What size should a healthy Chiweenie be?

February 28, 2023
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Chiweenie or, as they are also called, choksi, is a cross between a chihuahua and a dachshund. Dogs of this designer breed are energetic, loyal and have a bright personality with a small stature. From the puppies and adult Chiweenie, which fans of the breed give such affectionate nicknames as “vinihuahua”, “Mexican hot dogs” and “German tacos”, excellent guard dogs are obtained.

Brown senior chiweenie with tongue out as if smiling.

The size of Chiweenie:

The weight:

Male: 2–5 kg. Bitch: 2–5 kg.

Height at withers:

Male: 15–25 cm. Female: 15–25 cm.

Chiweenie breed: description

Representatives of this breed of Dogs have short or long hair, a slightly elongated body, large ears that can stand erect or hang.


Moderate need for physical activity; High level of energy; life expectancy – 12-16 years; Low tendency to drool; Low tendency to snore; High tendency to bark; Moderate tendency to dig; High need for communication and attention.


Straight, can be both short and long, black, fawn, brown and white; Low overall need for care.

Club Recognition Chiweenie:

American Kennel Club (AKC) classification: not recognized; United Kennel Club (UKC) classification: Not recognized.

The Chiweenie is an energetic, loyal and playful dog with a lively disposition and cheerful disposition.

They are classified as hybrid breeds, which are also called designer. They were developed by crossing first generation purebred Chihuahuas, or F1s, with purebred F1 dachshunds. Reputable breeders avoid intergenerational crossbreeding, whether it be crossbreeding a Chiviny with one of the F1 breeds or crossbreeding them with other Chiweeniees. This is primarily because F1 crossbreeds tend to be the healthiest, according to PetGuide. Com.

This is a relatively new breed, so there are no standards yet for the size and appearance of the Chiweenie. Like their parent breeds, Chiweenies are usually small. According to DogTime, adult dogs weigh from 2 to 5 kg, have a height at the withers of 15 to 25 cm, but can be smaller or larger.

Like their parents (Chihuahua and dachshunds), Chiweenie is most often short-haired, but can be long-haired. Chiweenie’s color is also similar to the color of parental breeds. The most common colors are sticky, brown, black and white. Representatives of this designer can also be multi-colored.

Chiweenie’s body is usually shorter and stronger than that of a dachshund, and the tail is usually long and thin. Ears are large, straight and triangular, like Chihuahua, or long and hanging, like a dachshund. They can also represent something between the first and second. Chiweenie’s face is usually longer and already than Chihuahua, but shorter than that of a dachshund.

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Best dog food for chiweenie review

Chiweenie: Character

Chiweenie have boundless confidence and courage – features inherited from both parents. These charming and playful dogs love attention. As a rule, they are strongly attached to one person and show special devotion to him. At the same time, they can get along very well with other family members.

Although these are very energetic dogs, to meet their need for physical activity, due to small sizes, a half-hour walk in combination with games during the day will be enough. Dachbs were originally displayed for hunting rodents and have a strong instinct of persecution of prey, which can be transmitted to some Chiweenie. But most often they do not show interest in hunting.

Chiweenie will definitely cope with the task of the guard dog: they are prone to excessive and somewhat shrill bark, so some even call these dogs “yapping”. If the family is not looking for a guard dog, early socialization and training will help to restrain Chiweenie’s tendency to bark.

Chihuahua and dachshunds have a common feature – stubbornness that Chiweenie possess in abundance. And although because of this it is sometimes difficult to accustom them to cleanliness in the house, Chiweenie’s intellect and the desire to please the owner can compensate for stubbornness with more than. Patience, as well as a calm, but hard approach and systematicity, will help the owner quite successfully train a little stubborn.

Content and care

Due to their small size, Chiweeniees make excellent apartment dogs, but it should be remembered that their barking is unlikely to contribute to good relations with neighbors. They are more suitable for single people, couples or small families with older children. Chiweenies get along well with cats and are more likely to socialize with other small dogs than with larger ones. Due to their small size, it is necessary to carefully observe the interaction of Chiweenie with small children – a naughty child can accidentally harm a tiny dog.

The grooming needs of these dogs are usually low. They need weekly brushing and occasional bathing. These babies tend to be sensitive to low temperatures and love to wear sweaters and overalls to keep warm. Since both parent breeds are prone to dental problems, it is advisable to brush your dog’s teeth daily and take him to a professional dental cleaning regularly.

Overfeeding Chiweeniees can lead to weight gain: they should eat high-energy food designed specifically for small dog breeds. It is best to stick to a regular feeding schedule. You should not leave food for Chiweenies freely available and allow them to eat on their own. Treats for these pets should not exceed 10 % of their daily calorie intake.

The history of the origin of the breed Chiweenie

The first Chiweenie puppies were the result of an unintentional crossbreeding, as breeders did not specifically breed Dachshunds and Chihuahuas until the late 1990s. Although the origin of this designer breed is not known for certain, it is likely that crossbreeding began in North America. This was done to produce a dog that looked like a purebred dachshund but did not have the characteristic back problems. The mix turned out so attractive and charming that it quickly became popular. Because the Chiweenie is a mixed breed, it is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but it is recognized by several designer dog clubs.

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