Beond Natural dog food Review

February 13, 2023
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Beond Natural dog food Review

Dry Complementary food "Guabi Natural" for adult dogs of miniature and small breeds (from 10 months, weight to 10 kg).

Guabi Natural for adult dogs of small and miniature rocks

This ingredient is a pure raw mixture of meat and skin of chicken carcasses (not including feathers, beaks, heads, legs, kidneys, liver, heart and other offal), without traces of decomposition. Get this mixture by mechanical (machine) landfill, i. E. By separation of meat from bones.

Brown rice (Brown Rice) is a regular rice, but non-gorged. A good source of complex carbohydrates. It is rich in proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It practically does not contain gluten – suitable for animals prone to allergies or not tolerating gluten. The glycemic index of brown rice is 50 – this is lower than that of white rice, so this type of grain does not cause a sharp leap of glucose in the blood after eating and is recommended for diabetes, as well as overweight.

Chicken liver (Chicken Liver) is a good source of animal protein. This product differs from the “fresh chicken liver” ingredient in that we do not know exactly in which it was added by the manufacturer to the food (cheese, fresh or others). The degree of processing of the liver, of course, affects the safety of beneficial substances. In any case, this is a better ingredient than flour from the liver of chicken, the stern is contained in a small amount.

Flour of chicken offal is the same as the dried chicken churches processed during rendering. The giblets include heads, legs, necks, navels, guts, hearts and chicken liver. On the one hand, this is the source of the animal protein, on the other hand, the ingredient is clearly of low quality: although the type of bird is indicated, the exact composition of the raw materials is unknown.

Pork protein isolated – a purified protein concentrate chopped to a thin powder, containing at least 90% pure pork protein. This source of animal protein is more expensive than protein concentrates from similar raw materials, but cheaper than pork hydrolyzates.

Fish oil, regardless of fish species, is also a source of energy and omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). But still, this is a controversial ingredient: it is not clear what products and preservatives were used in production.

Animal fats are sebaceous wastes from the processing of animal tissues that are considered unsuitable for human consumption. They are obtained from the tissues of mammals or birds in the process of rendering or extraction. Thanks in part to the fats, prepared diets taste and smell appealing to dogs and cats. Fats also help form the texture of finished feeds and help the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K).

Rice is one of the oldest cereal crops, popular on all continents, especially in Asia. In small amounts, rice in dog and cat food is a healthy source of carbohydrates. It is better digested than wheat or corn and contains less gluten, so it is recommended for animals with sensitive digestion or prone to food allergies. However, if an ingredient is listed as one of the first ingredients in a food, it acts as a cheap filler.

Pork plasma is a liquid, nutritious part of pig blood after the extraction of cellular material (erythrocytes, platelets, leukocytes) from it. It has a high protein content: for example, albumin in it is at least 70-80%. On the one hand, this rare ingredient in ready-made feed is a source of animal protein, on the other hand, it is a technical additive used as a stabilizer and emulsifier of fats.

In the English composition, this ingredient is simply called “Dried Egg Product” (“dried egg product”) – its American name “Dehydrated Egg” is either a translation error or a marketing ploy that embellishes the real qualities of the component. The presence of an egg product or a product of egg processing in the composition of the food, as a rule, indicates a low quality of the food.

In general, beet pulp is a good source of fiber and has a number of health benefits.

The shell and plantain seeds (Psyllium Husk and Seeds), indicated in the list of ingredients, belong to the “Plantain Blory” variety (lat. Plantagopsyllium L. Other names – ISPAGHULA, ISPAGHOL). According to statements of feed manufacturers, plantain is a source of soluble fiber, which in the plant is about 70%. Fiber nourishes the intestinal microflora, helps the digestion and formation of a normal stool. However, the plantain can cause side effects – irritation of the digestive tract in some animals.

Brewers yeast contain 50% protein, 25-40% of carbohydrates, up to 3% fat, as well as many other beneficial substances, including group B vitamins. Breeding yeast are accumulations of unicellular microorganisms – Saccharmyces cerevisiae yeast fungi, whichThey differ from those used in baking.

Vegetable oil (Vegetable Oil) is a product of plant origin, obtained by extraction from seeds or fruits, which are processed for use for food. This can be a mixture of any vegetable fats – different quality and degree of purification.

Sodium chloride (Sodium chloride) – sodium salt of hydrochloric acid, known to us as ordinary table salt. In cooking and animal feeds, it is used as a source of minerals, as well as a seasoning to enhance taste and partly a preservative. Excessive salt consumption is harmful to dogs and cats, as it leads to irritation of the digestive tract, violation of mineral metabolism and increased thirst.

Potassium chloride – chemical compound of potassium saline of hydrochloric acid. Despite such a terrible name, it is allowed for use and is widely used in the food industry as an emulsifier, that is, a substance that helps to give homogeneity to a product created from components different in structure and composition.

Hydrolyzed chicken lurer – fluid or powder with taste and smell of fresh chicken liver. To obtain it, the liver is treated with enzymes, and then evaporated at low temperature. Any protein hydrolyzate is, first of all, a powerful natural flavor that makes the taste of feed more attractive. In most cases, this component is added in scanty doses and is closer to the end of the list of ingredients (that is, the basis of the diet is not).

Sodium hexametaphosphate is vitreous powder, transparent or white, which is still called “sodium polyphosphate”. The most massive hexametaphosphate of sodium is used as a means for softening water, plus it has anti-corrosion properties. It is introduced into the composition of animal feed, according to manufacturers, in order to prevent the formation of tartar in dogs and cats.

Methyonin is an indispensable amino acid. It breaks down fats, helping the liver effectively cope with the load. Thanks to methionine, this most important organ has the forces to reflect “attacks” of diseases such as toxic hepatitis, dystrophy and even cirrhosis.

Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that plays an important role in many processes, in particular, the production of bile, functioning of the heart muscle, preserving the acuteness of vision and eye of the eyes. Taurine for cats is extremely important, since their body does not synthesize this amino acid. Therefore, if cat feeds do not contain a sufficient amount of animal proteins, then Taurin must be added to them in a synthesized form.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is the general name of a group of substances, fat-soluble vitamins, of which the most common and has maximum biological activity of alpha-tocopherol.

Rosemary (Rosemary) – a natural preservative and a source of antioxidants. It has an antimicrobial effect and perfectly retains the freshness of the food. The presence of rosemary, as a rule, indicates a higher product quality. The amount necessary for preserving the diet is often added to the food, and not for the useful effect on the body.

Apple extract – a liquid or firm concentrate obtained from apples, that is, an extract that is in the composition of nutrients like apples.

Green tea (Green Tea) is a rare ingredient in industrial feed for animals. It is impossible to understand in what form it is contained in the diet – in dried powder from tea leaves or liquid extract. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants, has an antibacterial effect and, killing bacteria in the mouth of animals, according to manufacturers, refreshes their breathing. However, dogs and cats do not chew food, but swallow it, and it is unlikely that tea will have time to have its useful effect in a few seconds.

Calcium propionate (white crystalline powder that does not smell) is rather a food preservative than a source of calcium. This is one of the derivatives of the eating preservative E280 – propionic acid. The compound is used in the food industry of many countries: it protects the finished product from the propagation of fungi, bacteria and other pathogens.

Glucans are polysaccharides (complex sugars), which are large molecules from monomersd-glucose. There are α- (alpha) and β- (beta) glucans (differ in the type of connections between molecules). In this case, it is not clear which of the two types of glucans was added to the food – perhaps in their mixture. The number of these components is also unknown. Presumably, glucans are added to the diet to maintain animal immunity.

Sorbate potassium – potassium salt of sorbic acid, the smallest white crystals. This connection under the E202 code is a frequent preservative in food and finished feeds, it is used in different countries. Most scientists are recognized as safe for the health of most animals and people.

Mannanooligosaccharides (MOS) (Prebiotic Mos) – prebiotics, active components from special yeast strains. They support a healthy, balanced intestinal microflora and improve the general health of animals.

Inulin is a natural organic matter, plant polysaccharide. Outwardly, it looks like dry white powder. Inulin is a valuable prebiotic: stimulates the activity of the intestines, helps to maintain a population of healthy intestinal bacteria.

Yucca Schidiger (Yucca Schidigera) is a plant of the agave family. Usually it is added to the food to reduce the smell of excrement. And Yukka is quite capable of cope with this task, since the substance contained in its composition successfully fight bacteria, contributing to the normal functioning of the intestine.

Beta-Carotene-yellowish-orange plant paint, natural carotenoid. This is the predecessor of Vitamin A (also known as retinol) and a powerful antioxidant. Beta-carotene supports the body's defenses, fights free radicals, slows down aging, helps to control allergies and adds brightness to the color of the wool. When a need arises, beta-carotene is transformed in the body to vitamin A.

Vitamins and minerals (Vitamins & Minerals)- most likely, it is a comprehensive vitamin-mineral premix that includes the necessary vitamins and minerals, micro- and macro elements.

Mineral proteinates is the general name for a mixture of compounds of soluble salts, amino acids and/or partially hydrolyzed proteins.


The name of this food is indicated on the packaging in Portuguese and sounds like this: Guabi Natural Cães Indoor Adultos Porte Mini e Pequenos.

Animal sources of protein "Guabi Natural for adult dogs of small and miniature breeds"

In the production of feed, a raw meat ingredient was used – “Chicken meat (mechanically deboned)” (No. 1 in the composition).

In addition to this source of animal protein, the food contains six more: chicken liver (#3), an ingredient called "chicken meal" (#4), protein isolated from pork meal (#5), pork plasma, egg powder andso-called "animal by-products".

It should be noted that the exact translation of the Portuguese name of the ingredient "Farinha de Vísceras de Frango" is not "chicken meat flour", but "chicken offal flour". The appearance of the word "meat" in American translation is an advertising move to make this product more attractive to the buyer.

The animal by-products component is nothing more than hydrolysed chicken liver (according to the Portuguese name "Hidrolisado de Fígado de Frango"). This component, as a rule, serves as a flavor additive that enhances the attractiveness of the food, and not a full-fledged source of animal protein (occupies only place No. 17 in the composition).

The animal protein content is generally high, which is a good indicator. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indicate the percentage of the main ingredients in the food.

Plant sources of protein

Guabi Natural for adult dogs of small and miniature breeds contains 2 sources of vegetable protein and carbohydrates: whole rice (#2 in the composition) and plain rice (#8). These are derivatives of the same cereal. There is a so-called "split" of ingredients: the deliberate addition of products (most often plant-based) to the food from the same source. Split is unpleasant in that the total content of plant components in the food may exceed the proportion of animal protein source products.

So, if you combine whole rice and rice, then whole rice could move from second place in the composition to first. This is only a guess, but it is likely enough to give some thought to the quality of this feed.

On the other hand, no other cereals and sources of carbohydrates and vegetable protein were found in this food, which is a good sign. The content of vegetable protein and carbohydrates in this feed is generally average.

Recall that cereals are not included in the natural diet of carnivores and in large quantities, especially as the basis of food, are not recommended for them.

Sources of Fat

There are two identified sources of animal fat in food: fish oil and animal fat. It is impossible to understand exactly what species of animals and fish they are derived from by their names.

Vegetable oil is added to the diet as a source of vegetable fat. Its origin and composition are also unclear.

Other ingredients

As part of the diet in American, 33 ingredients are indicated, including vitamin and mineral supplements. It can be assumed that the share of each of them, starting from the 6th and further, is quite small. We will focus on those ingredients in the diet that are outside the top five, but deserve the most attention.

Beond Natural dog food Review but in general words

Beond natural dog food review


The diet contains isolated beet pulp (#11 on the ingredients list), psyllium (this is psyllium, #12), and apple extract (#23). In small amounts, these types of fiber are acceptable in the diet of dogs and can stimulate their intestines.

Apple extract, or a concentrated extract from apples, contains a special useful fiber pectin, vitamins and minerals, but it is difficult to say how many useful substances are in such a small dose of a component.

Healthy Ingredients

Sodium hexametaphosphate is a component that can prevent the formation of tartar from plaque. Guabi's nutritional profile benefits from this supplement as prevention of tartar is especially important for small dogs, which are targeted by the diet.

Rosemary extract and green tea extract are sources of antioxidants and natural food preservatives.

Potassium sorbate is a synthetic supplement recognized as a safe artificial dietary preservative.

Glucans are polysaccharides added supposedly to improve the immunity of animals, but it is difficult to say how much this supplement can actually have a positive effect.

Taurine is a vital amino acid for cats, while its amount in the body is not so critical for dogs. The addition of taurine as a separate component is an indicator of the low quality of the protein components of the diet or their insufficient quantity.

Brewer's yeast is most likely added as a source of B vitamins and also contains some of the prebiotic mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), which promote gut health and balance good and bad gut bacteria.

Mannanooligosaccharides and Inulin – another type of prebiotics for normalizing intestinal flora – are also present in the stern and as separate ingredients.

Schidiger's yukki extract reduces the smell of feces.

The composition of the Guabi Natural diet for adult small dogs also includes a variety of vitamin and mineral additives. They are partly necessary due to a lack of minerals and vitamins in the starting raw materials, partly due to the features of the technological process of production of dry feed (this is the norm of the industry, and therefore is not a direct indicator of the high or low quality of the diet).

In the American-language list of ingredients of the Guabi diet, these additives are designated as “vitamin-mineral premix” and “mineral proteinates”- not too detail, but in the “analysis” section a fairly clear decoding is given, what kind of vitamins, micro- and macroelements and in whichThere is quantity in this product.

Dangerous ingredients

There were no dangerous ingredients in this diet.

Conclusions about the composition of the Guabi Natural feed for adult dogs of small and miniature rocks

The main advantages of food are that in its production raw meat ingredients were used, and that in the first five, as many as four ingredients of animal origin (including ingredient No. 1). This product contains only one cereal – Fig. There are also a number of useful additives in it.

The disadvantages of food "Guabi" for small dogs are not striking, but they are. First of all, they include the split rice in the composition. The selected sources of animal fat are indicated by general words. Significant inaccuracies in the American language translation of key animal ingredients have been identified – this is probably done for marketing purposes.

The Guabi Natural diet for adult dogs of small and miniature rocks is based on a mixture of one raw and three processed (dried) sources of animal protein and one cereal is used. There are a number of quite worthy sources of animal protein in the stern and very few sources of carbohydrates, plant protein and fiber, which, of course, cannot but rejoice.

There are not so many Brazilian products for dogs and cats in our country, the reviews on them are also quite rare, but the food of the Guabi Natural brand really interested us with their composition. With pleasure we include in our rating Guabi Natural food for adult dogs of small and miniature rocks for small and miniature dogs. In the description of the food, we tried to identify all the main features of this dry diet.

In our opinion, there are several worthy sources of animal protein. It is strange to see Taurin as part of this diet, because, judging by the first five ingredients, in this stern quite good sources of animal protein, that is, the lack of taurine of the dog that feeds on this diet should not experience.

The composition of the Guabi Natural feed comparison with other, much more popular brands not only withstands, but also wins significantly, because it contains only one grain component (rice). In the first five ingredients, it is safe to say that this feed is based on chicken and pork, that is, animal protein. This corresponds to the idea that dogs should receive diets based on animal protein, and not cereals.

Analysis of the contents of the Guabi Natural Dog diet confirms that there are animals and vegetable fats. It is only sad that we cannot accurately determine the sources from which these fats are obtained, because they are called general words.

A review of Guabi feed for small dogs shows that the manufacturer has added a number of useful components to the composition, and did it quite well. Since the product is intended for small dogs, which has a delicate digestive tract, and due to bruise of teeth, tartar is actively formed, the addition of prebiotics and sodium hexametaphosphate is quite justified.

In this diet there is no excessive ballast tissue or something like that, and this is a good indicator, which means that the dosage of the Guabi Natural Dog Adult mini feed indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging can actually saturate the animal, and not create the appearance of satiety. The only confuses the only that in the English-speaking composition mineral and vitamin additives are indicated not in detail, but in general words.

This conclusion, like everyone else, we suggest you read and take into account your discretion. We created it in order to arm you with knowledge and help make a more balanced decision when buying dry dog food for your pet. Read more about our activities here.

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