Bear scent for dog training – What smells do not like dogs

March 27, 2023
Dog Training
Bear scent for dog training - What smells do not like dogs

what smells do not like dogs

What seems to be a pleasant aroma for a person, for the dog it smells so well. She wrinkles her nose funny, sneezes, and this is at best. The most unpleasant odors cause real hysteria or aggression in dogs. Therefore, if there is a dog in the house, then it is better to forget about perfume. After all, the little dogs are a million times more sensitive than human. Imagine how the pet is tormented by sensing the perfume or toilet water of his master or guest. After all, the most delicious smell for the dog is the aroma of fresh raw meat, and not flowers, sandals, etc. Therefore, the owner of the animal always needs to know what odors do not like dogs to prevent an unwanted situation.

Dog Zosia

Darling of our bestdogfood.Expert dog Zosya

Once on a walk, our favorite dog Zosya sensed a strong aroma of expensive perfume of a random passerby. And she turned into an uncontrollable beast, pulled the leash, barking, throwing herself at a stranger until he disappeared from his eyes, and the smell disgusting for the dog disappeared. And Zosya really does not like one wonderful person, our plumbing. Just because he loves bright perfume compositions too much. Therefore, he hides somewhere in the dark corner of the apartment and grumbles from there, not wanting to go out and talk with the guest.

So, let's figure out what smells do not like dogs, which they cannot stand in any case.


The smell of pepper is hated by dogs

The smell of any pepper – light, chili, halapeno, habaneros, Kayen, black pepper, fragrant – this is a real torment for the dog. No matter how large and terrible the dog is, the aroma of pepper is unbearable for him. The fact is that pepper contains a substance with a strong, burning aroma, capsaicin. His animals hate, therefore, if the dog comes across powder pepper, it will begin to sneeze, rub their nose with its paws, ride the floor.

It will require, indeed, serious assistance to the pet, since the dog can begin to suffocate if it has a predisposition to allergic reactions.

Therefore, keep pepper in the kitchen away from the dog, where it will definitely not get it.

Fragrant herbs-spots

Dogs do not like aromas

For cooking, we all use our favorite seasonings. Without them, food seems fresh and tasteless. Therefore, do not be surprised when the dog refuses the treat that you offer her from your table. This should not be done so because substances contained in aromatic herbs are far from always useful for dogs.

These are the spices of dogs do not like:

  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Cardamom
  • Ginger
  • Mustard
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Onion
  • Garlic

By the way, the Corey dog, another of our favorite, in adolescence, got into a gnawing shelves for shoes in the corridor. I quickly weaned her from this unproductive lesson, anointing with mustard those places that the dog was especially in love with. Once, having tried to gnaw the chubby corner of the shoe, greased with mustard, Kory no longer even tried to repeat her trick.

Corey dog

Another favorite of our bestdogfood.Expert is the dog Corey

So, unpleasant odors can be used in order to wean it from leprosy, scare away quickly, effectively, without screaming, noise and punishment.


what smells do not like dogs - citrus fruits

To citrus – lemons, oranges, lime, grapefruit – you need to be very careful. Since these fruits can harm the health of the pet. Too strong smell can cause a powerful allergic reaction. Due to the bright intensive smell of essential oils, mainly in crusted, dogs simply hate these fruits.

A common advice with which you can wean a puppy and even a adult dog to leave puddles on the floor and carpet is quite a worker. You just need to sprinkle a place, a place, with a lemon aroma with a lemon aroma. Or wash with a detergent that has the smell of citrus fruits. Just do not be too zealous, a slight aroma is enough for the dog to refuse to mark the territory in this place.


Dogs do not like the smell of vinegar

The smell of vinegar is unpleasant for both people and animals. He annoys the dog’s respiratory tract, and the animal simply in a panic tries to hide somewhere from him. Therefore, if you use vinegar when cleaning the house or cooking, then try to ventilate the room so that the pet does not suffer much from the smell unbearable for it.

Alcohol, alcohol

Dogs hate the smell of alcohol

Dogs do not make the smell of any alcohol – ethyl, campaire, ammonia (Although ammonia is not alcohol at all in the chemical formula, but this is not so important). Therefore, animals behave so depressed in a veterinary clinic where alcohol smells are so strong.

The smell of alcohol for the pet is very unpleasant. Therefore, it is worth being careful after visiting the guests. If you smell like alcohol, do not approach your favorite pet, it may poorly end with both you and for him.

Therefore, dogs do not like drunk people, behave aggressively. They are alarmed not only the smell, but also the changed behavior of a person, which they consider incomprehensible, and therefore dangerous.

It is no secret that for dogs it is more important than gestures and human movement than words. They communicate with relatives, with their flock, reading the “body language”. And a flock for a home dog is its master and members of his family. And if suddenly it began to smell terribly from them, and even suddenly the behavior of e, then the dog is just in shock, does not know what to expect from people, hides and behaves aggressively.

The tragic story of the dog Rex


I remember in childhood we had a wonderful puppy of the German shepherd Rex. An unusually smart, large, cheerful doggie grew too quickly and was simply not intended for a city apartment. And we had to give it to a person living in rural areas. He was engaged in driving herds of cattle from pastures to a meat processing plant. For weeks, he spent time on horseback, in the saddle, and when Rex grew up, he became a wonderful assistant for his new owner.

Rex fully fulfilled its purpose, it was a magnificent, virtuoso shepherd, whose glory grew day by day. All shepherds and shepherds grazing herds of sheep and cows in the mountains admired the natural skills of Rex, but not only. Its owner taught the dog to many tricks, and the dog himself, without commands, knew how to drive a herd.

And the house of Rex was waiting for a large, warm booth, a native court and beloved people. Life went well, and Rex would have lived in this loving family for many years, however, irreparable happened.

Once the owner returned home from the guests very late. He smelled of alcohol, and Rex did not recognize his beloved "dad. "He rushed at the owner, knocked him onto the ground, clung to his throat and did not let go, increasing his grip. Rex defended the house and his flock of people from a man, whose smell suddenly became hateful.

The owner could neither shout nor shove Rex from himself to the side, because it was already difficult to breathe, and only one exit remained. Each self-respecting shepherd always wears a dagger on his belt.

The only thing the owner managed to do was to pull out the dagger, and mentally saying goodbye to his pet, stick him into his heart so that his beloved dog died instantly and does not suffer.

The owner did not hold back his tears, caressed the cooling body of the dog, asked for forgiveness from his pet.

Bear scent for dog training - What smells do not like dogs what could

Bear scent for dog training – what smells do not like dogs

Such a tragedy ended, it seems, a sweet trip to visit for the owner and his pet.

Tobacco and tobacco smoke

Dogs hate tobacco smoke

Dogs do not like smoke at all. It not only annoys the respiratory tract of the pet, but is also a signal of a fire, fire that all animals are so afraid of. The dog is able to smoke even the weakest smell of smoke and be alert. Her smell can cause severe stress.

Surely you have already read many cases how the dogs warned their owners about a fire in the house. Sensing the smell of smoke, the dog seeks to run away or seek help from the owner. To warn him about what is wrong, and it's time to leave a dangerous place together.

The smell of tobacco smoke dogs simply hate. Since the aroma of tobacco does not tolerate completely, especially Samosad and Mahorka. Criminals enjoy this feature of animals and thus try to hide their tracks, scattering Mahorka at the crime scene.

Dogs don

The aroma of coffee for a person is pleasant, but for a dog – no. Many pets do not like him. Therefore, keep this in mind when in the morning you make a cup for yourself. Try to ventilate the room well, because you feel good, but the dog suffers.

You can use this feature of animals in the garden. If you want to protect the flowers so that the dog does not gnaw them and do not remember, then sprinkle around a little coffee. In the same way you can do with flower pots.

Balls from moths

Dogs do not like the smell of Schariks from moths

It happens that you can’t do without balls from moths. However, the artificial smell of this domestic product is so absorbed into clothes that getting rid of it is very difficult. And especially the dogs do not like this smell.

Putting on the clothes, which is saturated with an unpleasant odor for the dog, we risk the fact that at best the dog will begin to sneeze, at worst – he will stop approaching the owner and obey.

Therefore, in order to get rid of moths, it is better to use folk remedies – walnut leaves.

The smell of nail polish, perfume, cosmetics, washing powder, detergents do not like dogs really

What smells do not like dogs


From time to time we use different household and cosmetics that have unpleasant odors for dogs. For example, nail polish, what could be worse for a dog nose? This is a caustic, nasty smell of acetone, which irritates the mucous membrane and practically prevents the animal to breathe normally.

For us, perhaps, some detergents do not smell so much, and for dogs such a smell will simply unbearable. Therefore, choose those means and washing powder, the aromas of which are quickly disappeared.

After washing, cleaning, using nail polish, etc. Be sure to ventilate the room.

Spirits, toilet water, creams – these magnificent aromas are pleasant only for you. Even if you spent a fortune on them, this does not mean that these smells are also pleasant to the dog.

If there is a pet in the house, then try to minimize aromas, give up some habits, respect your dog’s feelings and take care so as not to harm it. And remember, the dog does not like the smell that is unpleasant to her, and not its master.

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