Ammunition for dogs – professional for training

April 6, 2023
Dog Training
Ammunition for dogs - professional for training

Each owner has in his arsenal a whole set of special devices for walking a pet, his upbringing and training, going to a veterinary clinic, to participate in competitions. The ammunition for dogs is divided into household, exhibition, for sports, training.

Why do dogs need ammunition

Amunition for dogs

When purchasing a puppy, the owner should immediately take care of where the baby will sleep, from which to eat and drink water, as well as about toys that will entertain him, help in the knowledge of the world. Along with these household items, it is necessary to take care of his ammunition.

Not all leashes and harnesses are the same. Equipment for dogs differs in many parameters. It is preferable to walk one breed on a harness, the other can harm. Choosing a slope with a collar for a puppy, special attention should be paid to the material from which they are sewn. For kids, soft leather or nylon accessories are selected, for grown puppies, more rigid leather or dense canvas is suitable.

Note! When choosing slopes and leashes for an adult dog, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the weight of the animal, but also by the power of its jerk.

With the help of ammunition, the dog is held next to the owner, learns that for improper behavior it can be punished in the form of pain, and for obedience, the correctness of the performance of the commands, an incentive delicacy and praise of the owner will follow.

Amunition must be chosen correctly


Shops offer a large assortment of collars.


The collar for walking is a leather strap, leather-altitude, any dense natural or synthetic material, the inner surface of which is made of soft felt or other laying. A whole ring and loop are attached to it.

Types of colleagues for learning

Amunition for dog training consists of collars with two rings on its opposite sides. The leash is usually fastened to the ring located in the lower part, not far from the buckle. To the upper part of the collar, it is recommended to fasten a short stick for better control and restraint of the dog in the learning process.

Note! Ridget collars are a number of fastened links in a metal chain. They are also leather and cloth. Their suffocating effect contributes to the ban on certain actions of the pet.

The main thing is not to overdo it, strangulation should not be long, injure the skin and hair of the dog.


Parfors belongs to strict collars. They use it when the animal does not want to obey, shows signs of uncontrolled aggression, poor behavior.

Watchtood species of collars

The ammunition for service dogs carrying guard service and almost all of their time sitting on a leash should differ in increased comfort. The collar should be made of high-quality material that does not cause allergies, to be quite wide comparable to the dimensions of the animal so as not to rub his neck.

Special colleagues

For decorative breeds, fashion designers came up with an aesthetic ammunition, more reminiscent of bracelets in the arms of a woman. They are produced by different designs, made from different materials.

Electric shock species of collars

The electro-stimulating device is designed to control the behavior of a pet on walks or while training at a distance. The device is mounted in the collar or fixed on its outer side. The principle of its operation is an electric impulse. Many of them have a satellite navigation system, which helps to track the location of the animal.

Strict collar of Parfors

Leaders and slopes

Leaders are long and short, wide and narrow, different in quality and material from which they are made. The main thing is that the leash is reliable and strong, with high-quality seams and mounts. Its width should not injure the hands of the owner of the dog during unexpected jerks, and the carbine cannot be unbended, to be convenient when fastening.

On the one hand, the leash is loved by the owners because its length can stretch to 8 meters, it has a control button. On the other hand, roulette can cause deep injury to both the owner and the pet himself.

There are frequent cases when dog owners had to amputate their fingers on their hands. Often there are injuries of the legs when the cable from the roulette is wrapped around them. The roulette cord can get confused in the wheels of a bicycle, then there will not be enough no one. The wound up the cord around the body of the animal can injure the neck and back of the pet.

A shock-absorbing leash for running or walking the dog is recommended for sports people. The shock absorber built into the leash protects both the owner and his pet from traumatic situations.

Leash with shock absorber


This dog equipment allows you to control the actions of the dog, contributes to the development of its strength, endurance, allows you to identify and develop the ability to train. They are made from leather or thick fabric. Harnesses simultaneously replace the collar, cover the chest and part of the back of the dog.

Due to the fact that the leash is attached to the ring at the withers, and not on the neck, as in the case of a collar, the animal does not squeeze the throat, it is easy for him to breathe and move around. Depending on which category the dog belongs to – decorative, watchdog, service, hunting, whether he is an assistant to shepherds or a sled dog, the design of harnesses differs.

When choosing a harness, it is necessary to take into account the strength of the ward, his mental state, the degree of excitability. The harness must be selected so that it fits perfectly to the body of the animal – it should not squeeze and should not hang out.

Harnesses are a convenient type of equipment

Training equipment

Dog training equipment includes parforos collars, representing a chain with spikes. They give the appearance of being bitten by another dog, mother or dog food storage container leader. Their purpose is to control the behavior of the trained dog. Usually such equipment is used for animals of large breeds. Small breeds are encouraged with treats.

Note! Parfors is not intended for everyday wear. It is used only during training as an educational tool.

Ammunition for dogs - professional for training training, but

Ammunition for dogs – professional for training

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Most often, the muzzle is used when going outside for walks, visiting veterinary clinics. By law, large dogs must be muzzled in public places.

With the help of a muzzle, it is convenient to wean the dog from picking up everything on the street that comes across along the way, to protect the pet from poisoning, from the possibility of contracting some kind of infection. There are different types of muzzles:

  • For training – there are deaf and mesh, designed to protect the trainer from bites, as well as other animals on the training ground;
  • To prevent aggression – the products are equipped with 2 straps, one of which is attached behind the dog’s ears, the second passes between the eyes;
  • Visits to the veterinarian or groomer are narrow products made of dense fabric that block the opening of the mouth;
  • Prevention of collecting from the Earth – for these purposes, plastic products with a small grill are suitable, through which the animal language does not pass;
  • For trips, visiting public places and everyday walks – its task is to prevent bites of others.

Muzzles can be made from

  • Metal – they are designed for training, carrying out official duties;
  • Skin – they are used for training for service dogs, during walks in public places. They are both continuous and in the form of a grid to improve animal heat transfer;
  • Nylon and plastic.

A muzzle is a non-edition or a collar in the form of a bridle is considered the safest product that helps to adjust the behavior of the dog. It is made of several straps sewn together in a certain sequence.

Additional Information. Iron muzzles intended for dogs such as American bulldog and animals similar to it are made of steel wire with felt laying of skin rubbing on the nose.

Bag for goodies

Not only during training, but also in everyday walks, the dog must be motivated to obedience, encouraging good behavior with a treat. Not every yummy can be put in a pocket of clothes without staining it. To do this, there are special handbags designed to wear tidbits.

They are convenient in that they are not an obstacle during training, it is convenient to fix them on the belt. The storage container is convenient to get encouraging pieces, does not make noise, does not distract the pet from classes.

Exhibition ammunition

The exhibition ammunition should not be too bright colors, should not distract the eyes of the jury and fans from the exhibition dog, its exterior. To participate in exhibitions, various kinds of competitions, collars-indigenities are selected in the form of a thin cord from synthetics or openwork, sophisticated chains-removals. Their choice depends on the breed dogs, on how obedient it is.

A chain-ditch

Sports ammunition

For training, you need to have 2 leashes – short and long. A short, having a length of up to 2 meters, the most popular, most of the commands are executed precisely with its assistance. Long leashes of 5 meters are necessary for training for such commands that call to the owner, allow for a walk, teach skills to bring abandoned items. With hunting dogs, the length of the leash plays a large role in the trace.

These are different leashes

Training ammunition

Professional ammunition for dogs includes a collar, parfors, electric sizes, various leashes-long, medium, short. When training, some commands use toys or wood, plastic items. Trainers are required to have protective costumes, harnesses.

When choosing an ammunition for your pet, you need to understand a simple truth: the main thing in its choice is quality, not a beautiful design. Equipment is intended for training, for teaching pets correct behavior in public places, and not in order to get in front of the public.


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