Beef limited ingredient dog food review

February 16, 2023
Dog Food
Beef limited ingredient dog food review

Dog food classes


Before choosing dry nutrition for a pet, know, an officially accepted scientific classification of feed does not exist. Quality standards of each class are dictated by the market. From this article you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of dog feed classes: economy, premium, super-premium and holistic. And also, we will select the best ratio of price and quality.

Why are Beef limited ingredient dog food divided into classes

There is a generally accepted division into four price categories: economy, premium, super-premium and holistic. Sometimes an ultra-premium is distinguished to show the superiority of the product over others. There are certain standards that must comply with the food of each class.

In the food of the Economy class, the content of meat is low, often replaced by vegetable proteins. The premium class contains 20-30% of meat, but in most feed there are still millet or corn. Sometimes something worse, for example, harmful food supplements or sodium glutamate.

The highest quality class of feed is super-premium. The content of meat in them reaches 60% and higher. Recently, a new class appeared on the market – a holistic, which includes the best products from the best.

Be vigilant when choosing a diet for your pet. Unscrupulous manufacturers often increase the bar of their product. What is written on the front side of the best dog food storage container is not always similar to the content. Read the composition, analyze, and only then make a choice. Also beware of fakes.

Dog Dry Beef limited ingredient dog food classes

List of economy class feed

When a person meets the word “economy class”, the image of a cheap, most often low-quality product immediately pops up in his mind. In most cases, it is. Often, eating economy class does not consist of better raw materials. It is easiest to characterize economy-feed on an example: the animal will receive the components necessary to maintain life, but insufficient, for a healthy and full-fledged existence. With a high probability, allergic reactions will appear, the animal’s coat and organs will suffer.

Pedigree (pedigers)

Pedigree dog food

The most popular and advertised dry dog food for dogs. For consideration, the most ordinary pedigree with beef was chosen.

The contents of the granules include: corn (1), millet (2), and only then there is a protein component – incomprehensible chicken flour. From which parts of the chicken it is made – remains a mystery. Beefs of only 4% (!) Percent, and it is already in 6th place. It is rather a food with corn and wheat than with beef. But you can’t say this in advertising, of course.

Darling (Darling)

Darling dog food

Feed Darling is produced by Purina. The food factory is located in Hungary.

Regarding the composition, Darling in terms of accuracy is worse than the pedigree. In the content of feed, muddy concepts prevail: cereals (it is not clear which), meat and offal (4% chicken). Vitamins are present.

A foreign product does not always mean quality.

Stout (Stout)

On the back of the best dog food storage container it is written that the diet supposedly refers to the super-premium class. Do not follow the next marketing trick. Looking at the composition of the food, it can only be classified as the Economy class.

Ingredients: here bird flour (1), then there is cheap corn, millet and rice, beef liver.

Our brand

If you compare with most foods of the economy class, our brand is divided into several variations: for babies, for adults and elderly pets.

Nevertheless, the composition of the food is still included: millet and corn (the first and second positions, respectively), bird flour, oil, hydrolyzed liver, etc.


The contents of the granules also include cereals, meat and products of animal origin, vegetable protein extract (pay attention to this ingredient), vitamins, etc.

The consumption of a dog of vegetable proteins negatively affects the health and activity of the animal. A dog is a predator, it needs food based on animal protein (meat, fish, albeit the same offal).

Chappi (Chappi)

Another budget food for dogs. As an example, “Chappi with chicken and vegetables” was chosen.

What are granules made of: grain crops, meat, offal, protein plant extracts, carrots… Vegetable oils. Most often, the muddy concept of "vegetable oils" means palm oil. As you know, it is a danger to human health, which is already talking about a dog.

Even for budget diets, this is a bad option.


There is a decent budget line of food "meal". For consideration, take a "maxi", for dogs of large breeds. Composition: beef fats, chicken and fish, veal, poultry meat, offal, linseed and vegetable oils, corn flour, grain, etc.

Caesar (Caesar)

Wet dog food economy class.

The contents of one storage container of beef with vegetables pouch: meat and offal – 40% (beef takes about 26%), vegetables, cereals and vitamins.

Friskies (Friskis)

Friskies completes the review of budget diets, a fairly well-known and recognizable cat food. They also make a line for dogs.

Dry dog food granules for adult and active dogs contain: cereals, meat and offal, vegetable by-products, oils and fats.

List of premium dog foods

Don't be fooled by the bright "premium" label on the packaging. The bar of declared premium feeds is usually higher than that of the same economy class, but does the advertising description correspond to reality?

Of course, the composition of the same Hills, Proplan and Royal Canin is in every way better than that of Pedigree or Our Brand. Cheap wheat or corn is often replaced with rice, and in place of “meat meal”, “poultry meal”, “chicken meal” there are already dried meat, offal, etc. Nevertheless, premium feeds often do not disdain the same corn or soybeans. Before buying, check the composition.

Royal Canin (Royal Canin)

Royal Canin dog food

The most famous line of premium feeds in the CIS countries is Royal Canin. Products are positioned as created in laboratory conditions, with strict control of veterinarians. Is it so? Do not rush to conclusions.

Consider mini adult food as an example. First on the list of ingredients is cheap and high calorie corn, in addition to it, there is also corn flour and corn gluten. Dried poultry meat is only in second position. Is it possible to classify such food as a premium class? Yes. To the super-premium class, how many classify Royal Canin? Definitely no.

  • Varied line;
  • Available in many supermarkets;
  • The price is lower than super-premium feed.
  • Cheap corn, instead of more expensive and high-quality rice in the first position;
  • A lot of carbohydrates;
  • There is a large amount of vegetable protein.


Food Probalance for dogs

Feed content Adult Active Probalance: dried poultry meat, rice and barley, chicken fat, natural supplements, vitamins.

Food Proplan for dogs

Composition of proplan with salmon and rice: 20% salmon, dry salmon protein, corn and derivatives, rice, corn flour, flavoring, etc.

Take a look at corn and its derivatives, which are almost in the first positions. It would be more honest to call the food "salmon with corn" than "salmon with rice", but who likes the truth?

Hills Adult Sensitive Stomach Skin

Veterinarians often advise Hills food for dogs who have health problems. Mark has earned a good reputation among dog breeders.

Consider Hill’s ™ Science Plan ™ for elderly dogs over 7 years old. The granules contain: chicken flour (20%), turkey, corn, ground rice, soy milk, dry squeeze of tomatoes and grapes.

Purina One

Purina dog food

As an example, we take the food of the purin van for puppies of medium and large breeds. What is contained in granules: chicken (20%), millet, dry protein of poultry, corn, soy flour, corn flour, taste-aromatic food supplement, dry egg protein, etc.

Brit dog food

We will consider the example of British premium for adult dogs of medium breeds. It contains 41% chicken flour, there are no more proteins. The bulk of the proteins are animals. Source of carbohydrates: chicken, millet and Fig. It also contains useful food additives.

Dog Chow dog food

Dog Chau from Purina does not reach the premium class, but in its content the same is better than cheaper offers.

For analysis, the food of the dog for adults of large breeds was chosen. Its ingredients: grain crops – 61%, meat and offal – 16%, plant protein extracts, turkey – at least 4%.

Advance (Edwance)

Advance dog food

It is made in Europe. The food for the elderly dogs of small breeds contains: chicken, flour made of corn gluten (!), Dry bird protein (!), Millet, rice, cornch food could be attributed more to the economy class.


Ros Pes dog food

As an example, we take a “veal with vegetables” for adult dogs. It includes: meat and offal of beef, veal and chicken; salmon; Chicken or beef liver, also egg protein. As carbohydrates are: oatmeal, core of buckwheat, corn, rye grain, potatoes. Fat give: chicken fat, sunflower oil, etc.

Nature’s Protection

Natur dog food

This manufacturer has a very interesting line of feed, which are designed specifically for pets with black and red color of wool. According to the company's website, their diet provides the animal with healthy hair. In addition, there is a special nutrition for dogs with white fur, which have brown circles under the eyes.

As an example, consider White Dogs Small Breeds. Contains rice, poultry fat, barley, hydrolyzed chicken liver, lamb meat, etc.


Chokopi dog food

An example is Chicopee food for small breed puppies. Contains flour of poultry meat, corn, poultry fat, rice, wheat flour, etc.

Super-premium dog feed list

Super-premium class contains a large number of natural meat ingredients. It is unacceptable to add millet and corn to such feeds, only high-quality and expensive sources of carbohydrates.

It is rare to find by-products in super-premium nutrition granules, in contrast to the premium class. This is real dried meat. Manufacturers are responsible for their reputation, the contents of their feeds are always of high quality and nutritious for the dog. You can find hypoallergenic food, and for sterilized dogs.

  • Fest Choice;
  • Eukanuba;
  • Trainer, Coach;
  • Shezir;
  • Yoser;
  • Arden Grange;
  • Monge;
  • Dukes Farm;
  • Brit Kare;
  • Pronature Original;
  • Gina Elite;
  • Nutram;
  • Porcelan;
  • Bosch;
  • Barking Heads;
  • Optima Nova;
  • Dailydog;
  • Genesis Pure Canada.

Holistic grade dog food

Holistic pet food is a quality proven by consumers that fully corresponds to its price. By the way, about prices – almost the only disadvantage of such food for your pet will be the cost of packages.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about the benefits of Holistic dog food, all of which are true. This food is totally worth the price.

  • Flexible food lines, often can be selected individually for each dog;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Only quality meat;
  • Contain everything you need, no additional nutritional supplements are needed;
  • Most Holistic dog foods do not contain grain at all.
  • It is often difficult to get, mainly through the Internet or special stores;
  • It's expensive, but worth the money.

Holistic dog foods can be roughly divided into 2 categories: grain-based and grain-free.

  • Acana;
  • Wolfsblut;
  • Now Fresh;
  • Applaws;
  • Farmina N& D;
  • Go Natural holistic;
  • Grandorf, Orijen;
  • Pronature Holistic;
  • Canide.

With grain content:

  • Summit;
  • Holistic Blend;
  • Savarra;
  • Anf Holistic.

Wet dog food classes

Beef limited ingredient dog food review of economy class

Beef limited ingredient dog food review

Canned food for dogs does not have such a pronounced classification as for dry ones. Conventionally, they can be divided according to the same parameters as dry ones (cost-quality ratio).

Economy: Our Brand, Chappie, Pedigree, Caesar
Premium: Royal canin, Purina ONE
Super Premium: Almo Nature Hills Ideal Balance
Holistic: Barking Heads, Grandin, Belcando

How to choose a dog food grade

Decide according to your finances. Despite everything, it is not recommended to feed your pet with economy class feeds, as their contents leave much to be desired.

Look between premium, super premium and holistic. Calculate the cost of a month's feed not from the price of the package, but from the amount of feed consumed per month.

How to distinguish a fake

  1. Make purchases only in trusted online stores or veterinary clinics.
  2. Compare the design of the packaging with the design on the official bestdogfood.Expert of the product. Even if the packaging does not have visible differences, take a closer look.
  3. The pellets in counterfeit food have a poor quality look and smell.
  4. Most likely, the pet will refuse to eat it.

Choosing the best price-quality ratio

The best value for money, unconditionally, in holistic and super-premium classes. Let me explain why: calculate the cost of pet food based not on the cost of packaging, but on monthly consumption. Expensive food rich in animal protein lasts longer, because. The daily feeding rate is less. So it turns out that the difference in price between premium and super-premium is not that big.

Your pet's health is more important. Choose quality food, and save money on trips to the vet.

Advice from owners and veterinarians


“Don't let yourself be fooled, TV and internet advertising is for people. Colorful packaging does not say anything about the contents. Trust only yourself! ”

Stepan Valerievich:

“The dog is a predator. Meat should always be listed first. Beef, chicken, not meat meal. It is also important that grains or vegetables do not go as the first ingredient. ”


Briefly about the main

  1. Economy class: choose Caesar and Oscar as the most adequate of the rest, it is not recommended to feed the dog with budget food.
  2. Premium class: Nature's Protection, Probalance, Brit Premium, Hills.
  3. Super premium and holistic at your discretion.

Write in the comments which class your pet prefers?

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