What are the benefits of using an electric collar for dogs?

April 4, 2023
Dog Training
electric collars for dogs

Electronic collars are devices for teaching dogs to various commands and control over their behavior using the Antilament system. They can be used in the training of animals as both dog lines and non-professional. In order for this to bring the desired effect, it is necessary to choose reliable, trusted products. This rating discusses the best electricity-seedlings for dogs, among them there are training models for pets of any weight and breed – small, medium, large. This top is created to facilitate the choice of a suitable option.

Electric skeletons for dogs

The TOP includes devices of 5 brands, among which there are both budget brands and offering goods at an average cost. Premium brands have also included this, each of them has positive reviews and excellent reputation. The following brands can be seen in the list of leaders:

  • Dogtra is one of the best firms for the production of electronic collars, recognized as leading dog lines. They are suitable for teaching dogs both professionally and amateur. The assortment of the brand has models for hunting and instilling obedience to pets, as well as Antila systems equipped with the system. The brand devices are safe for animals.
  • Petraner is a brand of accessible to dogs available in the price of dogs, which are distinguished by good water resistance, fast and accurate effect, wide radius of work. Its features are the convenience of remote control over the behavior of the animal with the help of the control panel and the wide possibilities of training thanks to a rich selection of settings.
  • Petcomer is an inexpensive brand under which universal electronic collars are sold for dog training, including non-professionals. Its devices have a safe impulse effect on animals with different frequency, which guarantees the desired effect with various degrees of disobedience. According to reviews, the level of their reliability and comfort for pets is quite high, so they respond normally to the use of products.
  • Paipaitek is a brand of inexpensive electronic collars for training and bark suppression. In this rating, it is represented by the PD-258S model. They have flexible settings that allow you to select the most optimal mode of operation, taking into account the behavior of the dog, its breed and conditions of use. They are covered by a six month warranty.

How do I choose the right electric collar for my dog?

The analysis of offers on the market was carried out taking into account customer feedback and the reactions of training experts. The results of the tests performed on the devices had a particular impact. For selection in the anti-bark collar rating, each nominee was considered according to the following characteristics:

  • Focus on the breed and weight of the pet;
  • Number of operating modes;
  • Radius of action;
  • Strap material;
  • Battery life;
  • Current strength.

When analyzing electric collars, attention was paid to their functionality, versatility, ease of use and safety. Last but not least was the ratio of price and quality of devices, the reputation of manufacturers and their availability on the market.

Do e-collars help to train aggressive dogs?

With the help of such devices, you can cope with the aggression of pets towards people and other animals. They are used for amateur and professional dog training in order to re-educate and instill obedience in them. Thanks to this, the dog begins to respond faster to the commands of the owner. However, all this is possible if you use a dog collar from barking.

Which Electric Collar is effective for training aggressive dogs?

This collar is included in the rating primarily due to the flexibility of settings that increase the effectiveness of training. With its help, it is possible to develop basic obedience skills in the presence of three types of electrical stimulation of the dog – vibration mode, long-term current and short discharge. It is very convenient that its degree varies from 0 to 10, which allows you to choose the most optimal value, taking into account the form of aggression of the animal.

The product is universal, it can be worn on dogs weighing up to 25 kg, which means it is suitable for both large and small breeds, including hunting ones. The electric collar is made of leather, which increases the service life. Its considerable length allows it to be worn around the neck of any dog, from terrier to mastiff. If necessary, it can be tightened or cut off the excess.

Lightweight plastic gently wraps Dogtra IQ Plus


  • Charging lasts a long time;
  • Not a very large receiver;
  • Range – 400 m;
  • Vibration warning;
  • Two electric collars can be connected to one system;
  • Replenishment of the charge up to 100% in 2-3 hours.


This version of the shocker is relevant for active dogs, since the mounts here are iron and durable.


Lightweight plastic gently wraps around the pet’s neck, and the metal component conducts current and vibration perfectly. The design is presented in three colors – yellow, black, blue with flickering LEDs in two versions. In comparison with the previous model, the collar is universal – suitable for dogs of any size from 5 kg. In it you can walk, train, train, educate.

For large dogs, rubber extension guides are provided. The built-in flashlight allows the pet to walk even in the dark. Powerful charging cables for the receiver with a collar, bilingual instructions, lightweight, adjustable length – all this includes a polyurethane collar with a remote transmitter.

Powerful charging cables for the receiver with a collar


  • Simple control;
  • Additional rubber caps;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Multiple vibration modes;
  • Painless current;
  • Water resistance.


  • The actual distance is less than stated.

“The problem dog with zooaggression stopped attacking moving objects, people, other animals. Only discomfort, no pain. From 70 units is already noticeable, do not use on small breeds.

Collar for dogs in the ranking, but buyers have no complaints about its quality. In terms of the number of degrees of influence, it is not inferior to previous models, there are 100 of them here. Two modes of operation are available here: an electric discharge that is safe for a pet, a pronounced sound and vibration that successfully replaces the “anti-bark” in similar products. The only pity is that the last option is enabled manually. The device works at a distance of up to 300 m and is effective when walking in a wooded area.

The remote control from the electric collar kit for dog training can be used with two receivers at once, but for this you will have to purchase a second model. It has small dimensions, 5. 1×3. 4×3 cm, and fits comfortably in the hand. He is not afraid of the effects of water due to the high resistance to it. This option is ideal for pets of medium and large breeds, but for small animals it is better to choose some other device from the rating.

electric collar Petraineer Pet998dr small dimensions


  • Stops aggression towards other dogs;
  • Does not allow eating leftover food found on the street;
  • Fast switching between operating modes;
  • Adjustable length within 35-56 cm;
  • Test lamp in the discharge test kit.


  • Not suitable for dogs weighing less than 3. 5 kg.

The Petrainer PET998DR shocker automatically turns on and off, which significantly extends the life of the product.


The manufacturer stood out among other brands in that he made the electrodes not of metal, but of elastic materials. Due to this, the animal experiences less discomfort from the effects of current and is not afraid of the owners, which makes the use of the product humane. Of particular note here is the wide range of dog weights for which the device is designed – from 2 to 30 kg. Therefore, with its help, you can manage a pet of both small and medium, and large breeds. To indicate the dog on the street at night, there is a bright LED.

Pets normally respond to all 3 types of influence available here: sound signal, vibration and discharge. Depending on the behavior of the animal, the strength of the influence of the electronic collar for dog training can be adjusted from barely noticeable to very noticeable, harm to their health is excluded here. The belt of the product for them is comfortable, does not put pressure on the skin and does not spoil the wool, it is easily adjustable in length from 10 to 50 cm.

electronic collar for dog training


  • Waterproof;
  • Battery powered;
  • Bright LCD display;
  • Separate button for each type of impact;
  • The ability to control three dogs from one remote control.


  • The range of 300 m indicated by the manufacturer is actually slightly less.

Reviews show that thee-collar is effective in dog training at both amateur and professional levels.

Which electric collars help with unreasonable dog barking?

This type of electric collar is designed to “educate” dogs so that they stop barking loudly for no reason, which led to their name “Antilai”. The choice of such models is quite large, but only two models can be safely called the best options. They were included in this category due to their safety, ease and efficiency of use.


… Testing of the PET853 electric collar showed that it is easy to operate due to a specially designed microprocessor. This model has worked well on the Chihuahua breed, but is also suitable for larger breeds, up to a weight of 60 kg.

Created to wean the dog from whining, barking, howling, including in the house in the absence of the owners. The electric collar affects the dog gently and is safe for health due to flexible settings.

The manufacturer thought over everything in advance and protected the animal from excessive stimulation using an automatic mechanism. A unique technology is used here, which minimizes the likelihood of false works. The electric collar for dogs is set up is very simple, through the “+” / “-” switches.

protected the animal


  • Strong control of the control panel;
  • Test bulb in the kit;
  • Gradual increase in the force of exposure to current;
  • Effective dog management algorithm;
  • Blocking of exposure for 1 minute in the absence of a reaction of a pet.


  • The warranty is given only for 3 months.

Antila PD-258S

This budget model is designed to use barking in small and medium breeds of dogs weighing from 2 kg. It works on the same principle as the previous device in the ranking, but has more compact sizes.

With its help, it is possible to calm the animal thanks to the response of a microphone built into the sensor, which reacts to sound vibrations. As a result of this, the electric sinker makes a fairly loud signal. If the dog does not stop barking, then its volume rises, and for the third time the discharge is also supplemented to this. Despite the noise level, it is safe for the animal and above the permissible limits does not rise.

electric sinker makes a fairly loud signal


  • Quick action;
  • High efficiency;
  • Does not cause tangible discomfort;
  • Pleasant price;
  • Electrodes for different types of wool;
  • Light;
  • Firmly fixed on the neck.


An electric collar for dogs is interesting in that it reacts not only to barking, but also to the whine, howl.

Vinsic OLOEY

New Asian collar Antilament for little dogs

New Asian collar Antilament for little dogs. The length of the nylon collar is regulated within 20-60 cm, due to the structure of the neck of such breeds as the Pomeranian Spitz, Terrier, Chihuahua, Corgi, Pug, Buldog, Jack-Rassella-Terrier, Tsvergshneuszer.

A distance of 300 m, a powerful battery, spare rubber caps – all this allows you to use a collar on long trips, and work, walks, exhibitions. It does not need constant disconnection, the saving mode works after 3 minutes of inaction. The built-in LCD display displays current settings. 3 methods of exposure – sound, vibration of current – offer 5 levels of intensity for fine setting of warnings.

Design – in black and white – combined with strict colors of the zvergshnauzer.

combined with strict colors


  • Long work of the battery;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • 5 intensity levels;
  • Strict design;
  • Eco-mode;
  • Spare rubber caps included.


  • No spare electrodes.

With one remote control, you can control two collars.

Are electric collars safe for dogs?

Yes, electric collars are safe for dogs when used correctly. They should only be used by trained professionals and should never be used as a punishment. The duration and frequency of the impulse, the shape of the signals – vibration, sound, current – all this is the main component of electric collars. Before you buy an anti-bark collar, measure the diameter of your pet’s neck, find out the minimum and maximum amperage for the breed. Owners often try a purchase first on themselves and then on the animal. So you can understand which regimen is the most painless, but effective.


There are 3 types of collars:

  • Antilay;
  • Training;
  • Gps.

The anti-barks are activated automatically by the vibration of the vocal cords or by the barking of a dog. The training collars come with a remote control. If you have a GPS, your pet can be tracked on an online map.

Dog size

The table shows the ratio recommended by cynologists between the size of the dog and the type of collar.

Dog weight, kg Electric Collar Models
1. 5-8 Dogtra iQ Plus Vinsic Oloey
8-50 Petrainer PET998DR, Petcomer, Antibark PD-258S
>50 Р-880PRO, PET853


The material affects the price. The collar, optimal in price and quality, is made of artificial fabric. Nylon, silicone, polyurethane – they are all wear-resistant, flexible, moisture resistant, durable, inexpensive. A higher price is inherent in genuine leather: it is soft, durable, beautiful, breathable, absorbs moisture. The most inexpensive models are made of tarpaulin, but it wears out quickly, gets wet in the rain, dries for a long time, and does not wash well.

Presence of a remote control

The presence of a remote control is inherent in training modelsch models are more expensive, but it is easier to control the pet with them.

Question answer

The collar is worn high, closer to the lower jaw. The receiver is placed under the jaw or on the side of the mouth. They tighten just like a regular collar – not too tight, but not too loose.

When the current button on the remote control is pressed, the red indicator on the collar lights up. Some models have vibration and sound modes. Usually they start with painless sound signals and commands, and in extreme cases they go to the current.

Yes, you can, if it is the current in the electric collar. For dogs, the minimum voltage is selected. The current does not cause pain, only causes discomfort. It does not cause long-term stress if the electrical signal is associated in the dog’s head with this behavior, and not with an external object.

View video about good Dog Training Collars 🏆

With poor behavior, gradually go from commands to current. Get the commands, then warn the dog with ultrasound. Go to vibration and after – to the current, if it is not indifferent. Gradually increase the current strength until the dog calms down, or use the most optimal maximum for the breed.

Can electric collars replace traditional training methods?

Electric collars should not be used as a replacement for traditional training methods. They should be used as a supplement to traditional training methods to achieve the best results.

To teach dogs, various commands are recommended to choose training electronic collars designed specifically for training. If the dog often and unreasonably lifts barking, it will already be needed by products that respond to sound vibrations, called “antila”.

The choice of a certain model of a dog shocker should be dictated by the corresponding needs:

  • For small breeds of dogs, the VINSIC OLOEY model is suitable.
  • For medium breeds of dogs, the DogTra IQ Plus device will be relevant.
  • For large animals, it is best to choose the PET853 product.

When choosing an electric shock for dogs, it must be remembered that the best device can only be that which meets several selection criteria at once – current strength, application modes, strap material. These are three “whales” that you should rely on to buy an electronic collar for dogs of a suitable type.

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