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March 6, 2023

bernese mountain dog

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bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain (Berne Shepherds) are loved for nobleness and infinite kindness. The Swiss breed will become a defender and devoted friend of a person. Consider what the popularity of Bernean Zennenhund is related to, and whether it is possible to hold the breed in the apartment.

The history of the origin of the breed

Bernese Mountain is a Swiss rock of dogs. Archaeological excavations confirmed that the ancestors of the Berne Shepherd dog existed 2 thousand years ago. However, no one can confidently call the ancestors of Zennenhund. Some sources attribute the breed to the threshold with the Tibetan Mastiff, others say that the Berne Shepherd is the result of crossing many breeds.

If the origin of the Swiss pets causes disagreement, then no one doubts the purpose of Bernean Zennenhund. These are guard dogs, which perfectly cope with the role of shepherds in the Swiss Alps. For a long time, dogs were used only to graze sheep, but giant dimensions and endurance allowed them to use them in other areas, for example, transportation of cargo over long distances.

bernese mountain dog

In 1489, the breed of dogs Bernese Mountain could disappear. The burgomaster Zurich issued a decree to kill all large dogs. This decision was made due to the fact that the dogs trampled the vineyards of the feudal lords. But the conceived did not take place. The peasants staged a rebellion, as a result of which the ruler was executed.

The name of the breed of Bernsus Zennenhund appeared only at the beginning of the 20th century. Prior to this, they were called the huts (as they called all large Posov Polsui), Durrbahlars (the bulk of the breed was near farm of the Dürrbach farm). Today's name reflects the city of Bern, which distinguishes Bernians among other varieties of the breed.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Bernean Zennenhund was brought to the world exhibition. Their appearance quickly liked the lovers of dogs, and soon a Swiss club was formed, where they bred a clean breed of dogs.

bernese mountain dog

Berns became popular not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany. In 1949, they were crossed with Newfoundlands, this allowed to “refresh” the blood of Swiss shepherds and strengthen the genotype. Interestingly, after 2 generations in the Bernean Zennenhund, nothing remained to resemble Newfoundland.

Description of the breed

bernese mountain dog

The Bernese is a large breed with long hair. Dogs do an excellent job with the duties of shepherds and watchmen.

Description of the Bernese Mountain Dog:

  • Height: males 66 cm on average, females 63 cm.
  • Weight: males 40-50 kg, females 35-45 kg.
  • Color: black coat with brown-red inserts on the chest, paws and muzzle. In the same areas, symmetrically white spots are observed, which are also present on the throat and the tip of the tail.
  • Coat: Smooth, long, slightly wavy. In addition to the Bernese, there are 3 more types of Bernese Mountain:
  • Great Swiss Mountain Dog. This breed of Swiss Cattle Dog is the largest. Dogs can be used as defenders, animal guards, heavy trucks. They are suitable for both countryside and apartment living. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has incredible strength, a cheerful and cheerful character. The body is rectangular, but not elongated. The coat is dense and a bit harsh, the color is a tricolor: black-white-red.
  • The Appenzeller Sennenhund is a breed characterized by medium size, short hair, and a curled tail. Very energetic and cheerful dogs. Dogs have a shiny coat and a thick undercoat. The dark color is combined with white and brown spots on the chest, neck, legs, tail tip. The universal breed is suitable for hunting, grazing cattle, transporting goods and just as a devoted and cheerful friend in the apartment.
  • The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a smooth-coated dwarf breed that will quickly become a full member of the family. Dogs are mobile. If you keep the Entlebucher in the apartment, then you need to walk it 2 times a day. By the way, of all the varieties of Swiss Mountain Dogs, this breed is most suitable for urban life. The body of the dog's body is elongated, which is why they look like dachshunds. But unlike dachshunds, entlebuchers have straight limbs. The breed is characterized by a short, smooth coat and tricolor: black, white, brown (or red).

Note! The Entlebucher Mountain Dog does not have a single weight standard. However, the height of the dogs must match (42-50 cm).

All varieties of dogs are characterized by devotion and kindness. If in the past Bernese Mountain were used as a labor force, today more and more people get them as their favorite pets, which become full-fledged members of the family.

bernese mountain dog

If the dimensions of your housing do not allow you to make a large Swiss Zennenhund, you can make a choice in favor of small and cheerful Entlebuher.

Health and illness

Bernese Mountain have good heredity. But since nature has laid a love of freedom and space into dogs, life in the apartment can seriously affect health.

Typical breed diseases:

  • Muscle dystrophy;
  • Joint dysplasia;
  • Disruption of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism);
  • Intensive wool loss;
  • Eye diseases (cataracts, retinal atrophy, pannus);
  • Umbilical hernia.

bernese mountain dog

Oncological diseases and hereditary kidney pathologies are less common.

Note! In general, Bernese Mountain is a strong breed of dogs. But in order to exclude innate pathologies, take puppies from proven nurseries, and at the slightest ailments, show the pet to the veterinarian.

Life expectancy

bernese mountain dog

By dog standards, the Berne Shepherd does not live long: 8-10 years old. With high quality care and timely treatment of diseases, life expectancy increases to 13 years, this is the upper bar for this breed. By the way, this factor repels many people. For a person, 8 years old is too short for life, but quite large for a pet to become an integral part of life. The loss of a dog for many is full of family member.

Intelligence and character

Dandemists highly assess the intellectual abilities of the breed. Even if the owner does not have experience in training, he can easily cope with the training of a puppy. Sennenhund is a working dog, it can easily carry your child’s sledges, carry bags from the store or drive wild animals from livestock in the pasture. Dogs react with lightning speed to teams and rarely summarize in intelligence.

bernese mountain dog

The character of dogs is flexible and extremely kind. These are obedient and loyal pets who will not exhaust the owners with a violent temperament. It seems that these dogs are endowed with human intellect. They show wisdom unusual for the animal: they do not ask for increased attention, but at the same time they can show love and affection.

The Beronsky dog Zennenhund is usually inquisitive. The puppies are moderately disgraced and love to fool around. With age, dogs become more phlegmatic. An adult pet is unlikely to rush after the cat or lead to its provocations. The role of an assistant or a calm guard is more suitable for him.

Berns are characterized by a fearless character. But this brings more harm than good. The dog can easily jump from the balcony or rush to the enraged wild boar. Many accidents happen to the breed precisely because of fearlessness.

bernese mountain dog

The Berne Shepherd Sobe calmly reacts to strangers and other dogs. The dog will not rush, but also show special interest too. The breed is a little lazy, willingly playing, but quickly burns out. Likes to sleep. To some extent, Berntsev can be called lazy dogs.

Attitude to children

The breed can be calmly allowed to children. Even if the child shows aggressiveness, the maximum that the dog will do will step aside. Berns never angry with children, on the contrary, endurely tolerate their bullying. For kids, dogs are living toys that will never show aggression.

bernese mountain dog

On strangers, the Berne Shepherd can only attack if the owner is in danger. Dogs bark and growl very rarely.

Training and education

The puppies of the Bernese Mountain need training. It is desirable that socialization takes place as early as possible.

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Berns are a sensitive dog breed, it is better to replace the rigidity in education with hardness. For disobedience, threaten the puppy with a strict voice, but do not use physical strength.

bernese mountain dog

Up to 1 year, puppies are in the most perky state. At this age, any disobedience causes tenderness, but when the dog grows up to 50 kilograms and rushes with acceleration into your arms, you can get a severe fright or injury. This is especially true for children. Take off the dog from this habit.

When the puppies are cut into teeth, they begin to bite everything that comes across in the way: shoes, furniture, and fingers of the owners. In order not to get injured or spoiled furniture, stop such antics. If you encounter disobedience, you can slightly press on the nose. Unpleasant sensations will make the puppy shake off and understand that this cannot be done.

Note! Unlike other breeds, Berns grow up after two years. Until this age, teach the puppy the simplest teams: “Stop! ”, “Come”, “You can’t”, etc. Encourage the collar.

You can start education from three months. Drive this no more than 20 minutes a day, otherwise the puppy will get tired, and the training will not be effective. For the performance of the command, let the pet are tasty.

bernese mountain dog

The main thing is not to overdo it with training. The main goal is to socialize the pet, and not to limit its freedom. If you want to raise a guard dog from the Bernese Mountain Dog, then teach to separate strangers and your people.

Pros and cons of the breed

Before you get a sennenhund puppy, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the breed.

A little bit of heaven Bernese Mountain dogs clean breed of dogs

a little bit of heaven bernese mountain dogs

Advantages disadvantages
Good health. Despite the abundance of diseases that are characteristic of the breed, with proper care, Bernese Mountain Dogs rarely get sick. Long walk. Bernese Mountain are freedom-loving dogs, they need to be walked at least 1 hour a day.
Unpretentiousness. Dogs need standard care and simple nutrition. Life span. Bernese live 8-10 years, which is very short by dog standards.
Loyalty and friendliness. The Bernese are madly in love with their owners and are friendly towards all family members. They can be safely allowed near small children. Laziness. The breed cannot be active for a long time, after games or work, the Bernese need rest. Dogs love to sleep.
Beautiful appearance. Despite their size, Bernese Mountain are beautiful dogs that cause tenderness.
Calm and kind nature. Dogs rarely bark and growl. A watchdog can only be raised with proper training.

Maintenance, care and nutrition

The breed can be kept in the countryside and in a city apartment. The dogs that guard the house live in the yard in an equipped booth. It is better for the Sennenhund, who lives in the apartment, to allocate a place on the glazed balcony. If the dog often stays alone in the apartment, you need to purchase an arena. Keep it away from radiators and windows, as the Bernese do not like cold and heat.

Describing the characteristics of the breed, we said that the Bernese are freedom-loving dogs. Walk your pet 2 times a day, combining a walk with an active run.

bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs shed heavily and need to be brushed daily. But bathing the breed is not more than 1 time per month. An exception can be made if the dog gets dirty during a walk. When bathing, it is important to ensure that water does not get into the ears. After drying, comb the wool.

The first vaccination of puppies is done after two months. Further, the procedure is carried out every 6-12 months. Diseases that are vaccinated against:

  • Rabies;
  • Enteritis;
  • Viral hepatitis;
  • Plague.

Puppies under three months of age should receive fermented milk products regularly. Milk in its pure form is desirable to exclude. Feed small pets 5 times a day, and after reaching 6-7 months, transfer to three meals a day.

bernese mountain dog

Dogs older than one year eat 2 times a day. The diet should include offal, lean meat, fish, dairy products. The diet should contain vegetables, fruits: pumpkin, carrots, bananas, apples. A couple of times a week, the dog can be fed cereal porridge and a boiled egg. An adult dog should consume an average of 2000 calories per day, puppies 600 calories. Dogs can eat factory-made food, but in this case, the diet must be diluted with home-made food.

How to choose a puppy

Typically, Bernese Shepherd puppies are taken at the age of 2-6 months. Males are larger than females and are more difficult to train. Girls are smarter and more flexible, but during periods of estrus, the owners will not be easy.

If the puppy is active and inquisitive, this indicates good health. The cost of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies varies from 20 to 40 thousand.

If you want to make a kind and devoted friend, then you definitely need to look at the Bernese Mountain Dog. Despite their impressive size, dogs have a big heart and a bewitching smile. Berntz will become not only a favorite pet, but also a true friend for your child.


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