Best Dinner dog food brand review

April 7, 2023
Best Dinner dog food review
Best Dinner

Dry dog food Best Dinner (“Best Dinner”) for dogs is produced in USA, by order of Grand Alpha LLC. The official bestdogfood.Expert, there is information about the compositions, recommended feeding rates, etc. This food can be attributed to the super premium class.

Composition of Best Dinner brand

Let’s get acquainted with the composition of the Best Dinner food using the example of the Sensible Medium & Maxi Lamb & Tomato option (for adult dogs of medium and large breeds with lamb and tomato):

Photo of the composition indicated on the packaging of the food.

The first two ingredients – dehydrated turkey meat 22%, lamb meat 18. 6%, are good sources of protein. Of the other very protein-rich ingredients, then there is only beef meal. It can be concluded that most of the 23% protein indicated in the guaranteed analysis is of animal origin.

We recommend that you read our article on Protein in cat and dog food, where we tried to explain the difference between different sources of protein.

Rice, barley, oatmeal are sources of carbohydrates. Poultry fat, salmon oil are sources of fats and fatty acids. Hydrolyzed meat proteins are a natural flavor additive. Vitamin-mineral complex is a food supplement of vitamins and minerals.

Dry yeast is a source of B-group vitamins. Dried tomatoes are a source of fiber. Glucosamine, chondroitin – useful for joints. Dried chicory root is a source of the prebiotic inulin, which has a positive effect on digestion.

Yucca schidigera extract reduces the smell of excrement. Rosemary is a natural antioxidant. It is also indicated that tocopherol (vitamin E) is used as a preservative.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of this feed include:

  • The main sources of protein are meat ingredients;
  • Wheat, corn and their gluten are not used;
  • Natural antioxidants/preservatives are used;
  • Good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • In addition to dry dog food, there are canned food.

The disadvantages can be considered:

  • As for its class and price — they are not.
Best Dinner dog food - The main sources of protein are meat ingredients

Dry dog food Best Dinner is quite common, but there are relatively few reviews on the Internet about them. Below we have published the most informative of the found.

Customer Reviews

The food is small, just for our miniature zvergpinchchery. Fragrant, eats with pleasure. There are no manifestations of allergies. The disadvantage is the lack of zip-lice on the package.

English cocker spaniel
no allergic skin and eye reactions
Best Dinner dog food review on the

The English cocker spaniel: there were no allergic skin and eye reactions, the chair is also normal, but the wool began to “fly” greatly.

My dog likes it. They bought to try, before that we tried another food (the same price category), it was reluctant to eat it. I also liked the beautiful packaging, and the food itself with hearts.

Best Dinner Price
Best Dinner feed granules for dogs

Price and where to buy

The cost of dogs “Best Dinner”:

  • Dry dog food Best Dinner 1. 5 kg – from 870;
  • Dry dog food “Best Dinner” 3 kg – from 1530;
  • Dry dog food Best Dinner 10 kg – from 4280

These prices are estimated. See the exact cost on the bestdogfood.Expert by link above.

Conclusions about the food “Best Dinner”

About dog food Best Dinner reviews for German Shepherd are mostly positive. The composition, in general, is not bad, so the Petobor bestdogfood.Expert has no reason not to recommend this food as a constant diet for your pets.

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