What type of dog beds is good for Frenchies?

March 1, 2023
Best dog beds for Frenchies
Bed for french bulldog

Do you know about 7 criteria that should be considered when you choose a sunbed for French bulldog? We carefully studied the nature of the breed and are ready to make this difficult choice very easy.

The flexible nature of the French bulldogs does not mean that they will always and in everything agree with their owners. Dogs of this breed require mutual respect. One of its manifestations on the part of the owners is to buy a convenient sleeping place for his pet. When choosing it, you need to proceed from the features of this breed. The bed for the French bulldog should be at the same time soft and strong, practical and mobile.


  • 7 criteria that must be taken into account when choosing a sunbed
  • Features of the bed for French bulldogs Pet Lounge ™
  • Choosing a lounger for a puppy
  • Reviews: if the French could speak
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Bed for french bulldog

What you need to know when choosing a sunbed to the French bulldog

Adult dogs of this breed will surely check their sleeping place for reliability, appreciate the size, undermine it around the room and test the practicality of materials, quickly staining the cover.

Such tests successfully pass far from all the lynks, so the owners in the search process should take into account 7 criteria.

  • Ability to clean a sunbed of wool

French bulldogs are pepper, so you need to be prepared that the sunbed will have to be constantly cleaned of wool. Do not count on the seasonality of this process. Wool loss can also provoke allergic reactions typical for this breed. The cleaning procedure may not be as simple as it seems. The covers of many stomachs hold wool, which, due to the process of electrification, sticks to the fabric. In addition, hard villi can get stuck in a case. In such cases, cleaning the sunbed for the French bulldog turns into a long and tedious process.

  • The cover should easily be washed

One simple cleaning of the wool cover is not enough to ensure simple lounger care. French bulldogs love to try everything they see around them. Therefore, diarrhea and vomiting can happen at any time and in the most unexpected places. It should also be borne in mind that drooling in dogs of this breed is distinguished due to the structural features of the skull. You need to be prepared for this and provide for the opportunity to easily and quickly wash the sunbed cover.

  • Of fundamental importance are the size and shape of the berth

When considering these criteria, it must be taken into account that French bulldogs love to rise above the floor, so flattened beds will not work. The berth should be located at an altitude of about 23–25 cm. The length and width of the sunbed are no less important – the dogs of this breed sleep both with a kalachik and stretched over the entire length of their body. The optimal size of the bed for French bulldog is 60×90 cm.

French bulldog bed size
French bed
Medium size dog bed
  • Mandatory condition: Super durable fabric

The dog will definitely experience a new bed for strength. He will bite her, tear and even dig. Therefore, it is fundamentally important that the case withstand the first attacks with teeth and claws. If the fabric gives slack at least somewhere, the couch can immediately be thrown away-the French bulldog will turn it into a shapeless lump of Vetoshi for a week.

  • Sleeping place in the extent elastic

The French are lezeloboki. Adult dogs sleep from 12 to 14 hours a day. About 2-3 hours, they just rest on the couch. That is, they spend most of the day on it. It is important to ensure that the dog is not too hard. If the place for sleep is too soft and fails, this is also bad. The bed itself should adapt to the body of the dog.

  • Stear should warm in winter and cool in the summer

The presence of the thermoregulation function is a mandatory requirement for stomachs for French bulldogs. After all, they can freeze in the winter in case of sudden decrease in temperature, and in the summer, on the contrary, they suffer greatly from the heat. This is a feature of the breed – the French quickly accumulate heat and give it very slowly, so the bed should take its excess.

  • Less Light and Mobile

Dogs will definitely transfer their property from place to place. French bulldogs carry it themselves and sometimes ask the owners about it. This means that the mass of the product that should not be too heavy and bulky.

The best among sun loungers for French bulldogs

Based on a combination of factors, the Pet Lounge™ couch (Medium size) is the best fit for the French. The characteristics of this model on all counts meet the listed requirements (and even more)

Wear resistant and practical

The fabric of the base part is made of special reinforced nylon. At the same time, the material retained its softness property and was easily washed with water.

1 Easy cleaning

The cover and bedding do not attract or hold wool. The bed can be quickly cleaned with a brush, roller, vacuum cleaner, damp sponge.

2 Practicality

At any time, you can quickly pour out the filler from the couch, load the cover into the machine or put it in a basin and wash it at a temperature of 30 ° C. High-quality fabrics from which the bed is made do not absorb dirt, so they are easy to wash and do not shed.

3 Natural air exchange

The case features an innovative SmartVent™ ventilation valve. Thanks to him, the couch breathes and does not allow unpleasant odors to accumulate.

4 Optimum height

Choose a French Bulldog Bed

Premium content

Thought out to the smallest detail, striking with a huge selection of accessories for the lounger and variability in the settings of its softness and tactility.

Best dog beds for Frenchies We carefully studied the natureBest dog beds for frenchies

Fur upper for winter
Interchangeable top for summer
Cooling pad for lounger
Fur upper for winter Interchangeable top for summer Cooling pad for lounger

5 Durability

The beautiful cover is made of reinforced nylon, which is very difficult to bite through or tear. The anti-vandal bed Pet Lounge ™ has repeatedly passed tough test drives.

6 Firmness adjustment

The bed can be quickly made softer or harder. To do this, it is enough to pour or add Ultra-bead ™ filler, which is sold in separate best dog food storage containers specifically for such purposes.

7 Comfortable shape

The bed can be quickly made softer or harder. It is made in the form of an oval cylinder, thanks to which the dog will always be comfortable on it and in any position.

8 Lightness

The Pet Lounge™ (Medium size) weighs approximately 3. 9 kg. It can be easily moved from place to place by both the dog and the child, not to mention adults.

9 Excellent thermoregulation

The Ultra-bead™ fill is able to accumulate heat, and the SmartVent™ valve prevents the bed from overheating. This simple and reliable system for maintaining a comfortable temperature will keep the French Bulldog from freezing in winter and will protect him from overheating in summer. In the heat, pet owners can quickly unfasten the fur top and put on a special ThermoCool cooling mat, which can be purchased immediately with the bed or purchased at any convenient time.

10 Premium content

Another plus of this model is that it is suitable for any interior. Incredibly tactile artificial materials are very difficult to distinguish from natural ones, but at the same time, together with you, we care about the environment and the protection of animals! Stylish sunbeds can be dark gray, light beige or pink.

Choosing a lounger for a puppy

The search for a suitable place to rest begins from the moment a puppy appears in the house. Since French Bulldogs quickly become attached to things, it is better to buy a Pet Lounge™ bed right away for growth. It is not advisable to wait until the dog grows up – from the first days you need to provide him with the comfort that a pet deserves.

He will grow so rapidly that it is not worth making him get used to another place that will be completely new for him. In addition, buying a Pet Lounge™ at an early age will help owners quickly wean a puppy from the habit of relaxing on armchairs, sofas, and beds.

The sooner you get a sunbed, the better. Indeed, in this case, the new family member will be much more likely to get used to a personal place.

Pet Lounge™ Reviews

The satisfied owners of these dogs are ready to tell you how comfortable French bulldogs feel at their favorite place to rest. They personally managed to see all the advantages of the Pet Lounge™ models.


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