5 Simple Circus Dog Tricks Your Guests Will Love

February 22, 2023
5 Simple Circus Dog Tricks Your Guests Will Love

Many dog owners want their four-legged friend to know more than just the standard commands like “sit”, “down” and “give paw”. After all, sometimes you really want to surprise your friends with the fact that a pet can perform circus tricks. Today’s article will be about five spectacular, but at the same time simple tricks.

Gimme ten

5 Simple Circus Dog Tricks Your Guests Will Love

This is a simple trick where the dog touches the owner’s hands with both paws. The first thing to do is to teach the “give paw” command. Next, you need to teach your pet to give paws in turn with the “high five” command so that your friend touches your palms with his paws.

When the dog has learned to alternately give both paws, proceed to the next step. Now you need to teach the dog to touch both hands at the same time. At first, he may be at a loss, because before that he used only one paw. To quickly overcome this step, reward your pet for the slightest correct movement. Hone the execution of the command until the dog starts doing everything right.

If you have a medium to large sized dog, you can try teaching it to jump with its paws. To do this, gradually increase the height of your hands. This trick should be taught sequentially, as the previous step is mastered.


5 Simple Circus Dog Tricks Your Guests Will Love

The task is simple – to find a treat under the cups. First, teach your pet to flip the cup. Put a treat under it and invite your dog to get it. Encourage only when trying to turn the glass over.

Next, increase the number of glasses and line them up. Make sure the dog can see under which one the treat is and where it is when moving. Use the “search” command to make the dog look for food.

You also need to ensure that the dog turns over only the right glass. To do this, encourage her only when she turns the right one the first time. In the future, you can replace the food with any other item, but it should emit a smell strong enough for the dog.


5 Simple Circus Dog Tricks Your Guests Will Love

During this trick, the dog must snake between the legs of the walking owner. For training, you will need treats in both hands to serve from the right and left.

Stand up straight, and plant the pet at the right leg. Take a step with your left, fix this position and with the help of a treat guide the dog between your legs to the left side. If the pet did everything correctly, then praise him.

Then repeat the action, but already taking a step with your right foot and leading the dog to the right. As you learn a new action, you can enter the “Snake” voice command and praise the dog not for every step, but chaotically: then it will have an incentive to follow this command for as long as possible and get more treats. And soon he will carry out the command without treats.


5 Simple Circus Dog Tricks Your Guests Will Love this position and with the

5 simple circus dog tricks your guests will love

5 Simple Circus Dog Tricks Your Guests Will Love

The essence of the trick is that the dog must sit still with a piece on his nose. Cheese is most suitable: it can be cut into cubes, and it lies comfortably on the nose.

Command the dog to “sit”, hold its mouth lightly and say “freeze” at the same time. After 5 seconds, release the pet’s face and repeat this command 5 more times. The task of the dog is to learn to sit with its mouth closed for a while. After that, take a break.

After a break, repeat the workout, but already place a piece of cheese or other food on the dog’s nose. If necessary, again clamp the mouth with your hand. After 5 seconds, release the dog, say “done” and take a piece from the muzzle. If the dog was able to balance the piece for 5 seconds, then be sure to reward it, but with a different treat. Remember to take a break after every 5 attempts. Continue training until the dog balances the bite for at least 15 seconds.


5 Simple Circus Dog Tricks Your Guests Will Love

Probably one of the easiest tricks to teach which is not difficult.

Stick a piece of sausage, cheese, or any other treat your dog loves on your cheek. Then make her take a piece from your face. When the dog begins to confidently perform this action, add the “kiss me” command.

Next, remove the treat and achieve the same trick, but without food. Soon the dog will begin to “kiss” you only on command.

All these tricks are easy to perform, but how much fun and delight of the audience they can bring to the owner. Good luck with your studies!

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