Abady canned dog food and ABBA brand review

February 14, 2023
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Abady canned dog food and ABBA brand review

Abba dog food


The food for dogs of the Dutch brand ABBA belongs to the premium class. The Internet has a large number of reviews about a dry diet that attributes it to a higher segment. From the article you will learn whether this is so on what ingredients a ruler is produced, what is included in it and whether we recommend this food.

About the manufacturer

The owner of the industrial feed brand is a wide chain of “four paws” pet stores. The production of drying is distributed between several factories: dry granules-in Holland, wet-in Germany, part of canned products in USA (Naro-Fominsk).

The products recipe are developed with the active participation of veterinary and specialists working in human food industries. The most relevant EU industry standards are used. The percentage of the meat component in the food for dogs of the ABBA can reach a record 70 %. Production control of the finished product provides the highest quality.

The composition of the food

To analyze the components, we choose dry dog food designed for adult dogs of small breeds. Dry dog food ingredients will be in the queue, which they occupy in the plate on the package:

  • Dehydrated meat – 17 %. In our case, this is a lamb. There are no offal or meat flour in the food. This means that only meat is included in it, subject to the simplest processing. Fish flour is responsible for the protein, but it is located in 7 positions, the percentage share is not indicated. In this position, it is small.
  • Carbohydrates – rice (14 %), corn, barley, peas. The indicated components in the stern act as a source of plant proteins;
  • Animal fats – without specifying species, fish oil (salmon);
  • Fiber – as in many other feeds – beetroot;
  • Additives and sources of vitamins. 4 types of vitamins, 6 of the most necessary minerals;
  • Antioxidants – without a specific indication.

Note that in dry food for dogs ABBA only 24 % protein. Considering that the share of the lamb meat is declared in 17 % – most of the protein source is fresh meat.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of ABBA feed:

  • A large percentage of meat in the composition;
  • Balanced mineral-vitamin supplement;
  • A wide range, including a variety of canned food, delicacies;
  • Availability of grain-free products.

Disadvantages of Abba food:

  • There is no specification of part of the components;
  • Low prevalence, not always in the store.

Why Abba food is better than others

Advance (Spain)

Advance - analogue of Abba food

The premium diet from Spain is high in corn, gluten, maize and other inexpensive ingredients. In Abba, higher quality rice (14%) or potatoes (for grain-free formulations) are responsible for the source of carbohydrates.

Nutram (Canada, USA)

Nutram - an analogue of Abba feed

The composition of Nutram dry dog food often uses chicken meat or flour, consisting of bones, veins and skin. Additional ingredients – salt and chicken seasoning (without a detailed indication of the composition). Abba feeds do not use spices, allergenic meats.

Abba dry dog food line

The brand’s food line includes products:

  • Dry granules. Conventionally, they can be divided into types: everyday, grain-free and fresh meat diets. Divided by age categories and sizes of animals;
  • Canned foods: regular and premium;
  • Goodies: sticks, cookies, sticks, bones. There are also specialized products that perform two roles – a treat and a toothbrush.

For puppies

Abba for large breed puppies

Abba food for puppies of large breeds

The amount of protein has been increased to 28%, additional vitamins and minerals have been introduced, allowing the growing body to develop evenly and correctly. The energy value of the food is 400 kcal per 100 grams. Chondroitin and glucosamine are responsible for the proper formation of the skeleton of babies who should grow into large dogs.

For adult and senior dogs

Abba food for adult and senior dogs

Abba for small breed dogs (with fresh turkey meat)

Abba for small breed dogs

The composition includes dehydrated and fresh turkey meat in equal proportions. The potato is the source of carbohydrates. The main condition of the food is to prevent the obesity of a small pet. Vegetables and fruits are present, designed to improve digestion and reduce the smell of feces.

Abba grain free for dogs with allergies (potato and lamb)

Abba grain free food for dogs with allergies

The carbohydrate source is potatoes, which are the most nutritious food compared to cereals. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids keep the coat healthy. High protein content provides strong muscles, elasticity of joints.

Canned food

Abba universal canned food for dogs of all breeds

Abba universal canned food for dogs of all breeds

Abady canned dog food and ABBA brand review to reduce calorie

Abady canned dog food and abba brand review

A full-time soft product contains a large amount of meat – a chicken of 40 %, a lamb 30 %. About 30 % falls on meat broth. The rest falls on minerals and linseed oil. No preservatives and antioxidants of unknown origin.


Stylets for teeth care (eucalyptus, for small and medium breeds)

Eucalyptus Dental Sticks

The composition of the sticks, oils, fats and meat products. Sticks gently cleanse the teeth of dentist or prevent its formation. Dog breathing refresh. In addition, their taste really likes their taste.

Abba sticks with calcium for puppies (teeth care)

Abba calcium sticks for puppies

In the usual composition, the amount of calcium is increasedch sticks are an additional source of calcium for a growing organism and an excellent tool for distraction from damage to things at home.

Reviews of veterinarians about the food ABBA

Igor N. Often I recommend Grain-Free feed of Abba to patients who are allergic to other feed. A wide selection of just such options. Dogs eat with pleasure, such a food does not hit. Until it revealed a negative reaction to use. But the practice of application is short-lived.

Brenda N. In my practice, a strange story with the Abba brand. I advised a new diet to a patient who is from the genus of harm. It seems the hostess said that she was eating up both cheeks. Allergies began – there are huge acne on the chin, the wool began to fall out, the eyes are watery. The food was canceled. They tried to choose hypoallergenic, nothing suited. Patients left for the cottage, there it was possible to buy only the Grain-Free version of the Abbe. Everything has passed in a week. So – the selection of food must be carried out carefully, regardless of the brand and class.

Reviews of the owners

Katerina O. My Chihuahua Malogozhka. Rather, a terrible parish. Eats only yummy and began to get fat. The doctor said that she was just eaten by her food and spoiled heavily. We bought canned ABB with lamb, which are premium. Now I feed them, well, I limited the delicious ones. If I buy, then only the same company.

Vasily K. I have a labrador on a natural. I always cooked porridge with a meat trim, with offal. For some reason, it began to get very thick, although there are a lot of loads, a portion is small. The doctor ordered to reduce calorie content and fat content. Recommended jars of Abba. I buy the biggest, I take in bulk. It turns out about 200 per bank. Eats well, move, play. Less smell of mouth.

The cost of Abba feeds depends on the packaging volume:

  • Dry granules in the volume of 1. 5 kg will cost around 600;
  • The most expensive diet does not contain cereals, its cost will be higher – for 12 kg in stores they ask about 4000;
  • Canned foods – for 100 grams about 90, for 800 grams – 250.


Briefly about the main

  1. Abba is a brand owned by the American network.
  2. Production is located in the EU and USA.
  3. Belongs to the premium class.
  4. It contains raw and dehydrated meat, flour and offal are not used.
  5. The line includes dry granules, canned food and a wide range of treats.
  6. It is sometimes difficult to buy in stores, available in online pet stores.

Abba food can be recommended for inclusion in the diet of tailed pets. Do you feed your friend this brand? Which one do you choose? Share your experience in the comments, we really appreciate your opinion.

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