Are white dogs hard to keep clean?

November 21, 2022

How to whiten a dog's coat in the dirty season

How to whiten a dog's coat in the dirty season

It's Hard to Keep a White Shirt Clean (for Willie P. Bennett)

A tutorial from an Argentine dog breeder with a white coat.

Darya Rudakova, an experienced breeder and owner of Argentine Dogs, told us what techniques and super remedies help her to cope with the most pesky spots on her dogs' white coats.

What's so special about dogs with white coat

Well-groomed, white-coated dogs are awe-inspiring, "It's beautiful. But such beauty requires especially careful care. When you have a white dog, you want his coat to always be clean and sparkling white. If you have a dog like that now, or have had one before, you know very well how difficult it is to achieve this.

If you have never had a white dog, just imagine the mud in the fall or the melted snow and chemicals in the winter. Any walk, even close to home, can turn your snow-white dog to black. And so several times a day. Personally, I truly admire the breeders of white long-haired dogs. It's not easy for them.

How to whiten a dog's coat

I have an Argentine Dane. You can't take a "quick walk" with these pets outside the house in as clean an area as possible. Instead, we go for walks in the woods and parks. There the dogs run wildly through puddles – and sometimes even bogs, roll in leaves, clay, or anything worse: I mean the so-called "dog spirits." Dog owners understand me now.

Washing clay, muddy splashes, and odorous dirt off a white coat seems like an impossible task at first. But over several years of practice, I've discovered several super remedies that I now always have in my home. They work like a fairy godmother's magic wand for Cinderella. A few simple actions and my dogs are clean and smelling nice again. No one would have guessed that just a couple of hours they had been running around in the fall woods, raising waves of dirt around them.

Are white dogs hard to keep clean? your snow-white dog

are white dogs hard to keep clean?

What makeup I choose for white dogs

At first glance, it may seem that professional cosmetics are significantly more expensive than regular cosmetics. But it is not. Almost all professional cosmetics are concentrated. That is, before using it, it should be diluted with water in the proportions of 1:3 or more.

If you count the number of rinses for the cost, then you spend about the same price for a professional product with harmless ingredients, as for a "pig in a poke" with dubious composition. But the effect of professional cosmetics is more noticeable. Where one professional product can do it, a whole set of amateur ones can't.

How to remove dirt and yellow stains from a white coat

To bring back the white color of my dogs, I use shampoos and masks for white coat. The choice of products depends on the age of the pet. For puppies I use Iv San Bernard mild shampoo with a neutral PH – Talc Puppies. And if the dogs are too much fun on the walk and literally changed the color, I start up the "heavy artillery. For my dogs I use three products:

Supercleaning Shampoo. My favorite is 1 All Systems. For me, it's the best option among shampoos for whiteness. It literally knocks all the dirt out of the coat. Tested on my dogs after marshes, puddles, and clay. Even if your pet has been soaking in "dog perfume", just one bath will get all the bad smell out of the coat.

Iv San Bernard bleaching shampoo. I use it after the cleansing shampoo. It is a professional shampoo specifically for dogs with a white coat. It fills in the pigment and emphasizes the natural whiteness of the coat.

Super-cleaning and bleaching shampoos can dry out the coat, so make sure you follow up with a moisturizer. In addition, a mask or conditioner does not electrify the coat, and there is no dust buildup.

Breeder Daria Rudakova's favorite cosmetics

At the end I will share one more secret. If your dog has yellowish or pinkish splotches, tears, urine or food container spots and you need to get rid of them fast, Shazam 1 All Systems Cleansing Gel can help. I apply it directly to a dry coat. The gel dries within 15 minutes, and you can leave it on for 2-3 days. But be warned: the product gives only a cosmetic effect, and the shades on the coat always have a reason. With this problem it is worth to see a veterinarian.

To act quickly in case of force majeure, before the dog stains all the furniture in the house, prepared a cheat sheet for you.

"General cleaning" your dog in 3 steps

Groomers usually recommend using the same brand of products. But I slightly neglected this rule and through much experimentation found professional cosmetics of different brands, which perfectly match each other. They are ISB and 1 All Systems.

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