Australian Metal Container for dog food

January 25, 2023
Dog Food Container
Australian Metal Container for dog food

How to feed and maintain aussi?

Most modern Australian shepherds continue to carry their shepherd’s service in the ranch, pastures and private estates. But more and more people want to purchase a puppy of this breed for maintaining in the apartment.

Aussi has some features in matters of content and feeding that you should familiarize yourself with before getting this four-legged pet.

Features of caring for the Australian Shepherd

In the Australian shepherd at the genetic level, a love of space and long walks are laid down, they are ready to follow a person anywhere and as long as long. This should be taken into account by those people who are going to take a puppy of this breed for life in an apartment.

If the dog does not receive enough attention, then it can begin to hooligate, for example, to ruin the furniture.

It is excellent if Aussi lives in a country house or on a farm, where there are huge expanses for long games, walks and training. You can not put a chain on this dog, because it appreciates freedom above all. She loves to play, you can leave her a ball or frisbee, and when it is bored, you can go to training, Aussy easily perceive the change of activity. The Australian shepherd is very hardy: in a day it can “wind up” about 50 kilometers.

If the dog lives in a private house, then you can not worry that during winter frosts it will get sick, because it has a very warm winter “clothing”, to this time the Australian becomes like a small bear.

The main nuances for the care of the Australian Shepherd

The first, and, probably, the main difficulty that Aussi’s owners face is its wool, which has a luxurious appearance and color of various types. But during the periods of molting, a rich woolen cover creates problems: the dog needs to be combed out almost every day, otherwise the hair will be lost, the tangles will appear, from which to get rid of without consequences is not so simple.

Therefore, you should acquire a tool for grooming: a furminator or a pudder, a scraper, brushes, combs with large teeth. Great options are offered by Trixie, Camon, Show Tech.

They rarely bathe Australian shepherds, because due to its structure, the wool dries for a very long time, and this can provoke the development of fungal diseases on the skin.

Considering that the Aussie loves to run and walk more than anything in the world, she has no problems with natural grinding of her claws. But apartment pets will have to help with the help of a nail cutter.

Since the Australian is basically a working dog, after returning from the field in the evening, she should be examined for cuts, wounds and other damage. Also, a couple of times a week, you should check the dog’s ears for mites, dirt, skin irritations. The ear surface should be cleaned with specialized hypoallergenic lotions, applying them to a cotton swab. Similar cleaning fluids are manufactured by Otifree, Canina Ohrenbalsam, Iv San Bernard.

Attention should also be paid to the dog’s eyes: they should be clean, without irritation, ulceration and crusts. An Aussie who came from a pasture can wipe his eyes with a clean napkin dipped in boiled water.

To prevent plaque and tartar from appearing on the teeth of the Australian Shepherd, you can offer her to gnaw on special chewing Bones with different tastes.

Nutritional features of the Australian Shepherd

One nuance in their nutrition is associated with dogs of this breed – in childhood they cannot be overfed, obesity does not allow their skeleton and muscle corset to develop correctly. Puppies should be fed up to 4 times a day in medium portions, and adult dogs – twice a day.

Australian Metal Container for dog food rich woolen cover creates problems

Container for dog food with a fingerprint on wheels

The Aussie uses a lot of energy every day, so she will need dry food labeled “Active”. In addition, make sure that in addition to this marking, the pack contains at least 32% protein.

Premium and super premium feed manufacturers are:

  • Brit Premium;
  • Purina Dog Chow;
  • Eukanuba;
  • Royal CANIN.

If you choose to feed dry food, then you should remember that the dog should always have enough clean drinking water in the bowl.

The natural Aussie feeding system should be well balanced. Frozen meat should be present in the diet: beef, lamb, horse meat. You can not feed the shepherd pork.

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Several times a week, you need to add not too fatty cottage cheese and kefir or fermented baked milk to the menu for the dog if the dog does not have digestive problems.

You should sometimes pamper your pet with sea fish, hake, pink salmon, and trout rich in phosphorus and amino acids. It is undesirable to give river fish because of helminths, however, there is an opinion that after careful heat treatment or freezing this problem can be solved.

As for marine fish, some species contain thiaminase and trimethylaminoxide, substances that destroy vitamin B and cause anemia, respectively.

These include:

However, after twenty minutes of cooking, these substances are destroyed and the fish can be eaten by the dog. It is better to give porridges coarse grinding, they contain more useful substances. You can add various vegetables to them, taking into account the tastes of your pet.

It should be completely excluded from the diet: bread, sweets, and in no case should you feed the dog with scraps from the table. The dog should have its own place for eating and a certain diet, which should be taught from childhood.

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