Best dog food for chihuahua jack russell mix

January 11, 2023
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Best dog food for chihuahua jack russell mix

best dog food for chihuahua jack russell mix

What to feed a chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a very active breed, and like all miniature dogs, they have a fast metabolism. These are real little gluttons, who are also too picky about food. Chihuahuas are long-lived among dogs; with proper care and proper nutrition, babies can live up to 18-20 years. Therefore, it is important to know how to feed a chihuahua and how to do it so that the pet is healthy, cheerful and delights you for many years. The answers to these questions are in our article.

How to feed Chihuahua at home with dry food or natural food

Feeding rates

According to established veterinary standards, for normal growth and development of dogs, food should contain at least 18-22% protein and 5-8% fat.

Adult active dogs from 1 to 7 years old need 78 to 88 calories per 1 kg of body. Aging animals are enough – 68 calories per 1 kg of body.

An adult dog is fed twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. The best time to eat is at 7-8 o'clock in the morning and 19-20 o'clock in the evening.

Important! Never feed animals right before bed.

The best food for chihuahua

The composition of ready-made feeds for small breeds of dogs of the "super-premium" and "holistic" classes contains all the necessary micro- and macroelements. They have enough calories to replenish the energy expended by the dog, and the formulas are distinguished by a balanced ratio of fats and proteins. Chihuahuas are recommended to be fed dry food with a protein content of at least 25%.

The best brands of food for chihuahuas:

  1. NOW Natural Fresh Small Breed Recipe – Canada, holistic, dry food for small breed dogs;
  2. Grandorf 4 Meat & Brown Rice – Belgium, holistic, hypoallergenic food for mini breeds;
  3. Almo Nature Holistic Adult Dog Small – Italy, super premium;
  4. Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult canine – USA Super Premium;
  5. Bosch Mini Adult – Germany, super premium.

Now that we have compiled the TOP-5 feeds for the Chihuahua breed, we will analyze and evaluate each brand.

NOW Natural Fresh Small Breed Recipe

Diet for mini-dogs based on low-calorie meats and several types of vegetables and fruits. Does not contain cereals. Has a hypoallergenic composition.

Available in several recipes:

  • with lamb and pork;
  • with duck salmon and turkey;
  • with trout and salmon.

NOW has over 30 ingredients, including all essential vitamins and minerals. Protein components – 26%, fats – 16%. For the health of the coat and skin – rapeseed and coconut oil. For oral health and fresh breath added: parsley, peppermint and sodium tripolyphosphate. Chicory root is a natural prebiotic. Yucca schidigera plant extract reduces the smell of excrement.

Plus: small trefoil-shaped granules are adapted to the jaws of a chihuahua.

Cons: high cost.

  • 0. 23 kg;
  • 2. 72 kg;
  • 5. 45 kg;
  • 11. 35 kg.

Chihuahua Now Natural Fresh Small Breed Recipe

Grandorf 4 Meat & Brown Rice

Special formula for decorative mini-breeds includes varieties of dietary meat: lamb, turkey, duck and rabbit. Grandorf food contains: brown rice, seafood, salmon oil, dried apples, linseed, turkey fat, brewer's yeast, dried chicory. The food is enriched with a complex of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Approved for dogs with allergies. Yucca Schidigera extract reduces the smell of excrement.

Plus: Contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.

Minus: high price, not always available for sale.

  • 1 kg – $10;
  • 3 kg – $30;
  • 12 kg – $80.

Chihuahua Grandorf 4 Meat & Brown Rice

Almo Nature Holistic Adult Dog Small

Almo Italian dry food contains fresh and dehydrated meat, poultry or fish. The formula does not contain allergenic components. The ratio of proteins (26%) and fats (14%) allows you to maintain a normal weight of the pet.

  • chicken and rice;
  • lamb and rice;
  • salmon and rice;
  • beef and rice;
  • white fish and rice.

The food is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Inulin from chicory is added as a natural prebiotic.

Pros: Suitable for dogs with allergies.

Minus: the manufacturer did not decipher all the ingredients.

  • 2 kg – $14;
  • 12 kg – $60.

Chihuahua feed Almo Nature Holistic Adult Dog Small

Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult

High-quality super-premium dry food for miniature dog breeds has a balanced composition. In the Purina line of food there are therapeutic and preventive brands for dogs with digestive problems and to improve the condition of the skin. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, Omega-3, Omega-6. The source of inulin is natural chicory.

  • chicken and rice;
  • salmon and rice;
  • beef and dog food storage container rice;
  • lamb.

Plus: does not contain wheat gluten.

Minus: contains flour from corn – an allergen.

  • 0. 7 kg – $6;
  • 3 kg – $24;
  • 7 kg – $38.

Chihuahua Purina Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult

Bosch Mini Adult Lamb & Rice

The brand of German dry food of the "super-premium" class has the necessary calorie content for the normal growth and development of energetic dogs of small and dwarf breeds.

Available in the following recipes:

  • lamb and rice;
  • chicken and millet;
  • deer and potatoes.

All Bosch recipes contain: rice, peas, yeast, flaxseed, vitamins and minerals. The ratio of proteins (25%) and fats (14%) is balanced.

Plus: the size of the pellets is adapted to the jaws of the Chihuahua.

Minus: contains corn gluten.

  • 1 kg – $8;
  • 3 kg – $25;
  • 15 kg – $70.

Chihuahua food Bosch Mini Adult Lamb & Rice

Important! The daily allowance of food is calculated in accordance with the instructions on the food packaging, taking into account the weight, age and physiological state of the dog. On average, the volume of a daily portion is 50-70 gr.

Natural feeding

Proponents of natural nutrition should know what can be fed to chihuahuas and what they are strictly forbidden to give as food. These little "pocket" dogs are huge picky eaters – they won't eat anything! In addition, they are insanely active, and their metabolism is accelerated, so food should be regular and high in calories.

Do not even think that these little ones can be fed with leftovers from the human table. Yes, they eat not so much 120-160 gr. per day, but these must be high-quality, specially prepared grams. On average, the daily diet of an adult pet is 60-80 gr. feed per 1 kg. weight. 2/3 of the total volume is protein food, the remaining 1/3 is vegetables and cereals.

What should be in the diet

  1. Meat. Boiled or raw (frozen or scalded with boiling water). Low-fat varieties are suitable: rabbit, turkey, veal, beef, chicken breast.
  2. Vegetables. They are served raw and stewed. Raw vegetables are grated and mixed with a small amount of vegetable oil.
  3. Cereals: hercules, rice, buckwheat.
  4. Boiled eggs. Not more than 1 time per week.
  5. Low-fat sea fish – 1-2 times a week.
  6. Curd calcined.
  7. Offal.
  8. Vitamin and mineral complexes.

List of prohibited products

  1. Fresh raw meat. Meat is given only after heat treatment or frozen and scalded.
  2. Spices, onion and garlic.
  3. Chocolate, sweets, sugar.
  4. Fatty, spicy, fried and salty foods.
  5. Smoked meats.
  6. Raw fish.
  7. Milk.
  8. Pickled products.
  9. Raw eggs.
  10. Legumes.
  11. Nuts, especially walnuts.

The use of these products leads to various pathologies: obesity, anemia, hypertension, bone fragility and gastrointestinal disorder.

Best dog food for chihuahua jack russell mix up to 18

Take responsibly to the question of how to feed Chihuahua at home. The health and well-being of the dog depends on the composition of the diet. If you are in doubt, seek advice to your veterinarian.

How to feed pregnant and lactating dogs correctly

In order for a small dog to endure and give birth to healthy offspring, a pregnant Chihuahua needs to be fed according to a special diet. Dogs that receive dry food are transferred to special brands for pregnant women: Royal Canin Mini Starter Mother & Babydog, Bozita Super Premium Puppy & Junior Wheat Free 25/13 and others.

Dogs on natural nutrition are given more products containing calcium: apples, cottage cheese and cauliflower. Before the very birth, the level of proteins in the diet is reduced, 7-8 days before childbirth, meat and fish are excluded.

After childbirth, dogs also do not give meat for the first days. They feed cottage cheese, give calcium preparations, dairy products. From the second week, stew with vegetables is fed, porridge, boiled egg yolk is given. If the bitch does not have an allergy to milk, you can drink goat milk.

Important! Be sure to give special vitamin-mineral complexes during pregnancy and during lactation.

How to feed the Chihuahua puppy

The compilation of the diet of little sneezing needs to be approached responsibly. The growing organism should receive all the necessary micro and macro elements, as well as the number of kilocalories sufficient for normal growth and development.

A dog-mother can feed the kids with milk for up to 2-3 months, sometimes up to 4. In 1 month of life of breast milk, it is enough for the normal development of puppies. The first complementary foods are administered at the age of 1. 5-2 months.

The first feeding

The better to feed puppies:

  • Homemade cottage cheese from milk and kefir or children's curd "Agusha", "Theme" without additives.
  • Beef brazen – frozen beef scoop up with a knife, something that will be collected on the width of the blade.
  • Dry food for puppies soaked with warm water or kefir.
  • Boiled breast chicken or turkeys. Before serving, the meat must be chopped in a blender.

You need to start complementary foods with cottage cheese, meat is added to the diet of puppies later.

How to feed puppies if the bitch has little milk

If mom has little milk, you can feed puppies and in an earlier time – from 3 weeks of life. For this, Canina Welpenbrei is suitable – puppies for puppies, which include protein products, grain, fats and vitamins. You can give the kids a children's dairy mixture for infants.

The best ready-made puppies

When the kids grow up and learn to eat on their own, you can transfer them to special ready-made feed for puppies. Do not allow puppies to eat food from mom's bowl – this rule applies to all feed, except for feed for pregnant and lactating dogs. This specialized line is adapted to the needs of puppies.

We picked up the best brands of industrial feed:

  1. Acana Heritage Puppy Small Breed – Grain Free Grain Free Holistic for Puppies;
  2. EUKANUBA PUPPY DRY DOG Food for Small Breed Chicken – from 1 to 12 months;
  3. Bosch mini junior – up to 12 months;
  4. Royal Canin Chihuahua Junior – for Chihuahua puppies;
  5. Royal Canin Mini Junior – from 2 to 10 months.

Important! Chihuahua puppies do not really like dry food – pour granules with hot water and cool them to room temperature.

Puppies for up to 6 months are covered with 20 g. Dry feed per meals, from 6 to 12 months-30-40 gr.

In order for the gastrointestinal tract to grow normally, the kids are fed strictly by the clock.

How many times a day to feed puppies:

  • from 2 to 3 months – 6 meals;
  • at 3 months – 5 times a day;
  • at 4 months they switch to a 4-single meal;
  • At 5 months, they feed 3-4 times a day;
  • From 6 months they switch to 3 meals;
  • From a year, dogs should receive tw o-time meals.

Important! Puppies should have round-th e-clock access to clean and fresh water. It is best to take water in a bottled or fresh filtered water, to give in a ceramic bowl.

What food to feed Chihuahua with health problems

Chihuahua has good immunity, but you cannot call a healthy breed. The breed has a tendency to a number of genetic diseases.

Best dog food for chihuahua jack russell mix beef and         dog food storage
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