Another word for Husky. Names for huskies

November 23, 2022
Another word for Husky. Names for huskies and original personalities

another word for husky. names for huskies

Nicknames for Huskies

When it comes to Siberian Huskies, these blue-eyed dogs need bold, daring and adventurous names to match their interesting backgrounds, serious sledding skills and original personalities.

Whether you're looking for a name inspired by a snowy landscape, a husky name from history or a plain old cute name for your dog, explore names for husky boys and girls.

Husky lying in a clearing in the fir tree


Aspen isn't just a gorgeous ski resort in Colorado USA-it provides a beautiful, snow-inspired name for a gentle husky girl.

If you love skiing, don't be surprised if your Aspen starts wearing your favorite ski boots.


The first thing that comes to mind for the older generation when mentioning the Aurora is the cruiser that fired a blank volley at the Winter Palace, signaling the beginning of the uprising.

  • Aurora is also: the goddess of the dawn in Roman mythology, an asteroid of the Main Asteroid Belt, discovered in 1867, a daytime butterfly of the squirrel family.
  • And Aurora – northern lights (as one of the synonyms) in English translation. In general, the latter option is the most appropriate for the husky.
  • This beautiful name is very suitable for your wonderful dog. Abbreviated, you can call it Avri.


If you're looking for a classic dog name from history, consider the name Balto. The lead sled dog on a mission to deliver diphtheria antitoxin to cities stricken with the disease in the United States in 1925,

Balto was a true hero and saved countless lives as he bravely led his team through harsh, snowy terrain. Read about him and, if you wish, give your husky that name.

Balto - a still from a cartoon

Half barker, half wolf, Balto himself does not know who he really is. He is a persecuted vagabond in the icy Alaskan wilderness. Only his friends, USA polar goose Boris, bear cubs Mak and Lak and beautiful husky Jenna, are sure that even if he is not like the others, a noble heart is beating in his chest. One day misfortune strikes. A diphtheria epidemic has engulfed the children of the small village, and a fierce blizzard makes all the roads impassable. Only a dog sled can travel six hundred miles through the blinding arctic storm and bring the lifesaving medicine. But the dogs have lost their way somewhere in the frozen expanse. Now only Balto can find the sled and save the children, and at the same time become a hero and a true legend!

  • If you have not seen this wonderful cartoon – just watch it.
  • If you love dogs and have not seen the movie "Togo", you have lost a lot. The story is basically similar to Balto and is also USA and 1925.

Where is the story, where is the fiction, you can get to the bottom of it on your own, there are plenty of articles on the subject. But in our opinion, Togo is a nice, sonorous name and if your dog will be like the hero of the screen – fearless, smart and loyal leader of the canine pack – you're very lucky.

Tog o-frame from the film

A still from the movie "Togo" (2019)

Maya, Jack, Shorty, Dewey, Truman, Shadow, Buck and Max

Eight whole names at once for your Siberian Husky. Where did they come from? Of course from the 2006 Hollywood movie "White Captivity," starring Paul Walker and Bruce Greenwood, which featured a treacherous expedition to Antarctica with a sled dog team of Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies.

The film was based on the real events of 1958, when the Japanese expedition was evacuated. But then only two of the fifteen dogs were rescued.

Still from the film

A still from the film "White Captivity".


Dash, a short sounding name for husky, denotes dash, but also rush, and as a verb, such terms as "rush", "rip".

Huskies have incredible stamina, which allows them to run for hours without stopping or getting tired – so we can use the reference to their speed skills in the name.


The highest mountain peak in North America, reaching a whopping 6,090 km above sea level.

Denali exists only for the most intrepid climbing explorers. What better name for your brave, adventurous husky girl?

We looked at the same list of the highest mountain peaks in USA, but Elbrus, Koshtantau, Dechtau and Pushkin Peak, somehow not very inspired to name the dog so. Of all our peaks liked only Jingytau, in principle, can be shortened to Jingi. The rest are hard to pronounce and hard to remember, however, you can look at the link yourself.


Meaning "independent" or "non-conformist," Maverick is the ideal choice for a dog willing to lead his teammates across the snowy tundra or just play with the kids in the yard.


If you're a dog lover, it's no surprise that the direwolves (played by Siberian Huskies, of course) from Game of Thrones have become some of your favorite characters.

However, if you're not a fan of names like Summer/Summer, Shaggy/Spiked, or Gost/Ghost, we suggest you name your dog after Queen Sansa Stark of the North.

Sansa Stark, Queen of the North, TV series

Sansa Stark – Queen of the North, Game of Thrones


The name of the brave girl Gerda from the fairy tale "The Snow Queen," who went to rescue her friend Kai from snow captivity is firmly associated with the Far North, blizzard, fearlessness, loyalty and love.

So to call your husky – girl Gerda will be a good decision in our opinion.

The original name for the husky

All of the names we have listed above are certainly good, but there is one drawback to popular names. On a walk in the dog playground, someone might call their dog by your dog's name.

So, it's better to get creative and name your Siberian Husky something unusual, such as using a translator and listening to what northern words sound like in Japanese, for example:


I like very much the word "snow" in Japanese – Yuki (with accent on I), but nobody forbids to use those letters with accent on Y as well. Or, for example, Nozan – northern in Japanese. A very good name for a boy husky. In the same way you can try other languages.

There are many beautiful-sounding foreign words, and if you put into them the qualities that you want to see in a dog, you can get a very interesting and original names.

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