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December 23, 2022

Akbash: description of the breed and character characteristics

The Akbash breed is famous for its protective instinct. These dogs relate to everyone with suspicion, they are desperately independent. The upbringing of a Turkish shepherd’s dog Akbash can become a problem if the owner wants to get an obedient pet.

Akbash’s desire to protect his family can make him prone to anxious, and sometimes excessive bark.

The size:

The weight:

Growth at the withers:

Features of the breed:

the natural shape of the hanging ears;The need for physical activity is 20–40 minutes a day;average energy level;Life expectancy – 9-11 years;low tendency to salivation;low tendency to snore;high tendency to bark;moderate tendency to digging;A moderate need for communication and attention.

The goals of the withdrawal:


middle length;double wool;A moderate need for care.

Club recognition:

Classification of the United Club of Dogkovo (UKC): Watchtower.


Akbash is a large and storage container powerful dog. Its growth can vary from 74 to 84 cm, and weight – from 36 to 63 kg. The male is closer to the upper boundary of the scale.

Mostly akbashi is white, sometimes with a light biscuit shade, especially on the head. It was for the color suitable for the color of the sheep herds that these patrol dogs were chosen to protect sheep. This allowed the shepherds not to take them for predators, which mainly have dark colors.

The Turkish Akbash wool can be both short and long. In any case, it has two layers and therefore sinks quite strongly. The coat is often wavy, longer on the back of the paws and tail.

The ears of the breed of dogs are Turkish Akbash by nature hanging, but in some countries they are stopped. Although the dogs of this breed are white, they are not albinos and have a dark pigment around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Many akbashs are born with double claws on the heels of the hind legs, like the Pyrenee mountain dogs and BRIARs. Although Akbashi and large dogs, they are surprisingly agile and fast for their size. A small deflection in the back indicates their ability to quickly run.

Akbash – Top 10 Facts

The nature of the Akbash breed

Dogs often had to act without a person’s team and make independent decisions, taking care of their herds. These pets are known for their suspicion and tendency to protect.

Such an independent disposition can complicate the process of training, therefore, in order to make a well-mannered dog from Akbash, a firm and strong hand is needed. The desire to protect his family can make these dogs prone to anxious, and sometimes excessive bark. Digging holes may be associated with attempts to warm up or cool during operation.

Akbashs do not always get along with dogs with whom they were not brought up together. They perceive them as predators approaching their herd or family. If they grew up with children or other pets, they will violently protect them.

At least one association of guide dogs and service dogs chose Akbash as a preferred breed. This was facilitated by their independent nature, the desire to protect and a tendency to strongly become attached to the owners for faithful ministry to people with disabilities.

Content and care

Akbash dogs Cowl with schemes some countries they are stopped

Akbash is a breed of dogs accustomed to work. It is easy to care for them, because they remain in excellent shape, consuming a minimum amount of food. Their thick wool requires regular care with combing at least once a week. During molting, you should do this more often.

Some physical activity is definitely necessary for them daily. But these are not the dogs who need to run all day-once they patiently sat on the hill’s slope for hours, watching their herd. Young akbashs need more physical activity than adult dogs.

They have good health, but require regular care and prevention. Choosing Akbasha as a pet, it is important to remember the past of these dogs. They are very serious in their desire to protect loved ones and require competent socialization and thorough training from the age.

The story of the breed

The Akbash breed was bred in Turkey to protect livestock. The first references to these large guard dogs date back to 750–300 years BC. e. According to many sources, they often wore collars with spikes that protected their neck from the teeth of predators. Since Turkey was at the intersection of the most important trade routes of early civilizations, many varieties of dogs were involved in the formation of the breed – from mastiffs to greyhounds.

These herd defenders are strongly attached to their home “herd”: from goats or sheep to children. As a rule, they are very independent, because most of the time they have to act without the help or leadership of a person.

They are well aware of their environment and have sharp hearing and vision. Representatives of this breed are often used as shepherd dogs, as well as guide dogs and service dogs.


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