A large container for storing dog feed on two wheels

January 25, 2023
Dog Food Container
A large container for storing dog feed on two wheels

Carriage for dogs: purpose and types

Carriage for dogs: purpose and types

A flight or moving with pets is not such a simple process. In addition to the pet, the owner needs to monitor the bag, suitcase, documents, wallet, and a curious dog that has to be conducted on a leash creates a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, carrying is currently used not only for cats, but also for dogs.

Dog caring

Do not regret the funds to buy this important inventory, carrying the dog owner will need more than once during his life. Experienced owners know that this thing serves for the following purposes.

  • For travel. If there is personal transport, then the task is simplified, but on the bus, train or airplane you can not do without special carrying. They simply will not let the passenger with a dog on a leash.
  • To visit a veterinary clinic. Both small and large dogs can be brought to a specialist on a leash, but if the animal is unhealthy, then carrying will become a need for a dog delivery. In the bag, transporting a sick pet will be faster and safer.
  • Carriage can serve as a pet for a pet. If the family has children, then the dog will consider the bag with its place of rest, where you can hide from the noise.
  • To visit the exhibition. Before this serious event, a dog can spend several hours in the hands of a groomer, and so that when delivery to the exhibition, the appearance does not deteriorate, you will need a bag-carrier.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the best storage container are its wide functionality. Carriage can be used as an object for transporting an animal and as a home-worship aviary. It all depends on the variety. This thing is good and a wide assortment: at present, in the zoos and online stores you can order a bag for transporting an animal of any size. Models differ in parameters, material, functionality, design, price. Some large samples allow you to transport two small dogs simultaneously.

Of the minuses, one can note the high cost of even budget options. For miniature dogs, it is recommended to buy a cat option – this will be cheaper.

Another drawback is the ability to come across poor-quality best storage containers, especially when ordering goods on unverified Chinese sites.


It is important to select the size so that the animal can stand in full height without bending, as well as stretch out into full length. But a very spacious carrying is also not suitable, otherwise, when braking or sharp turns, the dog will throw on the walls. An additional volume should be such that a pet is enough for a convenient turn for 360 degrees.

The height of the best storage container should be 10 cm above the head of the dog. There is even a formula for calculating the size of the carrying. Take the following parameters:

  • A – the length of the dog from the nose to the tail, cm;
  • B is the length of the limb from the floor to the elbow joint, cm;
  • C is the width of the thoracic region, cm;
  • D is the length from the floor to the tips of the ears, see

A large container for storing dog feed on two wheels This thing is good

25 pound container for dog food without bisphenol-a

The size calculation formulas look as follows:

  • The length of the carry = a+1/b;
  • Width = C+C;
  • Height = D+10.

Materials of manufacture

For dogs of small breeds, best storage containers made of soft materials are suitable, but for large individuals only massive carrying and cells from solid raw materials are offered. Most often, containers for transporting large dogs are plastic or metal. Carries for large and medium breeds can be equipped with additional elements and are almost always plastic.

If the owner has chosen a cage for transportation, then this is in any case a metal version. The cell is good in that it can be used to be used when visiting the animals of the exhibition, but it is uncomfortable with its purges, that is, it is possible to use it only in the summer.

For miniature breeds, you can choose both a plastic model and a rag. To make a pet easily breathe through textile materials, a plastic grid is often sewn into the best storage containers. Sometimes specimens with a hole for the head, as well as options with a foam insert to maintain a shape are offered.

For hygiene purposes, it is also recommended for small dogs to use plastic carrying.


Staying in more detail on options from soft or hard material, one can distinguish the most popular varieties in their functionality.

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