Berggen part of the dog food container

January 25, 2023
Dog Food Container
Berggen part of the dog food container

Zooring dog food (zoering)

Zooring dog feed is available like super-premium best storage containers. The food has not yet earned wide popularity, although the reviews about it are mostly positive. An impressive Zooring feed assortment, divided on a professional and standard line, attracts many dog owners. Having dismantled the composition of the feed, we will be able to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Zooring feed.

Manufacturer and official website

Dry feed and canned food are produced in USA. Best storage containers are available on the production capacities of the Agro-Academy, but the official manufacturer is the whole.

The manufacturer and the official website (http://zooring-rus/) pretend to be Zooring dogs, as a super-premium best storage container. How true this information is below. Note that the price of Zooring is competitive for both super-premium and premium line, and reviews of dog owners about best storage containers are mostly positive.

Zooring feed assortment

The assortment of Zooring feed is impressive! A very large selection of dry food and canned best storage containers for pets of different dimensions. The assortment contains dog feed with special needs and puppies. However, there are no feed for older dogs.

Dry Zooring feed in four dog food storage containers:

Canned foods are packed in trays of 100 g. The manufacturer notes that part of the canned food can be considered as a full-fledged diet. However, some metal best storage containers can only serve as an addition to natural diet or dry food.

Zooring – Professional Line

According to manufacturers, the professional line is made of quality meat and completely balanced. Feed is intended for everyday feeding pets, suitable for dogs participating in exhibitions.

Dry feed from the line Professional:

  • Adult Dog – everyday food for adult dogs.
  • Active DOG – feed line for adults, active dogs.
  • Active Dog Max – food for adults, large and active dogs.
  • Special diet of the lamb and rice (Lamb & Rice).
  • The Mini series is for adult dogs of small breeds, including for active dogs, for pets with sensitive digestion, problem skin and allergy sufferers.
  • Series Model No. 1.
  • Original Formula series.
  • Puppy & Junior – a wide range of lines for puppies and teenagers, including casual, for animals with sensitive digestion, allergies, problematic skin and joints.
  • Mini Adult is an everyday food for small dogs.
  • Mini Active – for small, active dogs.
  • Mini Puppy & Junior is a wide range of wheat free food for puppies and teenagers.
  • Mini Sensible – for small dogs who are picky about the taste of food.
  • Mini Sensitive – for small dogs with sensitive digestion.

Brief presentation of the Professional feed line from the manufacturer:

  • Up to 35% of meat is a normal indicator for a super-premium class.
  • The composition includes rice.
  • Balanced composition of vitamin and mineral supplements.

At first glance, everything looks great. However, the main indicator of feed quality is its composition.

Zooring – line Standard

The manufacturer claims that the Standard line differs from the Professional only in a reduced amount of meat (up to 30%). Otherwise, the best storage containers are no different.

Dry food from the Standard line:

  • Active Dog Max is a series for large, adult, active dogs.
  • Active Dog – food for adult, active dogs.
  • Adult Dog – everyday food for adult dogs.
  • Puppy & Junior is a range of everyday food for puppies and teenagers.

There are almost no reviews about Standard feeds. Single best storage container reviews are positive.

Canned food for dogs

Canned ZooRing are divided into two types. Canned food additives are designed to be added to porridge from metal best storage containers view more or to dilute the diet from dry food. Be sure to read the ingredients of the food to understand how nutritious it is and whether it can meet your pet’s needs.

Canned food for dogs in a 100 gr dog food storage container:

  • Meat mix.
  • The meat of young gobies.
  • White fish.
  • Dallas delicacy.
  • Fricassee with salmon; turkey; rabbit; lamb; veal.

Grain-free canned food is used as a complete food. Canned food additives almost do not differ in composition from dry food, but contain more water.

Ingredients of ZooRing

Let’s analyze the composition of ZooRing food using the example of Active Dog Salmon and Rice daily best storage containers.


  • Dehydrated fish meat (50% salmon) and poultry are a source of protein.
  • Rice is a source of carbohydrates.
  • Maize is the very case when the manufacturer misleads consumers by trying to disguise empty ingredients. Maize is corn that is not digestible by dogs.
  • Hydrolyzed liver – the name of the liver (chicken, fish?). Most likely, we are talking about chicken liver, source of fat and beneficial substances.
  • Oils and animal fat – the ingredients are not specified.
  • Linen seed, fish oil salmon, beer yeast,
  • L-lysine 1. 54%is an amino acid involved in the assimilation of calcium. In addition,l-lysine stimulates appetite and is a common component in feed with corn or other “empty” cereals.
  • Vitamin-mineral complex-decryption below.

Important! The composition contains an antioxidant of unknown origin.

Vitamins and amino acids:

  • A – 10500 IU/kg.
  • D3 – 1. 498 ME/kg – many owners are embarrassed by vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), since the feed, usually there is a total vitamin supplement from D2 to D6 (usually indicates how vitamin D, without numerical designations).
  • E-150. 003 mg/kg.
  • B1 – 4 mg, B2 – 3. 80 mg, B3 – 15. 00 mg, B5 – 34. 00 mg, B6 – 25. 00 mg, B12 – 0. 100 mg
  • C – 199. 997 mg.
  • Linoleic acid – 2. 75%.
  • Methionine + cystine – 0. 77%.

The number of all additives, except vitamin D, fluctuates between estimates well and satisfactory. A very interesting point with the intentional background of some vitamin additives.

  • Choline and vitamin B4 (2000. 00 mg).
  • Vitamin Sun (1. 20 mg) and folic acid (2. 05%).
  • Biotin and vitamin H – 2. 70 mg.

The couples given in the list are two names of the same substance, that is, the manufacturer intentionally “increases” the number of components in the stern.

Consider the minerals as part of the food:

Dog Food Containers

  • Potassium – 0. 50%.
  • Calcium – 1. 50%.
  • Magnesium – 0. 04%.
  • Sodium – 0. 49%.
  • Phosphorus – 0. 93%
  • Zinc – 250 mg.
  • Iron – 66. 56 mg.
  • Marganese – 83. 34 mg.
  • Copper – 25 mg.
  • Cobalt – 0. 3 mg.
  • Molibden – 0. 45 mg.
  • Iodine – 5. 83 mg.
  • Selenium – 0. 17 mg.

Note that some mineral additives are present in the composition nominally, that is, they are contained in such small quantities that they do not affect anything. The number of main minerals, slightly lower than normal.

No less important part of the composition is guaranteed indicators:

  • Protein 26% is satisfactory.
  • Fat 15% – excellent.
  • Fiber 2. 04% is bad.
  • Humidity 9% is good.
  • Energy value for 100 g: 19. 146 MJ/kg.
Berggen part of the dog food container common component in feed

Is it possible to put dog food in a sealed container?
Units “MJ/kg” in the column of energy values are unclear for the “inhabitants”. I would like to believe that the reason is in the human factor But, most likely, in this way, the manufacturer is reinsured in case of quality claims.

Agree, not every consumer is able to convert MJ / kg into calories, standing at the store counter. In addition, there are several methods for converting these units, according to one of them, the calorie content of the feed is 457 kcal.

It is alarming that the energy value is indicated per 100 gr, and the number of mega joules per kilogram. The units MJ/kg are used to “express” the thermal energy of combustible materials or industrial fuels. This feature could be understood if the food was not produced in USA, where it is customary to calculate the energy value of best storage containers in calories.

So, let’s compare the presentation of the feed manufacturer with its composition:

  • A complete diet of super-premium quality is a clear distortion of the truth, there is no corn in super-premium feeds, the mass fraction of feed components is indicated and all of them are listed in abstract.
  • The food is intended for active dogs of medium and large breeds – it would be possible to confirm with certainty If it were not for the indication of caloric content in MJ / kg.
  • It has a high nutritional value and digestibility – about nutritional value – it is quite possible, and ease of absorption is an individual factor.
  • Contributes to proper development – it is doubtful, since the mass fraction of meat best storage containers is not indicated, and the guaranteed protein indicator can be overestimated by plant components.
  • Helps the pet to be in great shape – again, it is doubtful.
  • Strengthens the immune system – most likely, we mean amino acids, which are contained in a very modest amount.
  • Anti-allergic formula – very doubtful.

The manufacturer claims that the food contains a beauty formula for coat and skin. Many substances are involved in maintaining the normal condition of the coat and skin, most of which are contained in the feed. However, the essence is not in the content, but in the ratio of these substances. We cannot analyze the ratio, since the mass fraction of feed components is not disclosed.

Advantages and disadvantages of ZooRing feeds

After analyzing the composition, we can name the advantages and disadvantages of ZooRing feeds.

Let’s start with the pros:

  • A wide range of.
  • Attractive price.
  • For production, dehydrated meat is used, its volume does not decrease during processing.
  • The basic complex of vitamins and minerals, although some indicators are underestimated.


  • The composition contains fuzzy formulations, the mass fraction of ingredients is not prescribed.
  • Contains corn.
  • In the composition, some vitamins are listed twice – misleading.
  • The manufacturer clearly “confuses” the buyer, indicating the energy value of the feed in MJ/kg.
  • The origin of the antioxidant is silent. Some, cheap, synthetic antioxidants are useless for dogs.

It is known that the assignment of a class of animal feed is not controlled at the legislative level. Zooring is a vivid example when premium feed is presented as super-premium.

Note that the content of protein and the likely calorie content of the feed fits into the “super-premium frame”. However, the above shortcomings of feed are characteristic of the premium segment. We can say that Zooring is a premium food of good quality.

Conclusions about Zooring feed

In general, the conclusions about Zooring feed are positive. These feeds are suitable for healthy animals leading an active lifestyle. The owners speak especially well about canned stern, which can be added to the porridge of the pet.

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