Aafco puppy food for large breeds

February 8, 2023
Large Breeds
Aafco puppy food for large breeds

Biologically appropriate dry dog food for puppies of large and giant dogs (adult weight over 25 kg).

A growing puppy needs a diet rich in animal and vegetable proteins and with a limited amount of carbohydrates. Proper nutrition is the key to the formation of developed muscles and a strong skeleton. Acana PUPPY LARGE BREED formula contains free-range chicken, turkey, freshly caught Pacific flounder fillets, whole eggs, fruits, vegetables and berries. Due to the high content and variety of meat ingredients, the puppy receives the microelements and vitamins necessary for the growing body. The food is formulated according to the WholePrey™ principle, which means it includes the viscera and cartilage in a natural ratio. With this approach, your pet predator's menu will be filled with all the right nutrients, eliminating the need to add additional vitamins and proteins.

Acana PUPPY LARGE BREED is free of grains and fast carbohydrates such as rice, tapioca or potatoes to help control sugar levels, maintain proper weight and stable energy levels.

Acana Biologically Appropriate foods are prepared daily in our award-winning factory with the highest quality fresh Canadian ingredients. This means that your puppy will grow up healthy and will delight you with perky games and beautiful appearance.

Feeding Norm Acana Puppy Large Breed Dog

  • During pregnancy, increase the fooding rate by 25-50%;
  • During lactation, leave food freely available.


Fresh meat chicken without bones (16%), dehydrated meat of the chicken (15%), dehydrated turkey meat (14%), red lentils, green peas, fresh chicken insides (liver, heart, kidneys) – 6%, dehydrated meat of the Atlantic herring(4%), fresh solid eggs (4%), fresh whole flounder (4%), herring oil (3%), slurry in the sun of alfalfa (2%), patch beans (2%), green lentils, yellow peas, yellow peasFiber made of peas, chicken fat (2%), fresh chicken cartilage (2%), brown algae, fresh pumpkin, fresh muscat pumpkin, fresh pasternak, fresh sheet cabbage, fresh spinach, fresh leaves of mustard, fresh herb of turns, fresh carrots, fresh carrots, fresh carrots, fresh carrots, fresh carrots, fresh carrots, fresh carrotsFresh apples of the “Redelishees” varieties, fresh pear of Bartlett varieties, sublimated chicken liver, sublimated turkey liver, fresh solid cranberries, fresh whole blueberries, chicory root, turf, thunderbroke, lavender spin, alte, roseworm fruits, roseworm fruits, roseworms, roseworms, rosewormsEnterococcus faecium.

Calorie content

3375 kcal/kg (405 kcal per glass with a volume of 250 ml), where calories are distributed as follows: 34% comes from proteins, 28% of fruits and vegetables, and 38% of fats.

Aafco puppy food for large breeds this, as

aafco puppy food for large breeds

Fat 15%
Protein 33%
Humidity 12%
Phosphorus 1%
Cellulose 6%
Omega 3/6 fatty acids 1. 2% / 2. 4%
DGK / EPK 0. 35% / 0. 35%
Glucosamine 1400 mg/kg
Chondroitina Sulfate 900 mg/kg
Carbohydrates 27%
Calcium 1. 4%

Reviews on Puppy Large Breed

From us from 1. 5 months, the Alaskan Malamut lives, first fed the food, which the breeder recommended, one of the most popular brands. After some time, the puppy allergies began, acne appeared, the skin was dry, dandruff appeared. They began to look for another food, went to Acana for large breed puppies. It makes no sense to praise it, there the composition itself speaks for itself – a lot of meat, there is no grain, a lot of useful additives. The food is sold immediately in large bags, at least 11. 4 kg, so there was no possibility to try a little. But this turned out to be the better. At first, the puppy began diarrhea, we had panicked, but since the food was already bought and a lot of money was spent, they began to figure it out. A familiar veterinarian explained that this could be from overfeeding – and for sure, reduced the dose, divided into several feedings, and the chair recovered. By the way, if there was a small bag, then most likely, they would immediately look for another food. The dog feels good, satisfied and cheerful, grows quickly!

But the food did not suit us, the Labrador puppy ate it for three months, gained muscle mass well, wool – at least for the exhibition, energy was in full swing, but digestion did not work very well, it was especially disturbing that the stomach was constantly growling, and Mel constantly spoiled the air. I had to give up the food, although I still think that Acana is the best food on the market in terms of the quality of its composition. It is because of this, as I heard, that it is not suitable for all dogs – only for those who have been eating a diet close to nature for many generations, and now most of them eat high-carbohydrate feeds, and they can no longer digest a lot of meat. It's a pity…

We tried five different brands of food for our puppy, but none of them worked. There was an allergy, indigestion, the light coat turned pink, or the dog simply refused to eat food and lost weight. I found out about Acana food from the Internet, transferred the puppy to Acana Puppy Large Breed in seven days, appetite immediately appeared, after two weeks the quality of wool improved, a month later he gained normal weight. The dog eats food with pleasure, but there is still a slight eruption of the coat. I no longer pay attention to this, since the dog is in excellent shape, on the street they look back at him.

I have a German puppy, I don’t know whether the breeder spoiled him, or whether he was born like this on his own, but feeding him is a torment. And they tried a straight woman, and different foods, she barely eats everything, she constantly has to add something “for taste”. We tried Acana Puppy Large Breed food, and suddenly all the "dancing with tambourines" disappeared by itself. For three months the dog ate only him, he feels well, his coat is good, shedding has become less. Good quality food, the store always has it. Now, by age, we will transfer to the adult diet "Akan".

I started feeding my husky puppy from two months old with this food on the advice of the breeder. I ate very well, but my digestion was upset, the doctor said that this was out of habit and soon everything should work out. But I could not stand it, I transferred it to a straight girl. Then she again tried to feed Acana Puppy Large Breed, but then the puppy himself began to eat it very badly, although he no longer suffered from his stomach. I will try again later to switch to Acana adult food, because the composition is very good.

Each puppy is unique, so feeding rates may vary depending on age, temperament, activity level and environment. Feed your puppy two to three times a day and provide him with constant access to clean, fresh water.

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