animal. The ring for which the harness is attached is located on the back straps. Designed for service dog breeds. For example, the Caucasian watchdog.
  • For investigative activities. This harness is a lighter version of the guard harness. This is due to the fact that a specially trained dog follows the trail strictly, without being distracted by extraneous stimuli. The following breeds are often used for such activities: German Shepherd, Rottweiler.
dog on duty
  • For sick and injured animals during the rehabilitation period. It is more like a vest that covers almost the entire body of the dog. Due to the fact that the leash is attached closer to the pelvis, the pet can transfer the weight of the body to the front paws.
During the rehabilitation period

Mr. Tail recommends: major brands

  • A Party Dog;
  • Agia-Tex;
  • Amznova;
  • Balai;
  • Annimos;
  • Snoot etc.

You can show love for an animal not only with praise, affection and a kind word, but also with the acquisition of comfortable, beautiful and good accessories. A properly selected harness will bring joy to the pet, while too narrow or heavy will cause discomfort, and this, in turn, will be expressed in the pet’s bad behavior.

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