A christmas story dog costume

February 16, 2023
A christmas story dog costume

Child in the New Year

The coming 2023 is the year of the dog. Make a suit of this animal for the child. From our master classes, you will also learn how to make a mask, aquagrim in order to quickly turn a person into this character.

  1. We sew with our own hands

Dog suit for the New Year – we sew with our own hands

Boy in a dog suit

  • Shirts;
  • Vests;
  • Trousers.

To create a dog's costume for the New Year of the first view, first with your own hands you will need to make a pattern.

Template for creating a dog suit

  • 1 is a half of the shelf;
  • 2 – half of the back;
  • 3 – sleeve;
  • 4 and 5 – the front and back half of the trousers;
  • 6 – in front of the vests;
  • 7 – half of the rear of the vest;
  • 8 – Star collar.

For vests and trousers, take artificial fur. It can be yellow, brown, or so in a speck, to make a cheerful Dalmatian.

New Year

  1. Cover the back of the shirt with one-piece, that is, the soul mate of the pattern must be put on a fabric folded in half, combining a vertical cut of the back and a bend of the fabric. When you unfold the cut out canvas, you should get the back with allowances to the seams.

The robe is sewn from soft fabric of brown color. The hood is stuck on top. The sleeves are sewn into the armhole. The tail will become the final chord of the costume.

Boy in a costume of red dog

You can make the overalls more free, then it will not constrain the child’s movement. But do not forget to insert the elastic bands into the cuffs of the sleeves and pants.

A child in a dog’s suit on a white background

If you want, you can make a dog’s costume from cuts of several fabrics, and from white create such a shirt that will become a tummy. The butterfly can be made in the form of a bone, then the outfit for 2018 will turn out even more original.

One of the options for the New Year

Not only children, but also adults can meet the coming year in such vestments. On a soft red fabric, sew the shapeless more dark spots. Then the structure of the outfit will resemble the color of the dog.

New Year

Master class on fast sewing costume

If you have little time to create such a robe for a child in a kindergarten, then use his sweatshirt of a suitable color. After the holiday, you can tear off the excess so that the child continues to wear this thing. But maybe he will like it so much that you will create, and he will continue to flaunt in such a robe.

Dog suit for a little boy

  • A sweatshirt of a gray or other suitable color;
  • White fabric;
  • Brown drape or fleece.

If you have a suitable jumper, but it is without a hood, then take a cap of a suitable color. From artificial fur or from dense fabric, interrogate the harvesters of the ears, hide them on the sides of the headgear.

Ketka with ears for a dog suit

Another option is to sew the features of the muzzle and ears of the dog on the already finished knitted cap. This idea will require a minimum of time. If you have more, then you can tie a hat, and at the same time the ears that need to be filled with synthetic winterizer, sew on one and the other side of the headgear.

The features of the muzzle are also knitted together or separately. The mask will help to quickly create the desired image. Look at a few master classes, choose the most suitable and suitable for you.

How to make a dog mask?

  • Cardboard plate;
  • Paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue stick;
  • Cord;
  • Mask;
  • Scotch;
  • Marker.

Turn the sheet of paper in half, cut through the resulting curved line to the middle.

In half a sheet of paper

Turn the paper sheet, apply two cut parts one on the other and fasten them with tape.

Two paper halves

Wrap the edge of a narrow segment inside.

Wrapping the edge of a narrow segment inward

Make cuts along the edges of the workpiece after 4 cm. Lubricate the resulting petals with glue and attach them to a cardboard plate.

Gluing paper blanks and cardboard plates

The lower cuts should be longer, they will need to be raised up, fixed with glue. Then you will give the dog’s nose the desired shape.

Giving the nose of the dog the desired shape

In order for the resulting workpiece to be more like a dog’s mask, pick up pieces of paper of different sizes and glue them onto the muzzle. Fold a sheet of paper in half, cut off the ear rounded to the bottom. Glue it on one side to the mask.

Ear gluing to the mask

Make the second ear in the same way. Cut the tongue according to the same plan. Glue these parts in place. If necessary, paint the mask, then when the surface dries, draw the missing strokes.

Almost ready New Year

There are other ideas for the manufacture of this accessory.

Template for creating another dog mask

This photo foreskin shows how to draw a dog muzzle blank, then glue it, giving the necessary shape.

You can make a flat dog mask. To do this, first redraw this template on a sheet of beige cardboard. From the brown, cut the ears, part of the muzzle and a fragment located near the eye. Glue them in place. From the black, make the nose and the inside of the ears.

Dog muzzle drawing on a white background

It remains with a black marker to finish individual strokes, make slots on both sides of the mask and draw an elastic band here.

A christmas story dog costume can tear off the

A christmas story dog costume

Dog mask on a white background

The felt will also make a wonderful dog mask. To do this, take the matter of the desired color, cut out two identical bases from it. Top stitch the fragments around the eyes and nose. Separate the ears with a stitch and stitch along the edge. It remains to sew on the ties and it's time to put on a mask.

Brown dog mask

It can also be made from polymer clay. This mask is very realistic.

Dog mask on a girl

This will require a preparatory stage. It consists in the fact that first you will make the base for the papier-mâché mask and let it dry well. When this happens, roll the clay into a thin sheet and attach it to the papier-mâché base.

If somewhere the clay breaks, just close up the holes with pieces of clay. Use a toothpick to texture the mask so that the voluminous fur is visible.

Color your work with shadows, special clay powder or dry pastels. Poke holes on the sides with an awl. If it is a self-hardening clay, leave it to dry properly. If this requires baking in the oven, place the mask there. Then take out and cool.

If you need to add color at this stage, use acrylic paints. When they dry, paint the product with varnish. An elastic band is threaded through the holes, which will help to put the mask on the head and fix it.

If you do not want to cover your face with such elements, then you can draw a muzzle on the face of a child or adult.

How to make face painting of a dog's muzzle?

  • Dry quickly;
  • Be hypoallergenic;
  • Have a water, not an oil base;
  • Pretty easy to wash off.
  • Sponges;
  • Brushes;
  • The colors themselves.

Boy with the Grim Dalmatian

And here is another option on how to make a dog mask using face painting on the face.

Girl with the makeup of the dog

To do this, draw wide eyebrows with a black brush. After creating such a border, you will need to fill these details with brown or beige paint. Draw the nose in the same color, and create its tip with black paint.

A very funny puppy will turn out if you use face painting for the next idea. Draw a black semicircle around one eye. Using the same materials, make the following features of the muzzle, paint over them with white paint inside. Draw a red tongue on the side, and make the tip of the nose black to make the muzzle of the dog even more realistic.

Aquagim inflicted dogs

The next idea will appeal to those who have a soft toy or a favorite animated hero dog. After all, you can make a girl similar to this character. Tie two tails on the sides that turn into the ears. Bull your face with white paint, paint around one of your eyes with red. A brown nose and mustache of the same color will complete the image.

Girl in makeup white-red dog

The next aquagim is perfect for a girl or for a girl, as he emphasizes the romance of nature. Make the stains around the eyes in the form of a cloud and create a couple of such elements on the forehead. White mustache looks great on pink cheeks. And the lilac language looks beautiful against the background of black lips.

Girl in a finished water aquagrim for a new year

Drawing skills in aquagrim will be useful to you not only for the New Year, but also for other holidays, family celebrations. Please children, turning them with such makeup into unusual characters.

And so that this art is within your power, we suggest that you see how to apply aquagim to create an image of a dog.

To see how to make a dog’s mask, which was described above, you can watch the next video.

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