A large container for dog food vacuums

March 24, 2023
Dog Food Container
A large container for dog food vacuums

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment with animals: TOP-6 best models

The best vacuum cleaner for pet hair Okami U80 Pet

“There are no such devices,” buyers say. But there are robots-blossoms with powerful turbo brushes, on which the hair and underbukes of pets are not wound, but is drawn 100% into the dust and litter container, plus an additional pleasant bonus-a wet cloth shakes off traces of paws. We deservedly appropriated such models with the status of “Best Robot Palace for Animals”, deciding to discuss their advantages, disadvantages and design features in an expert article.

If you are more interested in ordinary budget cleaners for dry and wet cleaning, then your interest will fully satisfy the rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners robots-now it’s time to present the TOP-6 universal robotic cleaners from different price segments. Each popular brand has in the lineup a suitable robot vacuum cleaner for animal wool. The rating includes special models for thorough cleaning of firm flooring and carpets.

Brief results of the rating at the end of the article.

1st place – Okami U80 Pet

Multifunctionality + cost up to 25 thousand + Laconic overall dimensions (height is only 7. 6 cm) + 2 side brushes (!) And quiet work (max = 50 dB) + extended equipment – this is a serious application for 1 place. A stylish robot vacuum cleaner for animals U80 Pet from a reliable Okami brand was specially created for apartment owners with numerous pets. Consider the rest of the worthy of attention worthy characteristics.

  • Excellent absorption power (2, 500 PA) guarantees NIDEC motor (Japanese production).
  • An improved model of turbo brushes (silicone petals + V-shaped nylon bristles) is designed for 3-step cleaning and reliable protection against wool wool (hair, thread) on the axis.
  • 3 control options: from the remote control, from the mobile application, buttons on the top panel. Construction of 2D cards, schedule task, preservation of statistics. Plus, the possibility of connecting to the system of the “smart” house.
  • Gyroscope navigation using SLAM technology + ik sensors of obstacle recognition.
  • 3 operating modes: along the perimeter of the room, local, automatic (spiral and chaotic movement).
  • 2 hours of continuous work on an area of 100 m 2, an automatic return to the charging station and the continuation of the cleaning from the location.
  • Capacious tanks for dust, sand and litter (600 ml) and water (360 ml).
  • Adjusting the intensity of wetting the napkin (high-quality moist wiping!) And the forces of garbage absorption.

Additional chips: leading wheels with protectors, built-in timer.

We attribute the absence of virtual walls to the minus.

Robot for animal fur Okami U80

2nd place – Roborock S7 Maxv

In addition to a powerful silicone turbo brush, the design of which does not allow the wool of pets + threads and hair, the “smart” robot has many worthy characteristics that allowed to take 2nd place in the ranking.

  • A modern navigation system based on a lidar with obstacles recognition sensors + front camera.
  • Continuous work up to 3 hours on an area of up to 300 m 2.
  • The noise level at turbo mode is 67 dB.
  • Management through the Mi Home mobile application (building 4 cards with their preservation, highlighting zdog food containers without wet cleaning, compiling a schedule, a mode of thawing local pollution).
  • Dust container for 400 ml, water capacity for 200 ml.

Of the minuses, we note only the price of the premium segment: about 60 thousand

There are no robotic equipment in an apartment or house. In order to penetrate as much sunlight as possible into the rooms, we acquire another helper robot fighting with dull dusty windows. The best windows are presented in our ranking.

Roborock S7 MaxV

3rd place – Hobot Legee D7

It is convenient when the silicone turbo engine is removable. Then it is easy and quickly cleaned from the hair and hair of pets, which still will be able to wrap up a little from her ends. But even better, if it is a bristle-lobed structure. It is the robot vacuum cleaner for animals Hobot Legee D7 of the Taiwanese brand that is the owner of this type of brush. We put it in 3rd place, evaluating thed-shaped shape (the right corners are thoroughly cleaned by the vacuum cleaner), a 4-step cleaning system and excellent technical characteristics.

  • Lidar navigation + IR sensors of obstacle recognition.
  • Continuous work up to 140 min.
  • Management through a mobile application (construction of a card + adjustment of cleaning zdog food containers, a schedule task, 8 operating modes). Connection to a “smart” house.
  • Dry and wet cleaning. The capacity of containers for dust and water, respectively, is 500 ml and 320 ml.
  • Automatic raising of the platform with a damp cloth when driving on a carpet.
  • A moderate noise level in turbo mode is 60 dB.
  • Nice little things: indicator of filling the tank for garbage.

Average 35, 000 p. – A small minus when choosing a cleaner in an apartment with pets.

HOBOT Legee D7


The elegant high-quality assembly of the model for dry cleaning from the IRobot brand has a turbo engine of 2 silicone rollers rotating towards each other. The remaining characteristics of the expensive IROBOT ROOMBA J7 Plus model with a self-cleaning station (the average price is up to 85-90 thousand ) is also impressive.

Firstly, this is a 3-step filtering system + automatic return to the base.

Secondly, the robot vacuum cleaner for animal wool has a height of only 8. 7 cm-it will crawl everywhere and collect dust and wool!

Thirdly, management from a mobile application with all the necessary options of options + a new function to recognize animal feces (!)

The third step of the podium did not get IROBOT ROOMBA J7 Plus only because of the high cost in the absence of a wet cleaning function.

It is pleasant that the price of the “fellow” IROBOT ROOMBA J7 with a classic charging station falls into the average price segment up to 60 thousand If there is a site with severe pollution, the device passes it several times. Continuous work up to 105 minutes, noisy no louder than 60 dB, a capacity of a dust container – 400 ml. When all the wool and dust were removed from the floor, it’s time to turn on the air humidifier. This is useful for the health of people, animals and plants. In our apartments, the level of relative humidity is lower than the norm and dry hot summer and cold winter (heating systems dry out air). Easily choose an air humidifier using our tips.

iRobot Roomba J7

5th place – Genio Laser L800

We choose an animal robot vacuum cleaner, setting the main criterion-100% cleaning of cat wool and dogs. This is important when the house has allergies and small children. And it is especially important when the apartment has more than one pet. The Genio Laser L800 model (favorite of the last year) we included in the TOP-6 for decent technical characteristics and high-quality assembly. The robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment with animals works in 2 modes: dry cleaning or wet cleaning (just wiping the gum).

  • Lidar’s navigation.
  • The presence of 2 removable brushes-bristling-swept and silicone.
  • The volume of the container for dry garbage is 500 ml. They value this devices for excellent dry cleaning of all types of flooring.
  • Continuous work on one battery charge up to 2. 5 hours.
  • Max noise level – 68 dB.
  • Management through a mobile application on the phone (standard set of options for building a card, allocating local security zdog food containers, preserving several cards in memory) and from the remote control.
  • Low price up to 30 thousand

The disadvantages include the absence of an option to increase the absorption power when driving on the carpet and cleaning of an area of up to 100 m 2.

Genio Laser L800

6th place – ICLEBO O5 WIFI

A large container for dog food vacuums universal robotic cleaners

A large container for dog food vacuums

The elegant and light (3. 1 kg) robot vacuum cleaner for animals from the famous South Korean company ICLEBO is completed, although this is not a new one-2022. A powerful wool and hair cleaner has an original design and excellent functionality. The price segment is up to 40, 000 p. We will immediately answer the question of 6th place: the robot has disadvantages, despite the excellent quality of cleaning.

  • A camera-based system (VSLAM technology), gyroscope and optical sensors (viewing angle of 130 degrees).
  • Continuous work up to 120 min. + 4 Movement options + automatic return to the charger.
  • Container for dust of 600 ml.
  • 3-step filtering system.
  • Electric loop + 2 side brushes.

Additional chips of the elegant structure: timer, the option of wiping the floor, connection to the “smart” house, the availability of consumables.

Users include problems with the connection of a mobile application, high cost, not washing non-filter, high noise level.

iClebo 05 Wi-Fi

Brief results

The ranking contains 6 best robotic models for harvesting animals in apartments from 120 to 300 m 2. Once again, we note their difference – powerful silicone turbo brushes of different structures that clean everything to the hair. The models are worthy, we examined all their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. You will have to add your personal preferences, choose, buy and then relax, entrusting the cleaning of the house of the assistant robot. We walk with home pets, go to visit while the robot ribs for animals “excellent” performs its work!

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