2-sided road container for dog food

March 13, 2023
Dog Food Container
2-sided road container for dog food

12 best auto feeders for cats and dogs

*Review of the best according to the editors of Bestproduct. Expert. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

Many have a cat or dog in the house, and sometimes both animals, but not everyone has enough time to carefully care for them. But for many pets, compliance with the diet is simply vital for health reasons. Auto feeders will help the owners during their absence to supply animals with food with a strictly dosed number of servings. Depending on the filler tank, this can happen for one or several days, which is very convenient with irregular working schedule, business trips, short-term vacation trips.

There are several types of auto feeders. The simplest are equipped with a minimum of functions, but also differ in budget value. East devices are triggered when the tray is devastated. Their disadvantage is a rapid emptying of the container with increased animal appetite. There are models that, using sensors, determine the presence of a cat or dog at the feeder and pour a dosed portion into the tray. If the previous food was not completely eaten, then a new amount will not be issued.

Some devices are controlled using a mobile device. Through Wi-Fi you can change the current settings and control the diet. An interesting option is the signal of the device with the voice of the owner, which was recorded in advance. Auto feeders for wet food are different from dry food devices. Many of them are additionally equipped with a drinker. Regardless of the type, all devices are safe for pets. They are equipped with special mechanisms, so they will not be able to open the feeder on their own.

When choosing a useful item, it is worth considering the size of the animal and the duration of the absence of a house. All kinds of modifications allow you to purchase a feeder based on the needs of the pet. Individual settings will help establish the optimal mode subject to a diet or prevent overeating with disorders of the digestive tract or sensitive digestion.

Our experts analyzed the market and chose 12 auto feeders, which are sales leaders. He gave them a majority of the votes of dog breeders and cats, which in practice were convinced of the functionality, quality and practicality of these models.

Rating of the best auto feeders for cats and dogs

Nomination place Name of best storage container price
The best inexpensive auto feeders for cats and dogs 1 Trixie for two feeding TX2 600 ml 1 954
2 Ferplast Cometa Bowl 400 ml 1 473
3 Moderna Tasty Large Luxurious Pets 1 418
4 MP Bergamo Dispenser Nuvola 1. 5 L 534
The best auto feeds of the middle price segment 1 Num’axes Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder 5 490
2 Automatic feeder with LCD display Feed-Ex 4 991
3 Automatic feeder for 5 feeding PAWISE 3 380
4 FeedEx for 2 kg of food 5 118
The best “smart” automated feeders 1 Auto feeder with a timer Sititek Pets Pro Plus 15 990
2 Xiaomi Petkit Fresh Element Blue 12 887
3 PETWANT PF-103 chamber 10 450
4 WiFi Petoneer Nutri Feeder (FDW010) 8 990
2-sided road container for dog food cat or dog in

2-sided road container for dog food

The best inexpensive auto feeders for cats and dogs

Trixie auto feeder for two feeding TX2 600 ml

Trixie auto feeder for two feeding TX2 600 ml

In the first place is a device that is designed for two full meals for a cat or a small dog. Using a timer, a time is set when it is necessary to feed the pet. The maximum period of time between two feedings is 48 hours. The feeder works from batteries. It is intended for both dry and humid canned food. To maintain freshness, two ice packs are provided, which are placed in special compartments.

Strong materials are resistant to scratches and blows. The lids are firmly fixed, which prevents their independent throwing away by animalsbbed legs eliminate sliding on the surface. All parts are easily removed and cleaned of pollution.

According to reviews, the Futteautomat model is ideal when one pet and several lives in the house. The ability to program for simultaneous opening allows you to feed two animals at once at a given time. A pleasant design does not stand out in the interior.

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