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February 8, 2022
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35 lb Dog Food Container

Are you still storing food directly in open bags and sacks? Products will spoil if the packaging breaks and loses its seal. We recommend using a special 35 lb dog food container. This will keep the dog food fresh and flavorful for a long time.

Moreover, furry dogs who like to chew the bags and eat the contents will find it very hard to cope with the container! The food will stay safe!

Also, plastic food containers do not absorb odors and do not let the smell of food into the room, keeping food fresh and not airy.

In addition, the tight lid seals the 35 lb dog food storage container, preventing air from getting inside. It preserves directly all the useful and nutritional properties of dry food and protects the food from moisture and insects.

And most importantly, plastic storage containers find more info of different colors fit perfectly into any interior and look much more aesthetically pleasing than bags of food!

– We want to save you the time of searching for the right product and present to your attention the five most worthy 35 lb dog food containers with the most positive reviews.

IRIS sealed 35 lb dog food container, made in USA

Airtight 35 lb dog food container is designed directly from to hold dry dog food check that. It protects the food from moisture and extraneous odors. The container is made of clear plastic; therefore, the amount of food is always clearly visible.

The portable container is compact and does not take up much space. Save useful space in your home. Organize an economical dog food storage area. Keep your dog’s food safe from rodents and other pests. Keep dog food fresh.

The container moves across the floor on casters for added convenience when feeding your pet. The casters are also easily removable to store the container on the shelf. Lock the container with latches to prevent accidental opening.

Item Dimensions LxWxH 18.13 x 10.63 x 23.44 inches

Vittles Vault Outback from GAMMA2

Up to the present time 35 lb dog food storage container number 1 from America!

Gamma boxes are a real concept because this container is airtight and extremely sturdy. The reason people use this feed barrel is because they no longer have to mess around with open pockets where moisture or vermin can get in. The lid is easy to tighten and open.

– Save premium dog food ingredients from moisture, foreign odors, and ubiquitous pests.

The container is made of food-grade polyethylene, which is harmless in composition. The material is highly durable. This allows you to place it for storage both directly from indoors and outdoors.

Also thanks to its ergonomic shape it takes up little space. Convenient molded handles allow you to easily carry the container.

  • Patented sealing system eliminates food spoilage. The double-sealed screw lid contributes to this.
  • Measuring jug included.
  • This unique container even preserves the smell of dog food and its original freshness.

This 35 lb dog food container has been tested by a huge number of dog owners and has extremely positive reviews.

Item Dimensions LxWxH 12 x 12 x 16.75 inches

IRIS USA Airtight 35 lb Food Container for Dog

Let me introduce another 35 lb dog food container from IRIS. The unique storage system with a foam seal and snap locks keeps dog food fresh and flavorful and protects the product from pests.

The large and roomy container has a compact size due to its clever shape. This will be especially relevant for limited space.

– Move the container anywhere with ease using the casters. Or remove the casters and store it in any convenient place.

Without a doubt forget about storage problems forever. Keep your dog’s food as fresh as if it had just come out of the store. Great for nutrient retention senor dog food.

The translucent plastic will always keep the amount of food in view. The material of the container is safe for the health of the pet as it contains no harmful substances.

Most important, the undoubted advantage of IRIS containers is the low price and unsurpassed American quality.

Dimensions: 18. 13″L x 10. 63″W x 21. 88″H

35 lb SPRICHIC Large Pet Food Storage Container

Introducing the flexible collapsible dog food container made of upgraded TRP material. It is heavy-duty, modern polypropylene, which is harmless to the health of the pet.

– As a matter of fact the container is a foldable design. When folded, it takes up very little space.

Special attention was paid by the designers of the container to protect the food from moisture. This is achieved by multi-stage system of sealing elements and installation of additional desiccant in the lid of the container. Four latches lock the lid securely, preventing accidental access to the interior contents.

Also you can easily track the amount of leftover feed through the transparent window in the top lid.

  • The container is equipped with a special roller for easy handling.
  • The 35 lb dog food storage container is a very modern solution for storing large amounts of dog food with a convenient loading system. If you do not need to store a lot of food, just fold the container. When folded, it will hold 15 pounds of dog food.

Size and storage capacity: unfolded state (17.7 * 12.9 * 14.7in) can store up to 35 lb pet food, folded state (17.7 * 12.9 * 6.2in) can store up to 15 lb. pet food.

3-in-1 Container from IRIS

In fact, there are not many products on the market that meet the highest requirements and the necessary capacity. Once again we have to turn your attention to the container from IRIS, the American market leader.

  • Two independent containers hold a total of 35 pounds of dog food.

The combination solution has all the same advantages described in this review of the other IRIS models. Also an added benefit of this container is the included measuring spoon.

Place the small container on top of the large one or find a separate place for it. Most important, as mentioned above, the food-grade plastic is completely safe for your dog’s health.

Item Dimensions LxWxH 16.5 x 10.83 x 18.63 inches


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