Adaptil collar for dogs reviews

December 19, 2022
Adaptil collar for dogs reviews

adaptil collar for dogs reviews

The collar Adaptil for dogs will help from stress

The collar Adaptil for dogs-a calming agent with pheromones, is recommended to reduce the negative effects of stress factors.


The collars Adaptil an innovative means to reduce stress in puppies and adults for dogs. It can be used to adjust the behavior of the pet, accelerate its adaptation to a new environment when changing the owner, moving, etc.

General description

Adaptil – a collar for pets, which in a non-drug method allows you to calm the animal, reduce the negative consequences of stress, and ensure rapid socialization. The effect is based on the action of pheromones with which the material of the collar is saturated.

Composition and action

Pheromones call biologically active substances that spread in the environment, water, on various objects, soil and vegetation. They are produced and released into space with special glands located in the animal’s body: milk, facial, anal, interdigital.

Pheromones can affect the behavior, the psyche of the animal, therefore are used to solve behavioral problems. Spreading in the air, biological substances then fall on specific receptors of animals, being a signal for them.

Adaptil is a structural analogue of a pheromone of a lactating female (former name – D. A. P.). The biologically active substance is released from the mammary glands of the female on the 3-5th days after childbirth. The pheromone provides the interconnection of the puppy with the mother and at the same time has a calming effect on him.

The sensation of maternal heat remains in the memory of the dog from birth, so when exposed to adapts, even an adult animal feels safe. This helps puppies and adult dogs easier and faster to learn in unfamiliar situations, new places and leveles the negative impact of stress factors.


Stress in a dog can cause various, even insignificant, in a person, factors. It:

  • long (and sometimes not very) trips;
  • Changing the owner;
  • moving to a new house;
  • prolonged absence of the owner;
  • overexposure and stay in the zo o-stones;
  • Visiting a veterinarian;
  • cosmetic procedures in groomer;
  • the appearance of a new pet in the house;
  • loneliness storage container;
  • Light noise – in an apartment or on the street, for example – sharp sounds of a drill, a vacuum cleaner, the explosions of firecrackers, siren signals, etc.

There are many such factors, and they adversely act on the psyche of the animal, leading to changes in its behavior. The fact that the dog experiences discomfort can be understood by the following signs:

  • The dog eats poorly or generally refuses food and even his favorite treats;
  • She has a sluggish, sad look;
  • The quality of the wool worsens – it becomes dull, rolls and is difficult to comb, can be noticeable sections of baldness;
  • sleep is broken;
  • The dog becomes shy, naughty, unpredictable actions can be observed – up to aggression;
  • Urination is more frequent, intestinal functions (diarrhea) are impaired, salivation increases.

Often you can observe how the dog begins to tremble even with a simple touch to it. The caring owner will pay attention to such inconspicuous signs of stress in the pet:

  • Hard breath. Often the excitement in the animal appears when the owner begins to talk (and not necessarily with a pet) in increased colors;
  • Apathy or excessive excitement. Under stress, the dog can fall into a stupor and not respond to either the owner’s words, or to any other stimuli. She loses interest in games, walks, clogs into a corner, whimpers. Another extreme is excessive anxiety: the pet does not sit still, runs in a circle, bark loudly, can even show aggression;
  • Frequent shaking. It is observed not after sleep or bathing, which is natural for the animal, but without a reason-this is also an animal’s reaction to stress factors;
  • Eating inedible or unusual objects. On the street, the dog can eat grass, at home – chew its litter or blanket;
  • Skating on the back. The mechanism of such a reaction is due to the fact that an increased emission of adrenaline in a dog may be accompanied by skin itching. The dog can ride on the floor, lick, bite non-existent fleas. If the pet has no parasites, the cause of such behavior can be an alarming state of the animal.

Sometimes in a stressful situation the dog shows the tip of the penis. The reason is not in increased sexual arousal, rather – this is an indicator of discomfort that the pet experiences.

Howl, loud barking, uncleanness, destructive behavior, when the dog nibbles and spoils things in the house – all these are discomfort signals that cannot be ignored, since prolonged stress can cause serious harm to the health of the pet. The collar Adaptil allows you to reassure the animal-it acts for a long time (up to 4 weeks), protecting both from current stress factors, which can be provided in advance (trips, changing the house, visit to a veterinary clinic), and from random (shots, thunderstorms, salute and fireworks, etc.).

The collar is recommended to wear a dog:


  • with fear of sharp sounds;
  • parting with the owner (change of owner, long separation);
  • early excommunication of puppies from the female;
  • transportation;
  • moving, changing their place of residence or owner;
  • before and after the exhibition, a visit to a veterinary bunker or to Groomer, etc.

If the dog is afraid of thunder and other sharp sounds, in the summer (when thunderstorms are not uncommon) you can wear a collar for the prevention of stressful situations.


Adaptil collar for dogs reviews the interconnection of

The collar Adaptil has no side effects and contraindications, so you can use it for all animals that have a negative effect of stress factors. The action of pheromones is manifested when the collar is heated from the body of the dogs, so there are no special rules for using it. It is enough to get the collar from the package and put on the dog, adjusting it so that there is a free space between it and the animal’s neck about 2 fingers.

You can wear a collar up to 4 weeks, removing only while washing the dog and grooming.

Analogs and prices

In addition to the collar, the behavior modulator is Adaptil in other types:

In addition, to correct the behavior of a dog in stressful situations, veterinarians can recommend the use of drugs of sedative effects on vegetable raw materials:

  1. FITEX;
  2. Stop stress;
  3. Cat Bayun and others.

They are available in any veterinary pharmacy and are inexpensive.


April, mistress of Kerry-b-terrier

I did not even know that there is such a collar – Adaptil. I often take my dog to exhibitions, and this is a big stress for her. The road, planes, large crowds of people and dogs – all this affects the behavior of the pet, as a result, she is noticeably nervous in the ring. I used to give drops – but this is not always convenient, for example, on the road. Now I put on a collar in advance – and it does not attract attention, and the pet has become noticeably calmer.

Cybill, the owner of the husky

I bought an Adaptil collar – just to try it, is it as good as the advertisement says. Previously, my dog reacted aggressively to the sounds of gunshots, thunder. Even from a loudly slamming door, the dog could hide under the table. Now is another matter. Calmly reacts even to fireworks.

Sabrina, veterinarian

If the dog is afraid of loud noises and is nervous on the trip, you can give her soothing drops, but the Adaptil collar is much more convenient. There are no drugs in it, only pheromones – they act on the dog better than any drops and tablets.

Adaptil collar for dogs reviews The pheromone provides the
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