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April 12, 2023
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4health dog food

Good 4Health Dog Food Reviews show that this brand has built its reputation as one of the foremost and finest pet feed brands that provides quality and highly nutritive chow for doggies. This unique produce is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc and exclusively sold at Tractor Supply and 4health dog food online stores across the states. 4 Health pooch feeds are made from pure beef components and fortified with omega fatty acid and essential supplements including antioxidant. This company offers a range of premium dog product that exclude the use of low-quality filter like cereal, wheat and soy elements. Are you worried about making the smartest decisions that will benefit your furry friend? If yes, read through our comprehensive analysis and reviews based on thousands of users experience and make smart decisions regarding your dog as you make a switch to 4Health pet food.4health dog food reviews

Where is 4health dog food manufactured?

4health is a premium dog food brand made in the USA. Real meat is the main ingredient in 4health dog food, which ensures that dogs get the protein they need to maintain strong muscles and overall health. The brand also offers a variety of formulas to meet the nutritional needs of a variety of dogs, including grain-free options and formulas for puppies and senior dogs. If pet owners want to provide their dogs with the best possible diet, 4health pet food is a great choice as it focuses on quality and nutritional value.

4health brand nutrition is known for its high quality and diverse range, which is suitable for dogs of different sizes and breeds.This brand is popular for its economical prices and the use of natural ingredients that guarantee your dog’s well-being and satisfaction. If your dog has special dietary needs or allergies, 4health food for dog offers grain free and limited ingredient diets. Rely on the reliability of 4health dog food to procure your pet the nourishment it needs to maintain excellent body health. Whether you have a puppy, adult or senior dog, 4health dog food is a great choice that won’t hit your wallet.

How long will a bag of 4health dog food last?

The expiration date of a 4health dog food package depends on the size of the package and the size of your dog. Typically, a 30 lb pack of 4health dog food lasts approximately 6-8 weeks for a medium sized dog. The 4health dog food bag should be kept in a cool and dry location, and out of direct sunlight. If the bag is opened, it must be resealed and placed in an airtight container to preserve its freshness.

4health grain free dog food recipes

4health grain free dog food

4Health offers ten cereal grain free dehydrated dog diet recipes in their produce line. However, we will be giving full analysis on the beef and potatoes formula:

  • 4Health Grain Free Beef and Potato
  • 4Health Grain Free Whitefish and Potato
  • 4Health Grain Free Pork and Vegetables
  • 4Health Grain Free Large Breed
  • 4Health Grain Free Puppy
  • 4Health Grain Free Turkey and Potato
  • 4Health Grain Free Organic poultry meat and Lentil
  • 4Health Grain Free Small Breed
  • 4Health Grain Free poultry meat and Vegetables
  • 4Health Grain Free Duck and Potato

4Health Grain Free Beef and Potato

  • Crude Protein (min.)27%
  • Crude Fat (min.)15%
  • Crude carb(max)50%
  • Moisture (max)10%
  • Made from beef
  • Rich in 10 essential amino acid
  • Includes clean skin, flesh, and possibly bones
  • Contains over 80% plant protein
  • Gluten-free source of digestible carbohydrates
  • Rich in dietary fiber

4health pet food ingredients for small dogs

4health pet food ingredients for small dogs

A small breed pooch feed is always unique. Small breed pet needs a diet specially formulated for small breed dog to help them grow. Unfortunately, discovering the perfect feed for small dog is not always easy. We have a few tips to make your search for the perfect canine feed easy.

  • Complete and balance: one of the first things to look out for while buying 4Health dog feed for your small dog is the” complete and balance” slogan. This slogan shows that your pooch feed contains the adequate number of supplements for small doggies. So that your furry pal doesn’t experience nutrients deficiency.
  • Check the life stage: most of 4Health product are suitable for all stages, but you shouldn’t gamble with your dog’s health. Read through the details and pick the one that complements your pooches’ nutritional deficiency.
  • Examine the ingredients for any allergies your furry pal may have some dog has sensitive abdomen and are easily triggered from food reaction. You should avoid grain and any feed that contains grain. 4Health has several grain fee products for doggies with allergies. You should also seek a vet help on this.

4health dog nutrition for large breeds

4health dog nutrition for large breeds

Do you feel lost each time you pick up a particular pooch feed to read the labels on the feed? If you’re like every dog owner the answer would most likely yes. On every product the first listed element should be the protein source, followed by other element in order of their relevance to the feed. Unfortunately, most pooch feed manufacturer make the information session so complicated and most dog owner who need the information the most can’t even access these details. We will be breaking down the nutritive components and values that the famous 4Health Untamed Red Canyon Recipe has to offer your large breed dog.

4Health Untamed Red Canyon Recipe

  • Protein 26.0%
    Fat 15.0%
    Fiber 5.5%
    Moisture 10%


  • Rich in amino acid
  • Excellent feeds for all breed and age
  • Made from buffalo and beef meal

4Health pet feed product for big dogs

4Health pet feed product for big dogs


If you want to make sure that your mature dog nutritional deficiencies are being met, you should consider switching to a 4Health pet feed product. These formulas are specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of big doggies. You may also be able to get by with a standard adult pooch feed as long as the proteinic content is adequate and the fat content is not too high. To help you make your choice, here is the review of 4Health poultry meat and cereal grain formula. It is useful to combine food with fruit, find out can dogs eat blueberries and how many strawberries can I give my dog.

4Health Poultry Meat and Cereal Grain Formula

Proteinic nutrients 26%
Fatty acid 15%
Fiber 4%
Moisture 10%


  • Made from poultry meat and poultry meat meal
  • Contain barley and ground rice
  • Excellent source of fatty acid
  • Rich in soluble fiber

4Health puppy food for puppies

4Health puppy food for puppies

The mini dog formula from this brand is formulated to meet the nutritive standard of AAFCO pooch feed nutritional profile for all stage during its growth process. That is, the brand feed can function as the only feed the dog would be taking all through its growth process. This is a quality pet feed sourced from good elements at a pocket friendly price. Below is the review of 4Health puppy food.

  • Protein 27%
  • Fat 15%
  • Fiber 3%
  • Moisture 10%
  • Calcium 2%
  • Phosphorus  2%
  • Made with four animal protein: mutton, and mutton meal, egg product and ocean fish meal
  • High in fatty acid
  • Rich in carb

The 4Health brand offers a wide variety of dry and canned food products for doggies at all age and size, as well as a line of dog treats. In all we can confidently say, 4Health brand has done a good job for itself. The brand seeks to challenge other premium dog food brands by offering a quality product at an affordable price point.

Tractor supply

Tractor supply 4health dog food

Unlike all its competitors, details and insight about the components used for 4health brand product are hard to find. However, Tractor Supply Chain 4health dog food provided components and nutritive details about this diet on their web site. 4Health offers a wide variety of diverse products for doggies for all growth stages. They offer both traditional and cereal-free dog feeds as well as regular and cereal-free canned feeds. 4Health all meat inclusive formulas such as, fish & potatoes formula, mature adult formula, small Bites formulae for small breeds, performance formula for adults, puppy formula, large breed formula for large breed, poultry meat and rich formulas and mutton and cereal grain formula. None of the formula mentioned above was made with poultry by product meal neither did they use cereal grain. They also have several can formula and snacks for dogs. This brand push for quality nutrition to keep your dog happy and healthy for a long time.


4health brand chain product has been affected by several recalls in recent years here are the details of those recalls:

  • In 2012, all brand of 4Health dry dog feed was part of FDA large voluntary recall due potential salmonella contamination.
  • In 2013, FDA issued a recall for All Life Stage pet formula food due to low this one levels.

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