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November 22, 2022

Inspector drops for dogs

Inspector Drops

Deciding to get a dog, the owners must not only create for their faithful four-legged friends optimal conditions of care, maintenance, but also systematically carry out preventive measures to prevent the infection of pets from ecto- and endoparasites. For this purpose, you can buy in pet stores, drugstores, special anti-parasitic agents for the treatment, prevention of entomoses, helminthic infestations. For example, Inspector Total C – an effective comprehensive antiparasitic drug for dogs, available as drops on the withers.

A brief overview of the veterinary drug

Inspector Total C – a complex effective anti-parasitic drug of systemic action to combat external, internal parasites (fleas, mites, cockroaches, helminthes). Created on the basis of a unique two-component formula.

Best antiparasitic drops for dogs "Inspector" comes in the form of drops on the withers, packed in polymeric droppers and droppers of 0.2, 1.5, 2.5 and 4 ml. Packed in plastic blisters, cardboard boxes. In addition to the drug, the package includes an annotation and instructions for use. In appearance it is a colorless homogeneous solution of light yellow color with slight specific smell, the drug is intended exclusively for external use.

The main active substances included in the Inspector drops are fipronil (10%), moxidectin (2.5%). Excipients (polyethylene glycol, butylhydroxytoluene) enhance the effect of the main ones. All substances are carefully balanced and selected, compatible with each other, which allows you to use the Inspector for the prevention, treatment of entomoses, helminth infestations throughout the year. Vet drug is well tolerated by animals, in rare cases, provokes side effects in dogs. It belongs to the group of moderately dangerous medicines. It has no sensationalizing, teratogenic, hepatogenic effect.

Before using antiparasitic drops, be sure to consult a veterinarian, carefully read the annotation to the veterinary drug, observe the dosage, the frequency of treatment.

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According to the instructions, the Inspector should be kept away from foodstuffs, in places inaccessible to children, protected from UV rays, bright light, humidity at temperatures between 0-27 degrees Celsius. From the time of release the shelf life – three years, after which the drug is disposed of.


Properties, pharmacodynamics

Inspector Total C – antiparasitic contact antisystemic veterinary drug of the complex, combined spectrum of action. Has a pronounced insecto-acaricide effect. It is effective against internal parasites (worms), ixodes, otodectosis (scabies), demodex mites, fleas, lice, mosquitoes, gadflies. Active ingredients of the veterinary drug kill ecto- and endoparasites at all stages of their development.

Fipronil is phenylpyrazole compound which disrupts innervation, nerve impulse transmission of arthropods of blood-sucking insects, including ticks. It blocks the passage of chlorine ions through the cell membranes of parasites. Not getting into the blood, evenly distributed over the body of animals, instantly causing the death of insects parasitizing on the body of the pet.

Moxidectin is a new generation endoecotocide of systemic action, Causes paralysis of muscle structures, death of nematodes, external parasites. Kills lung, intestinal, heart, liver helminthes and their larvae.

Indications for use

Inspector Total C in the traditional veterinary medicine is used for the prevention, treatment of entomoses, helminth infestations, including mixed.

The drug is prescribed for dogs in the following diseases:

  • nematodosis;
  • cestodiasis;
  • toxocariasis;
  • toxoscaridosis;
  • ankylostomiasis;
  • Unzinariasis;
  • sarcoptosis;
  • otodectosis;
  • demodexosis.

Excellent effect is shown in the treatment of mixed worm infestations in dogs. After treatment it prevents infection with ectoparasites for 30-40 days. Against helminths, the effect after application lasts for two to four months. Inspector Total C is recommended for systematic preventive treatment of the coat of dogs living in areas unfavorable for dirofilariosis.

Instructions for use

Antiparasitic insect-acaricide veterinary drug is applied by drip (Spot-on). The drug is applied only on dry, undamaged epidermis in places inaccessible for licking (in the area of the hackles, between the shoulder blades, along the spine, behind the ear flaps). Pipettes of different dosage are used for representatives of large breeds of dogs. Apply the drug in several places.

Before application, break off the top part of the pipette tip. After fixing the dog well by pulling the hair apart, apply the veterinary drug. The dosage is calculated taking into account the age and body weight of the dog. For pets with a weight of 4 to 10 kg – the dose of the drug is 0.8 ml. If the body weight of the dog exceeds 35-40 kg, the dosage is calculated as follows: 0.1 ml per each kilogram of weight.

For the treatment of entomoses, in order to prevent the Inspector is used once, adhering to the specified dosage. It is best to use throughout the whole period of activity of blood-sucking insects (from early spring to late autumn) once every four to seven weeks. If necessary, in case of severe entomoses Inspector is used again in a month.

Noticing on the body of the dog sucking the tick, apply one or two drops of the Inspector on the parasite. After 15-20 minutes the bloodsucker should fall off spontaneously. If this does not happen, gently remove the tick with tweezers and burn it.

In otodectosis the veterinary drug is used once. Before injecting the product into the dog's ears, clean the ear canal of dirt, crusts, scabs, exudate. In severe cases, if the ear scab is complicated by otitis, in addition the animal is prescribed symptomatic drugs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents.

When sarcoptosis inspector drops are used twice at intervals of 28-32 days. In helminth infestations – once a month. For preventive purposes – every three to four months.

Contraindications and side effects

"Inspector Total C" – a safe, low-toxic veterinary drug. side effects cause only in case of non-compliance with the dosage indicated in the annotation, as well as in case of hypersensitivity to the active components of antiparasitic drops.

In case of individual sensitivity in dogs are noted:

  • profuse thirst;
  • salivation;
  • increased thirst;
  • reduction, refusal of food;
  • digestive disorders (vomiting) diarrhea;
  • allergic rashes (urticaria).

After treatment, prophylactic treatment, closely monitor the behavior. condition of the pet during the first two days. If you notice any side symptoms that do not go away by the second or third day, contact a veterinarian. The animal will be given expert help and prescribed another effective antiparasitic agent.

"Inspector Total C" is strictly forbidden to use:

  • sick, severely emaciated, weakened dogs;
  • pets at the stage of recovery after viral and bacterial. parasitic infections;
  • Puppies under the age of eight weeks.
  • Lactating females, pregnant bitches in the first half of pregnancy.

Do not use the Inspector for preventive treatments and the treatment of dogs with individual intolerance to the active substances that make up the veterinary preparations.

For pregnant, lactating females in case of emergency anti-parasitic drops can be used only under the strict supervision of a veterinarian!

It is not recommended to use the Inspector simultaneously with other drugs that contain macrocyclic lactones. Observe the rules of hygiene and safety when working with pharmaceuticals.

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