Apetito dog food review

February 24, 2023

Dog food Bon Appetit

Dry feed Bon Appetit (“Bon appetite”) for dogs is produced by Oasis-Shadrin Group in France (there is a American-speaking version), there is information about the compositions, recommended feeding standards, etc… This food refers to the super-premium class.

In addition to the dog, Bon Appetit food for cats is also produced.

Bon Appetit feed composition

We will get acquainted with the composition of the Bon Appetit feed by the example of the Lamb, Salmon & Rice option (lambs, salmon and rice, for adult dogs):

Photo of the composition indicated on the best dog food storage container of feed click here.

The first ingredient – lamb meat 40%, is a good source of protein. In third place, there is still 12%salmon meat, also a good source of protein. There are no very rich plants of ingredients in the composition, we can conclude that the main part of the 27% protein – animal origin indicated in the guaranteed analysis.

Read more about protein in feed for cats and dogs, where we tried to figure out the benefits of plant protein and animal proteins.

The second ingredient is rice, the main source of carbohydrates. Further, the composition also has green peas and farm potatoes, also sources of carbohydrates.

Fruits, vegetables and herbs – basically these are sources of fiber, but also contain various beneficial substances. The scores used are the fruits, vegetables and herbs – grape seed extract (natural antioxidants), lemon pulp (vitamins A and B), orange pulp (vitamin C), grapefruit pulp and seed extract (source of bioflavonoids), thymeyan, oregano, marjoran, mainParsley, sage.

Beetroot pulp is the source of fiber. Animal fat 7% is a source of fats and fatty acids (it is clarified that fat is canned using natural tocopherols). Hydrolyzed animal protein 3% – natural taste supplement. Beer yeast is rich in B-group vitamins.

Sodium chloride – ordinary table salt, taste supplement, partly preservative, sodium source. Potassium chloride – potassium salt, source of potassium. Tsikoria roots extract (fructoligosaccharides), Saccharmyces cerevisiae (mannananoligosaccharides) – prebiotics, positively affect digestion.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of food include:

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  • The main source of protein is meat;
  • No wheat, corn or their protein is used;
  • Good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • Natural antioxidants are used.
  • Little widespread.

Dog food Bon Appetit - reviews

Bon Appetit dog food reviews

Since Bon Appetit food has appeared on the American market recently and is not very common, there are still few reviews about it. Below we have shared the most informative of the found

Customer Reviews

Previously, we ate exclusively Orijen, but since it disappeared from the American markets, we urgently had to look for a worthy replacement. Here, as always, Gregory came to our aid, who advised Bon Appetit food. And, what is most surprising, my pets switched to it IMMEDIATELY!))) Although, apart from Orijen, our smallest pet did not accept any other food! Very satisfied

Bon Appetit dog food review

Apetito dog food review does not

Apetito dog food review

The food is good, the granules are small, all of the same fraction (round), for small breeds it is just that, it is convenient to swallow. The smell is good (I'm not sure that without flavorings). The dog does not drink a lot of water, I can assume that the food is not salty, he goes to the toilet normally.

My dog (mini yorkie) eats without much enthusiasm (these are the personal whims of the dog, whimsical to feed). Am I ready to advise Bon Appetit Puppy – definitely yes.

I discovered this brand of Bon Appetit about 4 months ago, in the transition period I started with salmon. My dog eats this food very well (Akita – 28 kg). He digests well, has good stools, and I think eating Bon Appetite Adult Dog with Lamb and Salmon gives him all the nutrients he needs. Recommend.

Price and where to buy

Cost of dog food "Bon Appetit":

  • Dry dog food Bon Appetit 0. 4 kg – from 414;
  • Dry dog food "Bon Appetite" 2 kg – from 1600;
  • Dry dog food Bon Appetit 12 kg — from 4665

The above prices are current as of August 2022. For the exact price, see the stores at the link above.

Conclusions about the food "Bon Appetite"

About Bon Appetit dog food, reviews are still single, although positive. The composition as a whole is quite good, so the Bestdogfood.Expert bestdogfood.Expert can recommend it as the main diet for your pets.

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