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December 30, 2021
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Chewy dog crates

A dog is first and foremost an animal that, just like humans, should have its own nook, its own den, where it can feel comfortable and safe. A dog crate is just such a shelter. Often the crate is indispensable for transporting the dog, and in the case of air travel it is a must. The dog owner can keep his home or hotel room safe while away on business by using a dog crate, temporarily restricting his pet’s freedom. CHEWY is aware of the needs of dog owners, therefore the platform offers a wide variety of doc crate furniture. This review compiles the best Chewy dog crates in different materials that have many positive reviews of practical applications.

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Plastic Small dog carriers on Chewy with front and top door


Firstly, the plastic small dog crate is a great option for car, airplane, or water transport. Also, perfect for use at home. Secondly, it is lightweight and durable because it has solid walls. Moreover, slots for ventilation making crate more comfortable for your dog.

Small Chewy dog crate made of sturdy material, however, light in weight. Also, suitable for shows, it is easy to carry into the hall. When choosing a crate, you should be guided by your dog’s size and weight to make your pet’s journey as comfortable and safe as possible. The steel slatted door and ventilation holes on the case keep your pet out of confined spaces and allow them to breathe freely. The latch lock is designed so you can handle it with one hand. You can create a cozy home environment inside by simply putting a soft lining on the bottom of the crate. View the best plastic dog travel crates on this page.


Size Length Width Height

up to 10 lbs

19.125 inches 12.125 inches 10.125 inches

15 to 20 lbs

24 inches 16 inches 14.5 inches


  • The inner surface of the small dog crate floor collects liquid and leaves your dog’s paws clean and dry thanks to a special groove.
  • The crate has an overhead door reinforced with durable plastic and steel bars for the owner’s convenience.
  • The container is safe for the pet as it has no sharp elements.
  • Buying a dog carrier crate is a contribution to environmental protection, as it is made of recycled plastic. This way, you’re not only buying a useful item, but also contributing to the ecological balance.
  • The small dog crate consists of two halves for easy storage, which are easily connected with wing ties.
  • Equipped with a comfortable, sturdy handle.

EcoFLEX Chewy dog crate, home furnishings, stylish room furniture


Create a unique interior in your home with the New Age Pet ecoFLEX. It’s not just a Chewy dog crate for your four-legged friend’s safety when you’re not home. It’s also dog crate furniture, a stunning piece of home design that you can use as an end table or a bedside table. Color you choose yourself to depend on your preference and taste. Dog crate is made of a unique composite material – a mixture of wood and plastic, very durable, not subject to destruction. It appears as if it is completely made of wood, so realistic patented material. View more Small and Large wooden dog crates furniture on this page.


Size Exterior Length Exterior Width Exterior Height
SMALL dog crate

Up to 20 lbs

23.6 inches 18.1 inches 22 inches
MEDIUM dog crate

Up to 50 lbs

29.5 inches 21.1 inches 25.2 inches
LARGE dog crate

Up to 80 lbs

35.4 inches 24 inches 28 inches
X-LARGE dog crate

Up to 100 lbs

42.5 inches 27.6 inches 30.9 inches


  • A wide range of sizes for any breed of dog.
  • Sturdy stainless-steel door and secure lock, for Large and X-Large best Chewy dog crates has an additional lock.
  • ecoFLEX is a safe, non-toxic, water-resistant, odorless, and environmentally friendly material, ideal for keeping your pet. Easy to clean with a soft cloth and detergent.
  • Easy to assemble without help in a short time.

Best metal pet crate with front and side door Frisco Fold & Carry


The best Frisco Fold & Carry metal dog crate on Chewy is made in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to find the right one for your dog. The crate can be easily folded for carrying or moving. The inner tray is easy to remove and wash. Includes a handle to carry the crate and a divider panel. The drawer will not damage the floor surface due to the built-in caster’s feet. Similarly, very sturdy model, safe for your pet due to the absence of sharp elements. Two secure locks on each door in the large size. Your home is completely safe in your absence. The black cage coating has additional protective properties. A versatile, classic version of the dog crate. View here the best metal crates for small and large dogs.


Size Length Width Height
X-SMALL dog crate

up to 12 lbs

22 inches 13 inches 15.5 inches
SMALL dog crate

13 to 25 lbs

24 inches 18 inches 19.25 inches
MEDIUM dog crate

26 to 40 lbs

30 inches 19 inches 21 inches
MED/L dog crate

41 to 70 lbs

36 inches 23 inches 25 inches
LARGE dog crate

71 to 90 lbs

42 inches 28 inches 30 inches
X-LARGE dog crate

91 to 110 lbs

48 inches 30 inches 32.5 inches


  • Large front and side door with secure locks, optional second lock on larger models.
  • Removable plastic tray is easy to remove and clean.
  • Collapsible drawer: easy to assemble or disassemble for storage, transport, or travel
  • Steel divider included, allowing you to resize the cage as your pet grows.

Chewy pet cages with walls of thick material, three doors from Frisco brand


The Frisco folding Chewy dog crates has a sturdy steel frame and moisture-resistant bottom. The base of the crate is easily assembled and disassembled without any help or tools. The walls are made of durable, durable, washable fabric. The crate is made for dogs of different sizes. It has a front side door and top door with a zipper. The side doors can be twisted and locked, allowing free entry for your dog and excellent ventilation. The crate is designed for home and or car travel. It is lightweight and the smaller models are equipped with a carrying strap.

SIZES of Chewy dog crates

Size Length Width Height
X-SMALL dog crate

up to 15 lbs

21 inches 15 inches 15 inches
SMALL dog crate

up to 25 lbs

26 inches 20.5 inches 20.5 inches
MEDIUM dog crate

up to 35 lbs

30 inches 21 inches 21 inches
MED/L dog crate

up to 65 lbs

36 inches 24 inches 23.5 inches
LARGE dog crate

up to 85 lbs

42 inches 30.5 inches 30.5 inches


  • Very compact and handy. Easy to fold for storage. Easy to assemble without tools.
  • Perfectly ventilated for the comfort of your dog at home, in transport or outdoors.
  • Large number of doors. Side doors roll up and lock.
  • Minimal weight and comfortable carrying handle.
  • Rugged steel frame. Moisture-resistant, high-strength bottom.

Chewy XX-Large Heavy Duty dog crate with front and side door


Extra large and very sturdy Chewy steel crate for giant breed dogs. Two heavy-duty doors feature three strong latch locks. Doors keeping your dog and your home safe even when you’re away for long periods of time. A plastic tray is included, therefore, your pet’s paws stay dry and clean. The tray itself is easy to remove and clean. The absence of sharp elements is an additional guarantee of your pet’s safety and health. Best Extra-large metal Chewy dog crates is assembled without tools and requires no special training. View more about Acana dog food is a perfect match for all large breeds.


Size Length Width Height
XX-LARGE dog crate

90+ lbs

54 inches 36.5 inches 44.75 inches


  • Extra locks on each door for total security.
  • Incredibly sturdy construction for giant dogs. Reliable and safe to keep pets over 90 pounds.
  • Electrolytic coating for greater cage reliability.
  • Dog comfort and cleanliness due to the plastic tray. Ease of cleaning.
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