Bag-container for storing feed for dogs and cats from the outside

March 1, 2023
Dog Food Container
Bag-container for storing feed for dogs and cats from the outside

Cathed for cats. What is better carrier for cats

There will be a moment when loving owners will definitely take a cat on the road-whether it is a trip to the country or a trip to the veterinarian.

In order to move from point A to point B for a cat with minimal stress, worry in advance that the animal has its own vehicle – carrying for cats!

Cat caring is an important affiliation in the care of a pet. After all, it provides animal comfort, comfort, calmness and, most importantly, safety.

How to choose the right carrier for a cat

What is better carrier for cats

Before buying the most beautiful carrying in the pet store, decide:

  • Why exactly do you need it;
  • How long will she withstand the onslaught of your cat.

The most affectionate and elegant cat, closed in the carry, feeling that it is taken out of the usual dwelling, turns into a fierce fury and from a beautiful, but poor-quality carrying for cats to the ultimate goal of the trip, only a pen can reach.

Next, select the goals with which you acquire this important device:

  • Carrying at short distances (to the nearest office of the veterinarian);
  • For transportation on big travels (trip on a train, by plane);
  • For a trip in the car (to the cottage or to another apartment).

And already soberly evaluating these points, we begin to carefully select the carrier.

What should be in good carrying:

  • Observation holes. When the cat controls the situation, its level of anxiety decreases;
  • Hard bottom. Solid soil underfoot soothes not only people;
  • Strong locks that exclude the escape;
  • Spacious. The animal should not sit in three deaths, perfectly if the cat inside the carry can stand in full height and take a couple of steps.

Today there are a lot of diverse transportation for cats, radically different in materials, sizes, etc.

In order to make the right choice when buying carrying, pay attention to:

The size

This is a very important criterion, since the comfort of your pet directly depends on it.

Remember, we singled out the goals of buying a carrier? If you need it for long trips, then get a carrier that is one and a half times larger than your cat. The animal must be free to turn and change its position during the trip.

For trips over short distances, a container in which the animal can simply lie freely is enough.

Carrying should be convenient and as comfortable as possible for human use.

There is a temptation to buy the lightest carrier, but there is a high risk that a powerful animal will deal with it in minutes.

How to choose a cat carrier, focusing on the entire pet?

  • For cats and cats weighing up to 5 kg, a carrier weighing 1. 1 – 1. 2 kg is suitable.
  • Cats weighing up to 8 kg require a 1. 8 kg carrier.
  • And if you have a cat giant of about 12 kilograms, then get him a personal vehicle weighing 2. 5 kg – 2. 7 kg.

Cat transportation photo

Carrying material

So we come to one of the main questions – what should the carrier be made of.

  • Plastic carriers are suitable for transporting animals over long distances, for air travel, etc.
  • Textile carriers are more compact, but not suitable for long trips.
  • Wicker carriers are good for photos and for occasional uses.

Learn more about choosing the right carrier below.

Types of carriers for cats

Soft textile carry bag

Soft carriers are not so soft – each of them has a built-in frame or thick walls. These are the qualities that the owner of the animal needs to evaluate first of all – press on the walls of the carrier. At the point of application of force, the carrier bends, but it should quickly return to its original form.

Examine the seams carefully – bend the plastic-reinforced seams to test its flexibility.

Examine the meshes on the viewing windows, whether they are of sufficient quality.

The presence of a pocket on the outside of the textile carrier and / or built-in fabric partitions (for the possibility of transporting two cats at the same time) is a nice bonus to the purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloth carrier for cats.

  • Light weight;
  • Two pairs of handles, allowing you to carry the bag in your hand and over your shoulder;
  • Ability to store folded.
  • Lack of a strong frame;
  • Wetness;
  • Wear and tear (the claws of a cat that seeks to break free, such a carry does not leave many chances).

Baskets for transporting cats

Wicker carrying is stronger than cloth. But experts do not recommend that only a basket for transportation at home. Let us consider in more detail why?

  • The wicker basket has hard walls;
  • Made of natural material;
  • Light in weight.
  • Natural material easily absorbs liquids;
  • Unpleasant odors are also absorbed;
  • Wicker carrying cannot be washed.

A backpack of a cat for a cat

This is a Hands-Free format that differs little from a textile bag-carrier For the owner. But for the cat

So, the advantages and disadvantages of carrying-rugzak.

  • It is not necessary in transport and on the road to look for a place where to put a backpack;
  • The backpack is often equipped with wheels that turn it into a cart on wheels;
  • Free hands in a person.

Plastic boxing

Plastic boxing is already a tough design, which, judging by the reviews, most experienced cat owners prefer.

Plastic carrying for cats has its advantages:

  • Unlimited service life;
  • Such carrying for cats is easily washed and dried;
  • A hard container gives the cat a greater sense of safety, because it protects it from random touches.

But plastic carrying for a cat also has a minus that we will not be silent about:

  • Thunderness. Yes, it is inconvenient to transfer it, it is difficult to find a place in transport. But in some cases, plastic carrying for cats is necessary – for example, in air travel.

Foreign cell

The cat’s review in such a cage is magnificent, she cannot get out, but the owner feels absolutely calm, controlling literally every motion of the pet.

  • Design reliability;
  • Structure stiffness;
  • The ability to take a cage with you even to the aircraft salon (provided that it is covered);
  • The ability to leave the cage in the luggage compartment;
  • The cell is easy to wash;
  • The cell does not deform.
  • These cells are not light;
  • When carrying along the street in rainy times, the pet gets wet;
  • When carrying in hot times – overheating.

The choice is yours, given the distance of the trip, the weight and preferences of your pet.

Main manufacturers of cat carriers

The main manufacturers of the carrying: “trixie”, “triol”, “IATA”, “Atlas”, “Savic”, “Sturdi”, “Skudo”, “Dogman”, “Ferplast”, “Gulliver”, “Karlie”, “Clipper”,” Marchioro “.

>Stefanplast Gulliver 2 Delux – Best Cat Care

Carriage Stefanplast Gulliver 2 Delux photo

Repatible plastic carrying for cats with a metal door (StefanPlast, Italy) is suitable for animals weighing up to 8 kg.

A convenient house is suitable for traveling. The design of the best storage containers is of particular strength and reliability. The box is made of high-quality plastic – it does not deform, and the metal door is equipped with a reliable lock, your pet will not be able to escape.

Included with carrying, there is a set of spare latches and a bowl for food, which can be easily attached to the door. The ventilation is provided by the side holes – the animal will be comfortable during the trip. From above, the manufacturer provided special boxes for various little things. The closing window is also located there – it simplifies the owner’s access to the animal. Weights of carrying – 1. 98 kg. Dimensions: 56x36x35 cm.

  • Plus: there is a hole for the seat belt.
  • Minus: it is necessary to clarify the possibility of transportation in the passenger compartment of the aircraft in the airline.

Popular carrying for cats – characteristics, pros, cons.

  1. Marchioro Clipper “Cayman 1” – a container on the plane;
  2. Rujukzak-cross-rocket;
  3. Sturdibag Large-a bag for cats;
  4. Triol-carrier bag on wheels,
  5. Trixie cat cell №2;
  6. Ferplast Atlas 10 Vision – open container;
  7. Elite Valley exhibition cell “Aquarium”;
  8. Open Pete Meshome Techome is a budget option.

Marchioro “Cayman 1” – for the aircraft

Marchioro Cayman 1 photo

Durable Italian carrying of plastic and metal is suitable for transporting cats and dogs of small breeds. It differs in particular reliability, has an enhanced bottom. In the cover of the best storage container there are holes for good ventilation. A reliable lock with the clipper clasp mechanism is installed on the metal door.

The carrying of a very comfortable handle has an additional mount for the shoulder belt, which needs to be purchased additionally. The carrying is collapsible, which allows it to be easy to wash and storeitable for animals weighing up to 10 kg. Carrow can be taken on a plane, as it meets the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

  • Plus: suitable for air transportation.
  • Minus: wheels, a drinker, a belt and a grille to the bottom you need to buy additionally.

The backpack-carrier rocket

The backpack-carrier rocket photo

The original U-PET space backpack with a illuminator window and a rocket print not only attracts the attention of others with its unusual design, but also has high functionality. In such a carry, it will be convenient to travel both the owner and the animal.

The backpack differs in reliability and a practicality, thanks to the spacious sizes and a rigid framework. Mesh side vents provide good ventilation. The use of such a carrier frees the hands of the owner, and gives the cat the opportunity to observe everything that happens around. Best storage container dimensions: 45x32x23 cm.

Bag-container for storing feed for dogs and cats from the outside Triol-carrier bag on wheels

The dog opened the container with food

  • Pros: stylish.
  • Minus: can withstand cats weighing up to 7 kg.

Sturdibag Large

Sturdibag Large photo

The Large model is considered Sturdi’s most popular carrier. This bag holds up to 18 kg and can support the weight of even the largest cat.

For ease of use, the bag opens both from the top and from the side. The curtains and carrying net can be rolled up and fixed with Velcro. The strap of the bag is adjustable according to the height of the owner and is equipped with a soft pillow. The handle of the bag is made of genuine leather. The curtains of the bag are fixed with Velcro. The best storage container is equipped with a harness that is attached to the carrying case. At the base of the bag is a lightweight and durable foam board bottom.

Can be washed in an automatic washing machine. Best storage container size: 30. 5×30. 5×45. 5 cm.

  • Plus: there are fasteners for a seat belt.
  • Cons: high price.

Carrying bag “Triol” on wheels

Triol bag bag on wheels photo

Comfortable fabric bag on wheels for cats with a solid base. The carrier closes with two zippers. Velcro side pockets and pockets on the back wall of the bag are provided for storing small things. The best storage container is equipped with a conventional imitation leather handle, a comfortable telescopic handle and a shoulder strap.

For ventilation, the side window and the window on the front wall of the best storage container are made of mesh. In order for the animal to observe what is happening, the curtain on the window of the front wall can be twisted and fixed with Velcro. Bag size: 45x34x37 cm.

  • Plus: convenient choice of modes of transportation.
  • Cons: high cost.

Cage for cats Trixie №2

Cat for cats Trixie No. 2 photo

Chrome-plated cat cage with a plastic tray is suitable for transporting a pet in a car. The door is located on the short side, opens outwards. The tray is equipped with sides and extends so that it can be removed without removing the animal from the cage. The cage is very reliable and strong, all welded joints are qualitatively processed. Best storage container size: 64x54x48 cm.

  • Plus: the cage is disassembled for easy storage.
  • Cons: high price.

Ferplast ATLAS 10 VISION

Ferplast Atlas 10 Vision photo

An open container from Ferplast is suitable for both cats and small dogs. The model is made of steel grilles with a plastic coating and a durable plastic pallet basket. The best storage container has two doors, one of which is located on top of the carrying, the second – in front.

The cell is protected from random opening during transportation. The front door in a closed state is attached to the pallet, and the upper part can only be opened when using a special lock. The cell is easy to wash. Dimensions: 48 × 32. 5 × 29 cm.

  • Plus: there is a feeder and mattress in the kit.
  • Minus: the possibility of transportation in the cabin of the aircraft must be clarified in the airline.

Elite Valley Exhibition “Aquarium”

Elite Valley Exhibition

A light and comfortable exhibition cell has a collapsible structure. The best storage container is a frame of plastic tubes on which a removable cover of PVC, textiles and nets is pulled. All walls are interconnected using a zipper. The cell is quickly and easily versed and gathers – it is convenient for the owners who show their pets at exhibitions.

  • Plus: the cell is equipped with a bag-chech for transportation and storage.
  • Cons: high price.

Open Pet Techome

Open Pet Techome PET photo

Inexpensive carrying is made of environmentally friendly plastic and fabric. The bottom is unfastened for easy cleaning of the best storage container. Carrying is folded into a small handbag, which is convenient for storage. Best storage container ventilation is carried out using a grid.

The sheer bag can be worn both in the hand and over the shoulder. In the kit, a shoulder belt with a controlled length is in the kit. Carriage has a bright modern design. Size: 35x20x22 cm.

  • Plus: low price.
  • Minus: suitable for cats weighing less than 4 kg.

Reviews about cat carriers

Lyudmila: “When we had a kitten, we immediately thought about buying a carrying, because we realized that we are the owners responsible and we will see ourselves often with the veterinarian. It was decided to buy a carrier of plastic to growth. We stopped at Triol. My opinion is very positive – the plastic is high-quality, the fasteners are reliable, the bottom does not bend, there are openings for ventilation. The kitten felt calm the first time, today it was also a home house. ”

Alexander: “Daughter bought a soft bag“ Trixie ”for the cat. The consultant said that such a bag for cat carrying is suitable for small cats. My opinion is ambiguous – on the one hand, it is easy to wash the bag, and on the other, the cardboard bottom wears quickly. In general, the material and sewing high-quality, but the pens also quickly lost their presentation. And our cat is still inconvenient in such a bag. Screaming, breaking out. “

Magda: “They bought transportation not according to the manufacturer, but by sympathy – the coloring of the material attracted attention. And somehow guessed. The seams are even, strengthened by such plastic sticks, the lightning is strong, the window is also reliable. Initially, I thought that I have been buying a soft carry for no more than a year, but for three years now we have been operating, and the appearance is still presentable. The only drawback that irritates me is that the fabric is very collected by the wool. After each trip, you have to rake up clubs of wool. But I’m not lazy. “

How to accustom a cat to a carrying

If a trip is looming ahead, then you can’t postpone acquaintance with carrying. Already today, take the carrier, put it not in the passage place, cover it with a blanket familiar for a cat and leave it open. If the cat itself shows curiosity and goes into a carrier – do not frighten it away, let the animal look around and get used to it.

If the cat ignores the carrier, you need to lure it. Let the beloved toy or food serve as a bait – it doesn’t matter.

The right choice of carrying and a loyal attitude to it is a guarantee of calm trips in the future.

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