Best Acana Grain Free Dry Dog Food review

January 13, 2023
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Best Acana Grain Free Dry Dog Food review

canbo dog food review vs acana food for dogs

Acana dog food is one of the most popular brands in the ru-sector and Europe. The container Acana food range is wide enough to meet the needs of pets of different ages and sizes. There are four main lines of Acana Classics, Heritage, Regionals For Dogs, Singles. The composition of Acana food differs depending on the line and purpose.

Manufacturer and official website

Acana is a brand with a special philosophy. Feeds may vary in composition and properties, but they are all made according to the same principles. A rough translation of the Acana slogan is: regardless of origin, carnivores should eat meat, but each of them is individual and these needs must be taken into account.


Canadian manufacturer Champion PetFoods is a company that produces two brands of pet food, Orijen and Acana. Both foods are presented by the manufacturer as biologically appropriate for the needs of dogs and cats. The manufacturer and the official website (https://www. acana. ru/) presents their feeds openly, with clear presentations.

Note! Acana is a super premium food.

Acana food range

The Acana Dog food range consists of four lines, each of which takes into account the individual needs of pets.

Main series:

  • Acana Classics – standard daily diets.
  • Acana Heritage is the widest range of foods for individual needs.
  • Acana puppy food: Puppy Small Breed, Puppy & Junior, Puppy Large Breed.
  • Adult Small Breed and Adult Large Breed are food for small and large adult dogs.
  • Acana Senior Dog – food for older dogs.
  • Acana Regionals For Dogs are “flagships” with a diverse line-up.

In relation to the composition, Acana has such a philosophy: from the general to the particular. That is, the basic composition of the feed line is similar, but the proportions of ingredients and additives are different. Let’s take a closer look.

Acana Classics

Acana Classics line – all feeds contain approximately 50% meat. Another third is cereals. The rest of the food is vegetables, fruits, herbs and supplements.

Assortment of the Classics line:

  • Prairie Poultry – food based on fresh chicken and turkey meat, chicken eggs, oats. The diet contains fatty amino acids.
  • Wild Coast – food based on fresh ocean fish and oats.

The Classics line is designed for everyday feeding of dogs with medium activity and for pets that are switching from natural food to industrial. The meat content in the line is lower than in other Acana products, which reduces the risk of an allergic reaction.

Acana Heritage

Acana Heritage is a line for puppies and adult dogs of different breeds. Feed contains up to 70% fresh meat, vegetables and fruits.

Acana Heritage range:

  • Adult Large Breed – food for adult, large dogs. Up to 60% of the feed consists of fresh chicken meat and offal, herring and flounder fillets.
  • Adult Small Breed – food for adult, small dogs weighing up to 9 kg. Up to 60% of the feed consists of fresh meat and offal of chicken, turkey and flounder. The composition of the feed includes fruits, vegetables and berries.
  • Light & Fit – everyday food for dogs prone to full or suffering from excess weight. The composition is based on fresh meat and offal of turkey, chicken, herring, flounders and chicken eggs.
  • Senior Dog – everyday food for elderly dogs. The diet is designed taking into account the risk of increasing blood sugar. The fodder is based on meat and offal of chicken, turkey, chicken eggs. According to the manufacturer, the food does not contain cereals.
  • Sport & Agility – everyday food for active, sports, service and working dogs. The diet is based on the meat and offal of the chicken, flounders and herring.
  • Adult Dog – universal, everyday food. The diet is based on chicken and turkey meat, offal, herring, chicken eggs.
  • Puppy & Junior – casual food for puppies and younger dogs. The main components: chicken, turkey meat and offal, flounders, whole eggs, vegetables, fruits. In the Puppy & Junior line, the feed is divided by the dimensions of the dog: Large Breed for large and Small Breed for small breeds.

At first glance, it may seem that the feed of the ruler is the same, but this is not so. The diets differ in the ratio of ingredients, calorie content and guaranteed indicators.

Acana Regionals for Dogs

Acana Regionals for Dogs is the best line containing up to 70% fresh meat. The manufacturer will present products as a “gold standard” of a diet for pets.

Acana Regionals for Dogs line range:

  • Grasslands – food based on fresh meat of lamb, ducks, chicken eggs and fresh fish.
  • Pacifica – food based on fresh herring, sardines, flounders, hek and perch.
  • Wild Prairie – food based on fresh meat of chicken, turkey, chicken eggs and fish.

Note! In all the feeds of Acana Regionals for Dogs, the “carbon” is reduced due to the increased content of meat ingredients.

Acana Singles

Acana Singles – a series of feed based on one type of meat. Such products are indispensable if the dog has digestive problems or allergies. If the dog is healthy, feed can be alternated, since their nutritional value is approximately the same. The line presents pork, lamb, lamb and fish.

  • Free-Run Duck-food based on fresh duck and offal, pears, pumpkin. Fatty, but not allergenic meat is an excellent source of proteins. The diet is suitable for pets with sensitive digestion.
  • Grass-Fed Lamb-food based on fresh meat and offal of the New Zealand lamb, apples, pumpkin. The food is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion or food allergies.
  • Pacific Pilchard – Sardin e-based food. Products are suitable for allergy sufferers, pets suffering from the sensitivity of digestion and picky dogs.
  • Yorkshire Pork – food based on meat and offal of piglets grown in Yorkshire.

Acana food range

Acana Singles feeds includes up to 50% of meat products. To supplement the composition, vegetables and fruits are present in the feeds. The biggest advantage of the line is the lack of chicken and eggs in the composition of the feed, because it is on them that the dog develops an allergy.

Acana feed composition

Consider the composition of the Acana feed on the example of the everyday diet Adult Dog. Thesis presentation from the manufacturer:

  • Squirrels of 60% of the composition – chicken meat grown under natural conditions, fresh flounder and chicken eggs from layers on free grazing.
  • Fruits and vegetables 40% of the composition.
  • The food does not contain cereals and potatoes.
Best Acana Grain Free Dry Dog Food review the most popular

Note! Many people believe that only holistic food holistics are beeled, on the example of Acana we see the opposite.

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The feed is facing:

The availability of different packaging is always a plus. When you sample feed, you need to expect a period of two days to two weeks. Depending on the size of the dog, you can choose a convenient packaging and not worry that you will overpay if the food does not fit.

based fresh meat


  • Fresh chicken meat without bones 11% – a plus in the use of fillets, a minus is that during processing, the volume of meat will decrease by 2/3.
  • Dehydrated chicken and turkey meat 10% each – usually made from meat, bones and cartilage.
  • Red lentils, green peas, green beans – a vegetable source of proteins.
  • Fresh chicken entrails (liver, heart, kidneys) 6% – a source of fats and essential amino acids.
  • Dehydrated Atlantic herring meat 5% – a source of proteins and minerals.
  • Chicken fat 5% – a source of fatty amino acids.
  • Green lentils, yellow peas – a source of vegetable proteins.
  • Fresh whole eggs 4% – a source of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
  • Fresh whole flounder 4% – a source of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Herring oil 3% is a source of fats and amino acids.
  • Alfalfa, the fiber from peas, is a source of coarse fiber and is essential for proper digestion.
  • Fresh chicken cartilage 2% – a source of chondroitin, gelatin, minerals.
  • Brown algae is a source of minerals and coarse fibers.
  • Pumpkin and nutmeg are a very useful ingredient, a rich source of vitamins, coarse fibers.
  • Parsnips, cabbage, spinach, mustard leaves, turnip greens, carrots, apples, pears are sources of vitamins and coarse fibers.
  • Sublimated chicken liver, turkeys are natural preservatives, sources of fats and vitamins.
  • Cranberries, blueberries are sources of vitamins.
  • Chicory root, turmeric, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender flowers, marshmallow root, rose hips.
  • Probiotic Enterococcus faecium.

The composition is impressive, in a good way. Many owners only trust short lineups, and that makes sense. The composition of Acana is impressive, but contains not only a list, but also the percentage of ingredients. The components are not “doubled”, they are spelled out exactly – this is very good.

Guaranteed performance:

  • Carbohydrates 30% is the norm.
  • Protein 29% is the norm.
  • Fat 17% – slightly above normal – good.
  • Fiber 5% – slightly above normal – good.
  • Humidity 12% – slightly above normal – bad.
  • 351 kcal per 100 g – a little below the norm, according to generally accepted super-premium standards.

Acana food range

All in all, a great everyday food. We are pleased with the openness of the manufacturer, who does not try to “embellish” the composition of the feed with vague wording. The percentage of the main ingredients is prescribed, which is also very good.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acana

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Acana foods. Let’s start with the pros:

  • Natural sources of animal protein.
  • Indication of the percentage of the main ingredients – the openness of the manufacturer.
  • Contains no grain!
  • There is no beet pulp in the composition, it is very often found in super-premium class feeds.
  • Natural preservatives, which are clearly indicated in the composition.
  • An excellent, focused on different dogs, range.

Acana has only one minus – the price. Compared to competitors, Acana is more expensive. However, almost all super-premium foods contain cereals, sometimes even corn is found. The increased meat content and the popularity of the brand explains the high price.

Conclusions about Acana

What conclusions can be drawn about Acana based on theoretical data? Acana is one of the most well-known and respected brands of super-premium food, which affects the price of the products. In addition to the high cost, there are no tangible disadvantages of the products.

Judging by the reviews on the forums of dog owners, Acana is in very high demand. The impressions of beginners and experienced “eaters” are more positive.

Best Acana Grain Free Dry Dog Food review the line and purpose
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